24 of the most adorable Halloween pet costumes that will make you wish you had a pet

24 of the most adorable Halloween pet costumes that will make you wish you had a pet

It's October, which can only mean one thing: it's almost Halloween.

A time of glowing pumpkins, pre-Christmas parties and - my personal favourite - ridiculous costumes for one and all. The kids love to dress up, the adults get talked into dressing up and sometimes the pets even get dressed up - whether they like it or not!

Whether you're a pet owner or not, critters in costume are something that everyone can appreciate. Don't take my word for it, though. Check out these amazingly kitted out pets I found while scouring Instagram, you know, just looking for Halloween pets, as you do.

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1. Pincer pug

Pug in Halloween Costume
If scorpions had faces like that, they'd definitely lose their scare appeal. This one from @petsonnepean voted favourite in the Expert Home Tips office, and for good reason - just LOOK at that cute - I mean, really, super scary - little mug!

2. Yoda cat

Cat in Halloween costume
*No cats were harmed in the taking of this photo*, no but seriously, @realgrumpycat just has a naturally moody mug, just check out his PERSONAL INSTAGRAM if you don't believe me.

3. Plant pup

Dog in plant pot Halloween Costume
Ok, so @tales_with_a_tail isn't going to win a competition for the scariest costume anytime soon - never mind 'fly eating' more like 'fly greeting'. I've never wanted to cuddle a plant before, but this pup has certainly got me.

4. Halloween hedgehog

Hedgehog Halloween witches costume
'I wonder if I can find something other than cats and dogs' - nailed it. It's rare to see a hedgehog anyway, let along a teeny tiny Halloween hedgehog. I know what I want for Christmas, my own @biddythehedgehog!

5. Game Of Thrones Pug

Jon Snow has a fair few admirers, but I'm willing to bet that our very own office pup, @fernando_pug has more. 'Winter is coming' indeed, and Bertie definitely looks ready for it!
Jon Snow has a fair few admirers, but I'm willing to bet that our very own office pup, @fernando_pug has more. 'Winter is coming' indeed, and Bertie definitely looks ready for it!

6. Crazed canines

Dogs in Halloween costumes
If you weren't expecting to see anything actually frightening in this article, then apologies if @petco and I scared you. I think these dogs look fiercer than I ever did in all my years of silly 'bunny/devil' Halloween costume variations - kudos.

7. Scary skeleton

Dog in skeleton Halloween costume
Is it a teddy? Is it a dog? It's a devil, skeleton Halloween cuddle ball, of course! @honeyb_doodle, you are TOO cute!  Say it with me: awwwww!

8. Minature magician

Guinea pig in witches Halloween costume
I wouldn't normally be one for feet smelling @cavy_gus, but who could say no to such a cute little guy?!

9. Cat who got the cream

Cat with Halloween treat bucket
'The cat who got the cream'. I didn't know cat-envy was a thing, but my_furry_babies cat has undeniable amounts of swag. Silky, purple bowtie and a treat bucket fit for a King - what more could you want on Halloween?

10. Grinning Great White

Dog in Halloween Shark costume
Now, sharks are technically my least favourite animal, or they were, that is, until I met Gus of @gus_and_rosie, who is arguably one of cutest and happiest looking pups in the World.

11. Witching hour

Dog in witches Halloween costume
Is it even real? @3or1_fu's pretty little pup wouldn't look a miss on a shelf in The Teddybear Factory. Off-the-scale cuddle factor.

12. Halloween friends

Dog & guinea pig Halloween costumes
"Oh for goodness sake, why do you always get to wear the cute costume? Next year I'm being the bee, agreed?" Got to laugh at @merkeydismal's unlikely pair!

13. Rats in hats

Rats in Halloween hats
@recklessanddivine has dressed her rats...in hats, literally. Even if this smaller-pawed species isn't something you'd usually go for, you've gotta hand it to them, they're pretty cute!

14. Dinorawr

Cat in dinosaur Halloween costume
I'm really feeling this one from @donaconsugar. I'm not sure if it's the red-eyes/nose/scales combo, but this cat pulls off dinosaur like Cara Delevigne pulls off Chanel. Rawwr!

15. Piggy pitbull

Dog in Halloween witches costume
Someone's had too many 'treats'. Probably the most relatable Halloween shot of them all. Note to self: must stay away from children's sweets this year. Thanks for the reminder, @winky29.

16. Harry notter

Cat in Halloween Harry Potter costume
Tell Daniel Radcliffe to watch his back - I've an extremely cute feline friend that goes by the name of @albertbabycat who's after his role.

17. Halloween reptile

Dragon reptile in Halloween witches costume
I'm not going to pretend I'm a hardcore reptile-lover - @ameliahorror's little guy would probably scare me even without the hat!

18. Pincushion pup

Dog in pin cushion Halloween costume
Have you figured out what it is yet? This might not be the scariest costume I've ever seen, but it is pretty weird! A pin-cushion pup, who'd have thought it? @harryandthegirlz, that's who!

19. 'Hanging with the witches'

Dog in Halloween Costume
'Hanging with the witches' and looking super smug about it. @daisygordita has swag, even with the silly pumpkin costume!

20. Bat-bunny

Rabbit in bat Halloween costume
Do those stylish, patent bat wings come in human size, I wonder? I fear not. Probably best to leave the bat costume to the pro, anyway. @ashmoneyyyyy looks so natural in front of the camera, I'm wondering if she's some of bat-bunny crossbreed!

21. Halloween Hermione

Dog in Hermione Halloween costume
Now, @kuemmanayu, is that Hermione we're looking at, or Hagrid? These pets' Harry Potter costumes are almost as good as the real deal. Forget a new film starring the original cast, I'd like to see what a four-legged version looks like!

22. Snuggly spider

Dog in Hermione Halloween costume
Normally I'm one for running away from spiders, but where @lola.b.bostonandfamily is concerned, I'd be running towards her for a cuddle - eight hairy arms and all!

23. 'Resting witch face'

Cat in black Halloween wig
@meetgarfi has the classic case of 'resting witch face'. A piercing stare like that is scary enough without any Halloween costume extras. Sass points.

 24. Halloween hopper

Bunny in witches Halloween costume
Pui Pui looks like she's been doing this for years - check out her Instagram, @mumitan, to find that she has in fact! Gentle, old and wise, she has a bit of a Gandalf resemblance about her and is definitely a good witch rather than a bad.

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