How To Get Slime Out Of Hair (WITHOUT Scissors!)

How To Get Slime Out Of Hair (WITHOUT Scissors!)

Slime is a lot of fun - right up to the moment it splats into someone's hair. Most slimes are tacky, sticky stuff made of glue and other chemicals. That's part of the fun, right? Well, not always. In the worst-case scenario, it might get stuck somewhere it shouldn't. 

When slime gets stuck in your little one's hair, what do you do? If the idea of taking scissors to their hair (or worse, yours) is enough to make you pull your hair out, don't fret. We know you might not have time to run out and buy supplies, so we'll be looking at methods for slime removal that you can do with household ingredients. Keep reading to find out how to get slime out of hair. 

How to get slime out of hair with household items

DIY slime recipes are fun to make - and what's more, fun to play with! Your child will love squishing the stuff between their fingers and rolling it around. Most kids would even argue that getting things stuck in slime is part of the fun. There's nothing fun about slime being stuck in hair, though. Cleaning up slime has to be one of the most hated cleaning jobs, and cleaning slime stuck in hair takes it to a whole new level. 

Before we show you a few different methods, let's look at the basics of slime removal. To break down the sticky ingredients in slime, an oily substance will work best. The oil dissolves the tacky glue and enables you to comb it out of the hair. Because this is quite a messy process, no matter which method you go for, we recommend removing the slime at bathtime - if you can wait that long! It will be much easier to clean your bathroom afterwards, compared to any other part of the home.

WARNING: If you go with the bathtub, take care and make sure no one slips on the oils and other substances. 

1. How to get slime out of hair with a comb

Although it feels backwards, using your comb from the bottom of the hair strands will help you pick apart the clumps better. This method helps get knots and gunk out faster, and by holding the strand in your hand, you protect the scalp from getting pulled and tugged as you comb. All you need is a comb and a source of warm running water.


  1. Holding the hair halfway up the strand, set the comb a few inches above the end of the strand. 
  2. Comb down, untangling as you go. If the knots are especially bad, try combing from halfway through or under the knot to unravel them faster.
  3. Every time you unravel a knot, set your comb higher. Then, if you hit another that won't come out, just put your comb halfway through again.

2. How to use shampoo and conditioner to get slime out of hair

This is our favourite method because everyone should have this product in the house. While you might think to try shampoo for slime removal, because of its cleaning properties, we're going to start with conditioner. The slippery nature of the conditioner will help break down the bond between the glue and the hair. Afterwards, if you have some around, feel free to use a clarifying shampoo to ensure the slime residue is gone.

This method is an essential final step for all the other techniques we will go on to list - they can get pretty messy!


  1. Use warm water to rinse your hair.
  2. Apply conditioner to the wet hair. Massage it into your hair while using the comb to work through tangles and pull more giant clumps of slime out.
  3. Coat the slime with conditioner. Use your fingers to pull apart the clump and work the conditioner in.
  4. Finally, wash the conditioner out. If all the slime is gone, use shampoo and wash normally.

How to use cooking oil to get slime out of hair

This trick will use almost any vegetable-based oil: olive, avocado, canola, vegetable, or coconut oil. We always have some to hand, because there are so many other uses for olive oil, too!


  1. Pour a few spoonfuls directly onto the clump of slime (if you're using coconut oil, melt it in your hand first).
  2. Massage in the direction of hair growth. You'll feel the slime loosen - use your comb to tease it apart and separate the strands.
  3. Rinse your comb as you work through the strands to get the clumps out.
  4. Once the slime has disintegrated, use the conditioner-shampoo method to ensure everything is out before washing.

How to get slime out of the hair using mayonnaise

Mayonaise masks are popular for adding moisture back to hair, but did you know that it's also great for getting slime out of hair?


  1. Put a couple of spoonfuls of mayo on the slime.
  2. Massage the mayo through the clump, using your fingers and comb to tease it apart. Make sure to clean the comb as you go.
  3. Finish off with the conditioner before the shampoo method and a clarifying wash to make sure you get the sandwich smell out of your hair!

