19 reasons why apple cider vinegar is the BEST beauty product

Apple Cider Vinegar is the best all-in-one beauty product for anyone on a budget. Loaded with skin and hair-boosting properties, it can help clear skin irritations, condition hair and even whiten teeth. Endorsed by supermodels and beauty bloggers around the world, it’s popularity with natural beauties has grown massively.

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Want to know more about ACV? 

Apple Cider Vinegar is a type of vinegar made from – you guessed it – cider or apple must. It contains what is known as ‘Mother of Vinegar’ a cellulose and acetic acid bacteria that is created during fermentation. When buying a decent bottle of ACV, look out for raw, organic, unpasteurized and unfiltered vinegar that contains ‘The Mother’. A good quality bottle will be misty and smell very strongly, infact… the smellier the better. It’ll contain beneficial enzymes, bacteria, pectin and trace minerals that are all excellent for your hair and skin. Find out how you can use your bottles for multiple uses right here…

1. It can be used as a skin-brightening toner

Pic Credit - Beth at Brit+Co
Pic Credit – Beth at Brit+Co

Apple cider vinegar contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid which help stimulate blood flow and minimise pores. To make your own skin-brightening toner, combine one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with two cups of water. Use a cotton wool ball or pad to apply it over your clean, dry face after cleansing. Don’t rinse the solution from your face, the smell will soon leave. If you can still smell it, lightly rinse your face out after 30 minutes and reduce the amount of vinegar next time.

2. Aftershave for sensitive skin

If your skin is too sensitive for aftershave, grab a capful of vinegar and apply it to you face post-shave. It’ll help irritated skin and dry to leave skin baby-soft.  Don’t worry, the smell soon disappears too.

3. Soothing sunburn aftercare

Soak an old towel or tea towel in a solution of 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and four cups of water before applying to the sunburnt areas. Leave it on for as long as you stand, the apple cider vinegar will help balance the pH leaves of skin and encourage accelerated healing and long-term relief.

4. Shaving bump remedy

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 12.30.06

If your skin feels aggravated after shaving, apply a light layer of honey to your skin and let it sit for 5 minutes. Rinse off and dry your legs thoroughly before applying undiluted apple cider vinegar using a cotton wool ball. The combination of both anti-inflammatory ingredients will help soothe irritated skin and soften the area. If you have ingrown hairs, this can also encourage them to grow out.

5. Age spot and pore minimiser

It may sound like an old wives tale, but people across the world regularly use onion juice and vinegar on their age spots. Mix equal parts and apply it to your skin using a cotton wool pad. Do this daily for a few weeks and you should start to see a difference in your skin – it’s a great tip, but you’ll need to tolerate the stench. Good luck.

6. Combat Athlete’s Foot

Soak your feet in a solution of half vinegar and half water, it temporarily changes the pH levels in your skin that creates an environment fungus will find harder to thrive in. Soak your feet for a few days in a row in the evening before you go to bed and you should start to notice your feet looking and feeling better.

7. Teeth whitening mouthwash

Pic Credit - Ali Blumenthal at Reader's Digest.
Pic Credit – Ali Blumenthal at Reader’s Digest.

If you’ve been feasting on garlic and other stinky foods, it can be a nightmare trying to get rid of the bad taste in your mouth. It may not leave you minty fresh, but a good swirl of apple cider vinegar can instantly destroy any odour-causing bacteria and lingering smells.

Not only that, but apple cider vinegar can also help whiten your teeth too. Gargle your mouth with it in the morning before brushing and it should help lift off any surface stains. For more health benefits, take a look at Reader’s Digest’s online article and if you’re interested in natural teeth whitening products, this article is for you – 23 surprising ways to whiten your teeth & KEEP them white.

8. Remove corns and calluses

To make them easier to remove, soak a small cloth in vinegar and tape it over the callus or corn overnight. In the morning take it off and try to pull it off, it shouldn’t be as tough.

9. Dandruff treatment

Apple cider vinegar has natural anti-fungal properties and can help stop dandruff from forming. Plus, its acidity helps balance pH levels and restore the scalp’s protective acid mantle layer (the protective layer of the skin) to thwart fungal growth. Take a large glass and fill it up with half water and half vinegar (you may need a second glass if you have long or really thick hair), and use it as a pre-treatment. Pour a bit at a time and massage it into your scalp thoroughly before shampooing. Do this once a week as a preventative measure or every other day to tackle a bad case of dandruff.

10. Deodorise your feet

Fresh as a daisy.
Fresh as a daisy.

After a long day in the heat, feet can be a hotbed for sweat and bacteria. Sometimes a shower just isn’t enough when it comes to particularly bad smelling feet. With its strong anti-fungal and deodorising properties, apple cider vinegar is an essential addition to an evening foot soak. Mix one cup of vinegar with 4 pints of water in a basin, before soaking your feet in it for 15-20 minutes. Your feet should feel nice and fresh after a cold water rinse.

While you’re pampering your feet, why not read my 4 step guide to doing a pedicure at home.

11. Alternative face cleanser

If you’re struggling with inflamed or irritated skin, harsh face cleansers can make it even worse. Most are alkaline compared to normal skin pH levels so apple cider vinegar can help readdress the balance. Pour a capful onto cupped palms and use it to gently cleanse your face.

