17 Clever Cleaning Tips That ALL Parents Should Know

17 Clever Cleaning Tips That ALL Parents Should Know

Once you become a parent, the mess is never-ending. That's why Mums and Dads need all the parent tips they can get their hands on.

Expert Home Tips want to make your lives easier, so we've put together some of the most useful cleaning tips around, perfect for parents.

We're talking crayon stains, and much, much more. What are you waiting for? Get the kids off to school and let's get started.

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1. Remove floor scuffs with a tennis ball

How to remove floor scuffs with a tennis ball
You HAVE to try this!

This is not a drill! The fuzzy texture of tennis balls will work magic on floor marks, including those left by trainers.

To try this amazing parent cleaning tip, simply rub vigorously over floor marks to remove. If you don't want to get down and dirty, you can make this job easier by using a broom.

Cut a cross in one side of the tennis ball and push a broom handle inside. The ball can then be used whilst standing, which will also help you to apply more pressure on tougher floor marks.

2. This cleaning tip will remove crayon marks

No matter how many eyes you keep on the kids, crayon marks seem to be physically unpreventable.

While we may not be able to prevent them, we can remove them. That's right, the skin on cucumber is actually all you need to lift pesky crayon marks on walls so your kids have a blank canvas on which to make some new ones.

Keep this ultimate parent hack a secret - we don't want the cost of cucumbers skyrocketing!

3. Clean toys in the dishwasher

Are your little one's toys starting to look a bit...grimy? There's no need to spend hours scrubbing away, you can use your dishwasher to tackle this tricky job.

Pop all of the toys onto the top shelf of the dishwashing machine and set the cycle running. Just make sure you don't throw any battery-powered toys in by mistake.

4. Clean urine stains the natural way

Get that mattress looking as good as new.

If your child is experiencing problems with bedwetting, you're not alone. Kristin from Yellow Bliss Road dealt with this issue a lot when her son was growing up.

She's figured out an amazing natural way to get rid of urine stains on mattresses. Using just vinegar and baking soda, she shows you how to completely eradicate these unsightly stains.

Check out her blog to get your hands on this wonderful cleaning tip.

5. Make potty emptying easier with this parenting tip

Is emptying the potty your most-loathed cleaning task? If so, this parent cleaning tip will change your life!

Simply pop a coffee filter in the bottom of the potty before each use to make clean-up much easier.

6. Baby wipes are great for cleaning

I always have a pack of baby wipes in my bag. Do you know where else I'd advise always keeping some? In the car.

Not only are they extremely useful for mopping up stains, but they're perfect for getting car seat straps spick and span too.

7. Get stinky sippy cups smelling great

Lovely and fresh!

Sometimes, washing up liquid just doesn't cut it. If your kid's sippy cup is starting to smell a bit, try this cleaning tip.

Boil a pan filled with 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water. Turn off the heat, add the sippy cups and let soak for a few minutes. Remove, rinse and dry with a tea towel.

They'll smell as good as new!

8. Make craft time clear-up much easier

Glitter, glitter, glitter. The kids love it, you loathe it.

Make clearing up those sparkly sprinkles a breeze by whizzing over surfaces with a lint roller. This cleaning tip is life changing for parents who like to encourage creativity.

9. Remove crayon stains on clothes with this cleaning trick

Speaking of creativity, crayons are one of the best ways to bring out the artsy side of your kids. Make sure the prospect of stains doesn't ruin the fun.

Crayon stains on clothes can be removed easily with WD-40. Spray a small amount onto the stain, then wipe away using a clean cloth - amazing!

10. All parent should know how to clean teddy bears

All clean.

Is Ted starting to look and smell a bit worse for wear? Chances are, unless he's a fancy limited edition bear, a quick ride in the washing machine will get him looking great again.

Be sure to run a cool cycle - we don't want him/her getting burnt - and don't forget the softener for extra fluffiness.

The kids will love this cleaning tip almost as much as the parents!

11. A cleaning tip for sparkling trainers

Bringing up a rising football star? Then you'll be all too familiar with muddy trainer stains.

Water and soap alone will never return them to the bright white they once were. There's one secret cleaning trick that will, however - using toothpaste.

Use it along with an old toothbrush and get trainers looking as good as new.

12. How to remove gum from kid's clothing

It doesn't happen often, but when it does, my gosh. If you spot chewing gum on your kid's clothing, don't panic. All you actually need to do, is chill out - literally.

Pop the item in the freezer in a plastic bag for a couple of hours, and the chewing gum will peel straight off no problem.

Now that's a cleaning tip all parents should know!

How about getting gum out of hair? Have no fear. We've got an article on that, too. 

13. How to stop your nappy bin from smelling

Do nappy-bin smells follow you everywhere? Then you absolutely have to try this clever parenting trick.

Keep pungent dirty-nappy smells under control by popping a few pieces of charcoal into the bottom of the nappy bin. They'll absorb some of those nasty odours and keep your house smelling fresh.

14. Remove sauce stains with this cleaning tip

Get those whites bright!

Those dreaded tomato sauce stains are something all parents are familiar with.

Don't write your kid's clothes off as unwearable - there's a handy cleaning tip that will get them spotless again.

For a foolproof guide to removing tomato stains from clothes, head to The Spruce.

15. Knock up some DIY slime to clean almost anything

Now, this cleaning hack is a real game-changer. Your kids probably already love slime, but we wouldn't be surprised if you've banned it from the house after struggling to get slime out of clothing. Here's a reason for parents to love slime too. 

Sea Lemon has a recipe for DIY slime you can make at home. No, not for parental playtime, but for cleaning! It gets into all those nooks and crannies we struggle to clean, such as air vents, keyboards and remote controls.

Why not make some today and see what all the fuss is about?

Looking for more slime recipes? Learn to make cloud slime and more in our slime guide

16. A parent hack to get lunch boxes as good as new

There's no need to keep replacing lunchboxes when you know this cleaning tip.

Remove even the most stubborn smells and stains from all your children's lunch boxes using mustard. Yes, cleaning with food is the latest fad. Apply it to the stained areas, leave overnight, then wash as normal.

17. Remove permanent marker stains with toothpaste

What a mess!

We've covered crayons and glitter, now it's time for the serious stuff: permanent marker stains. Permanent? Not when you know this amazing cleaning hack.

Toothpaste is the secret ingredient again here. Simply apply it to the stain, leave for 10 minutes, then scrub and wipe clean.

With cleaning tips this good, your house will look child-free in no time!

I hope these cleaning tips will make your life as parents a little easier. Do you have any of your own you'd like to share with us?

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