How to remove slime using peanut butter

Smooth peanut butter will work better for this. You don't want to add more clumps of stuff to clean out of your hair. Crunchy will still work if you're stuck, though.


  1. Get a chunk of peanut butter as large as the slime in your hair and work the peanut butter into the slime with your fingers.
  2. Tease apart the slime, working the peanut butter in. Use the comb to untangle any knots and work the peanut butter through.
  3. Finish off by rewashing your hair conditioner to ensure it's all out. Then wash normally to make sure the peanut butter smell is gone.

How to remove slime using vinegar

This isn't the best option, in our opinion. Vinegar strips your hair of natural oils because it's a mild acid. So, while the acid will eat through the slime without eating through your hair, it will also eat all the good oils your hair needs to look and feel good. We love using vinegar for cleaning, but not so much for hair. 

The other things in your house, like oil or even mayonnaise, are beneficial to your hair, so we prefer to remove the slime while nourishing your hair. However, if you don't have anything else on hand and need that slime out right away, you can use vinegar to remove slime by following the steps below.


  1. Dilute the vinegar with water. The ratio is 2:0.5, meaning that if you use half a cup of vinegar, you'll add 2 cups of water. A dilution keeps the vinegar from being too strong-smelling and harmful to your hair.
  2. If using this method, make sure to protect the eyes from the solution.
  3. Either pour the vinegar onto your hair, focusing on the slime, or dip into the mixture.
  4. Massage the lump, pulling and working the slime apart. You can repeat with the vinegar solution as needed.
  5. Once you've got all the slime out, wash your hair backwards, conditioner first, making sure it's all out, then wash.

How to use coke to get slime out of hair

You can use coca-cola or any other soda to get slime out of your hair, just like vinegar. However, it's not recommended. Coca-cola is made with phosphoric acid, making it great for cleaning pennies and rust from cars. There are so many uses for coca-cola, but it may not be something you want pouring over your head. Hair can be pretty sensitive, and putting acid on it can damage your hair.

But, just like vinegar, it's preferable to use acid than to cut your hair, so as a last resort, this will work.


  1. Pour some coke onto the slime. Massage it in, adding more from time to time to keep it moist. 
  2. Use your fingers to tease the lump apart. A comb will help you separate the strands.
  3. Once all the slime is out, use the conditioner first method to do a final clean, then wash.

We hope these methods have helped! We're always on the lookout for clever cleaning tips for parents. If the slime isn't budging, and you've no choice but to face the chop, be sure to read our guide on how to cut your own hair at home - it's surprisingly easy! 

Got a real mess on your hands? Find out how to get slime out of clothes next! Better yet, take a look at our ways to keep kids busy at the weekend, and you might just avoid another slime mishap! 

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Does vinegar get slime out of hair?

Vinegar, like apple cider or straight white vinegar, can take the slime out of your hair. That said, vinegar will also bring moisture and natural oils out of your hair, so try to use it only as a last resort. (If you have curly hair, avoid using vinegar like the plague. Curly hair needs all the oils and moisture it can get, and vinegar is terrible for it.)

How to remove slime out of hair with coke?

Like vinegar, coca-cola will work to take the slime out of your hair, but we don't recommend it since they're both weak acids. As a last resort before scissors, though, it will work. Make sure to deep condition hair afterwards to help your hair bounce back.

How to get slime out of Barbie's hair?

Luckily, we don't have to be as gentle with Barbie's hair. Mix some shampoo and conditioner with water in a container. Soak Barbie's head for 10-15 minutes. Work the mass out, combing as necessary. If it's being stubborn, soak it again. The same methods used on human hair will work for Barbie hair, so if the slime sticks in there, try a few suggestions from above.

How to get slime out of cat hair?

Using vegetable oil is a great way to get sticky things out of a cat's fur. It's safe for them to ingest, so they'll still be safe even if they further clean themselves after you've already washed them. If you're concerned about their health, contact your vet to ensure you're doing the right thing.

We hope we've helped to save your little one's hair! Let us know which method worked for you in the comments below. 

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