Will our no-carve pumpkin make you say WOW?

Will our no-carve pumpkin make you say WOW?

Halloween is fast approaching, and this year, Expert Home Tips have gone all out. We've already awwed over cute costumed pets, eaten delicious cupcakes, and now, we've decorated a pumpkin to rival all pumpkins.

Standard carved pumpkins are so 2009. If you've been active on Pinterest recently, you'll know that the last thing you should be doing with your pumpkin is cutting it. Glitter, paint, stickers...whatever you like, just stay away from that knife. With that in mind, I came up with my own carve-free creation. Lo and behold, the neon-sparkle spider pumpkin.


No-carve pumpkin
Did it make you say WOW?

Pretty cool, right?

When I was scouring the net for inspiration for my creation, I'll admit I found the paint and patterns quite overwhelming - would I be able to make something equally impressive? Once I got stuck in, however, I realized it's all about having fun and not sticking to a plan too rigidly - mistakes will happen, and that's ok!

If anything, decorated pumpkins are actually easier than the standard carved versions. The thing that makes them different is the lack of permanence - when you carve, a slip of the hand and there's no going back. With paint, glue and glitter, there's nothing you can't cover up or scrape off multiple times to get the desired results.

I'm going to show you step-by-step how I made mine, but what I really encourage is for you to design your own. Your pumpkin should be - and can be - as unique as you, so make it special!

Right, enough talking, let's get cracking.

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1. Mix your paint

cream paint for pumpkin
Such a handy tip!


Orange pumpkins everywhere are getting a facelift - I chose cream to make mine over. Take your acrylic paints (I used fawn and titanium bought from Rymans)and mix with a generous helping of water to thin it down. As you can see, I used one of our very own #TopTips to make matters easier - an elastic band over my mixing bowl to wipe off my paint.

If you want to know how I discovered this tip, read Anushkas 35 incredibly smart uses for elastic bands you need to know.

2. Paint your pumpkin

cream painted pumpkin
No orange in sight!

With the pre-mixed paint, apply your first layer. This should glide on easily, so if it doesn't, add more water. Let the first layer dry completely before applying a second, and so on. I did a total of three coats to make sure my pumpkin was totally covered.

3. Get glueing

Glueing pumpkin
Here comes the fun!

Pour some PVA glue into a plastic cup or similar and add a few drops of water. Mix to combine, then using a smaller brush, apply the glue in circles to your pumpkin. I completely made the size and positioning of these circles up as I went along, but feel free to draw them on in a very light pencil before you start.

4. Make it sparkle

Adding glitter to pumpkin
So glittery!

Now for the fun part! I used a set of glitter shakers from Tiger to sprinkle glitter over my glue circles. The shakers were great as the small holes made application easy and meant the glitter wasn't wasted. Sprinkle over gently, then use your fingers to lightly dab and rub glitter over patchy areas of the spots.

5. Add sparkle to spiders

Plastic spiders
Not so creepy now!

For all you squeamish out there, it's time brave the creepy crawlies. Taking 8 of 10 plastic spiders (mine were from Sainsbury's), paint the tops with a layer of the PVA that you mixed earlier. Then sprinkle black glitter, (I bought mine from Amazon) over them, covering the surface as best you can. Set aside and leave to dry.

6. Pin your pumpkin

Plastic spider
Here's the secret to the spiders.

How did I stick those spiders on anyway? Here's the secret: take a round-headed pin and cover the end with a blog of blue tac. Stick this inside the hollow of your glitter spider, and then pierce into position on the pumpkin. They will glide in surprisingly easy, so there's no risk of hurting yourself. Repeat for 3 of the spiders, alternating with non-glittered spiders. I also included two pre-glittered plastic spider from Tiger, which came in a set of three, but you could achieve the same effect without these.

7. Final flourish


Glittery pumpkin
NOW we're talking!

In order to really give my pumpkin the WOW factor, I dolled up three mini squashes to sit alongside it. If this is something you want to do, too, all you need is that trusty PVA from earlier and a generous coating of glitter. I scattered the remaining glitter spiders around, and on the mini pumpkins. Now, all that's left is to take it outside, and let the festivities begin!

Decorated glitter pumpkin
The neon glitter means this is a creation that looks good inside...

glittery spider decorated pumpkin
...and outside!

Decorated glitter pumpkin
Creepy crawlies have never looked so glitzy...

glittery spider decorated pumpkin
...although they still look pretty scary to me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pumpkin creation as much as I enjoyed making it - let me know if you think it has the WOW factor in the comments below!


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