12. Bruise healer

Apple cider vinegar contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help calm damaged skin, plus the acetic acid found in it can help increase circulation and help skin heal. Saturate a cotton wool pad in pure apple cider vinegar and apply it to the bruised skin. Using a piece of old fabric or a bandage, secure it to you skin for at least an hour and you should start to notice a difference.

Use this tip if you need your bruise to heal before a big event – wedding planners are even known to do this when brides and grooms have hurt themselves before the big day!

13. Hair rinse for shiny, healthy hair

Get your hair glow back.
Healthy hair will be yours.

Do you ever find that your shampoo stops working as well after a few months and you turn to different haircare products or a haircut to solve it? You might be suffering from product build-up that can clog your hair follicles and effect the general health and appearance of your hair. Apple cider vinegar is widely known to help remove product build up and is used as a hair rinse around the world.

Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a large cup of water, and use it to rinse your hair after shampooing. Rinse thoroughly with cold water and apply a light condition to the ends. Supermodel Miranda Kerr swears by apple cider vinegar to keep her hair shiny and soft.

To find out more about the benefits of apple cider vinegar and other natural beauty products, check out my article on the A-list beauty products you already have in your kitchen.

14. Moisturising face treatment

Fill your basin up with lukewarm water, add 3 tablespoons of vinegar and mix. Use the water to wash your face and let is air dry. This will help seal in any moisture in the skin especially during Winter.

15. Insect bite relief

The acidity in vinegar (you can use both apple cider or white) helps to neutralise and soothe the itch, while its anti-inflammatories reduce swelling and finally… its pH-balancing properties speed the healing process! Plenty of reasons to use it as a natural pain reliever when you’ve been bitten by a bug.

Simply soak a cotton wool ball in vinegar and apply it to the area for instant relief.

 16. Make nail polish last longer

The secret to a perfect manicure?
The secret to a perfect manicure?

I’m not completely sure of the science behind this one, but Pinterest users swear by applying apple cider vinegar to nails and allowing it to dry before applying nail polish. Word on the street is it makes nail polish stay chip-free for longer. Definitely worth a try.

16. Soothing bath soak

If you’ve been out in the sun all day or have had a mild allergic reaction, pour yourself a soothing apple cider vinegar bath soak. Pour a large cup of vinegar into your bath (don’t add any further bath products or hair care) and immerse yourself in it for 20 minutes. Again, the pH level of apple cider vinegar is very similar to that of the protective layer of our skin, and this soak will help restore an upset balance.

18. Natural cold sore remedy

If you’re suffering from a stubborn cold sore, dab it a few times with apple cider vinegar several times a day. It’ll help reduce the amount of swelling, plus keep the area clean and free from infection.

 19. Effective acne treatment

Pic - Lulu & Sweet Pea
Pic Credit – Melissa at Lulu & Sweet Pea

If you’ve got acne-prone skin and have tried everything under the sun to try and reduce your breakouts, you must try Apple Cider Vinegar before you lose all hope. With its natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it can help fight the bad bacteria that sits under the surface of the skin, and when used as a daily toner or astringent it can help balance the pH levels in skin.

Check out Lulu & Sweetpea for details on how to make your own Apple Cider Vinegar acne treatment, and reasons why it’s the best skincare product for spotty skin.

Thanks for reading! If you have any other beauty uses for Apple Cider Vinegar, please let me know in the comments section below.



A keen money-saver and fan of all things natural, Anushka enjoys making her own beauty products and is partial to a bit of crafting. Never short of a clever tip or two, she's always looking for new ways to make her money go even further.

  1. 6 Carrieann Wilsher Reply

    Where can I get apple cider vinegar from as I suffer from athletes foot and I am a smoker and a big coffee drinker does it really work as a teeth whitner

    1. 7 Anushka F Reply

      Hi Carrieann you can buy apple cider vinegar from most health stores! Or failing that you can find it online at Amazon for a reasonable price. It can help remove surface stains from your teeth, but maybe not staining that has been there for a while. Give it a go!

  2. 8 Debbie Reply

    Now all of this sounds very fine,
    to help that hair and skin of mine,
    but isn’t it quite often said,
    true beauty starts inside, instead?
    The trouble is, I’m not too keen
    on vinegar, so I have been
    thinking about this little matter,
    my illusions please don’t shatter,
    would the effects still ensue
    if I drank a cider or two????

    PS, please say if you’re sick of my poems!!

    1. 9 Stephanie C Reply

      Hi Debbie!
      We all love your poems – please keep sending them our way!
      I’m a new blogger here at Expert Home Tips, and would love to have you write a poem for one of my articles. I’m starting to feel left out, haha!😄😊

  3. 10 urwa Reply

    Apple is a very beneficial thing.It keeps different vitamins, which are very important for good health. We get maximum benefits and useful tips from it after reading this. Thanks for share these tips.

    1. 11 Stephanie C Reply

      Hi Urwa. Thanks for your kind comments. Apple cider vinegar is certainly a ‘miracle’ product in our eyes! I’m glad you enjoyed the article! 🙂

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