35 incredibly smart uses for elastic bands you need to know

Who knew the humble elastic band had so many handy uses? You’ll never disregard or look at them the same way again…

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1. Keep tea bag tags from falling into a mug

Great idea from Food in Jars.
Great idea from Food in Jars.

If you use tea bags with a string and tag, you’ll know how frustrating it is when they fall into the mug and get all soggy. Keep it outside your mug by placing an elastic band around it. So simple yet effective!

2. Paint an immaculate French manicure

Nail hack from Paper Raindrops.
Genius nail hack from Paper Raindrops.

Use an elastic band as a great French manicure cheat. Pull the band over your nail and use it as a template – easy! It works on alternative Frenchies too, I love this green version from Paper Raindrops.

3. Prevent paint from dripping from a brush

Great tip from Rhody lLife.
More handy tip at Rhody Life.

If you’re tackling some painting over the Summer, stretch an extra large rubber band across the paint tin before you get to work. You can use it to wipe off any excess paint from your brush.

4. Cut elastic bands to make paint stamps

Hack from Inspiration DIY
Hack from Inspiration DIY

Cut rubber bands into strips and glue them to pretty much anything to make homemade rubber stamps. Great hack if you love crafting with the kids. For more way weekend entertainment ideas, read these 17 super fun ways to keep the kids busy.

5. Stop a door from locking

For more uses for rubber bands check out Good Housekeeping.
For more uses for rubber bands check out Good Housekeeping.

Prevent a door from locking – useful tip if you have kids or pets – by wrapping a large rubber band around the handles and crossing it to cover the lock.

6. Open a stubborn nail polish bottle

Good to know.
A must-know hack for all nail polish fans.

Get a good grip on the handle of a stubborn nail polish by wrapping an elastic band around it. Don’t think about throwing away a stuck bottle before trying this hack. Works on other bottles too.

7. Prevent apple slices from browning

Via Friends Office.
Via Friends Office.

If you cut apples for a packed lunch, prevent the pieces from browning by reconstructing the apple and holding it together with elastic bands.

Do you remove the apple peel first? Find out what you can do with it with Colleen’s 25 astonishing uses for fruit & vegetable peel.

8. For smart packing

For more rubber band hacks visit MamaBee.
For more rubber band hacks visit MamaBee.

You may have checked out Colleen’s 17 smart packing tips or know this genius packing hack already, but go one step further and secure your rolled up clothing with elastic bands. This will help you fit in even more and keep all your clothes in one place.

9. Keep snacks and food packets sealed and fresh

For more ways to keep snacks fresh check out wikiHow
For more ways to keep snacks fresh check out wikiHow

It’s a no brainer! Wrap elastic bands around open food packets to help keep the air out. Check out my 5 fuss-free kitchen tips for more ways to make your kitchen run like clockwork.

10. Make glass cups slip-proof for kids

Great tip from Project Fidgety Fingers.
Great tip from Project Fidgety Fingers.

Glass tumblers can be perilous in the hands of little ones so make them child-proof by wrapping several elastic bands around them. It’ll help kids keep a tighter grip!

12. Decorate your glasses for Summer parties & weddings

Lovely idea.
A Pinterest favourite.

What a simple yet stunning idea! Use coloured elastic bands to hold flowers around cups for special occasions. For more unusual weddings ideas check out these 23 tips from Colleen.

13. Implement portion control on pump dispensers

Save the soap!
STS – save the soap!

If your kids or roommates like to go crazy with the hand wash or shower gel, take action! Wrap an elastic band around the neck of the pump and it’ll reduce the amount of product dispensed.

14. Keep slippy chopping boards in place

Via Krazy Coupon Lady
Via Krazy Coupon Lady

If you have a slippy chopping board, keep it in one place while you’re chopping by securing elastic bands on either side.

15. Make your jeans fit better

Via little mama jama
Via little mama jama

Whether you’re pregnant or just have a food belly, make your jeans stretch a little further by looping an elastic band through it. Keep one in your pocket for such occasions!

16. DIY mobile phone holder for your car

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.37.14

Who needs a fancy hand-held device holder when you can attach your phone to the air vents in your car with just an elastic band! Stay safe drivers…

Looking for more hacks like this? Check out these 21 smart tips on how to clean and organise your car.

17. Create a toothbrush holder

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.44.55
Not pretty but very practical.

It may not look the best, but you can fashion your own toothbrush holder by crossing elastic bands over a cup like the photo above. A classic student fix if ever I saw one!

18. Make your hangers slip-proof

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 11.52.16

Keep your flimsy tops from falling off the hanger by wrapping elastic bands around the ends. For more clothes hanger hacks you must check out my 21 brilliant hacks for your tiny wardrobe.

19. Make beautiful striped lanterns

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.08.31

Wrap rubber bands around empty jam jars and paint over them to create this stunning effect. If you love the look of this be sure to check out these 57 exciting ways you can transform empty jars.

20. Use rubber bands as a seam guide

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.16.11

If you own a sewing machine, an elastic band makes a good seam guide. For more sewing tricks and tips check out Yesterday’s Thimble.

21. Keep books safe when travelling

Keep books safe.
Keep the pages pristine.

If you like to carry a book around with you, don’t forget to wrap an elastic band around it to protect the book from opening and the pages creasing. It also serves as a bookmark – handy!

22. Use an elastic band to remove a stripped screw

Handy hack to know.

Stripped screw? Place an elastic band over it and use a screwdriver as normal to tackle it.

23. As a drinks measure

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 15.26.23
Great tip from She Wears Many Hats

If you’re throwing a party, keep your guests from getting too merry too quickly by wrapping elastic bands around the bottom of the cups to act as spirit markers.

24. Make an elastic band bouncy ball

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 15.49.35
Good Housekeeping

Building a rubber band ball is easy to do and a fun way to keep them all in one place. Follow the instructions at Kidspot on how to make a rubber ball – you won’t need anything but elastic bands.

25. Create a Memo Board

An ideal memo board.
An ideal memo board from WhimseyBox.

Make a pretty memo board by wrapping colourful elastic bands around a piece of wood or photo frame. You can keep receipts, tickets and other pieces of paper neatly tucked into it.

26. Make a makeshift tripod for your camera or phone

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 15.56.48

Use an extra large elastic band to secure your smartphone or camera to various household object to act as a tripod. You could use the legs of a chair, tent poles or even an umbrella.

27. Wrap around a hose to seal small holes

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.01.11

If you don’t have any duct tape to hand, wrap an elastic band as tightly as you can to cover any holes in a rubber hose.

28. Make some fabulous jewellary

Rags to Couture.
Rags to Couture.

Take inspiration from the kids’ looming craze a few year’s ago and make your own adult version with help from Rags to Couture.

29. Open a stubborn jam jar

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.14.50

Pop an elastic band around a stubborn jam jar or bottle and it’ll help you grip it better.

30. Keep your shower caddy in place

Via Krazy Coupon Lady.
Via Krazy Coupon Lady.

Keep a shower caddy attached to your shower head with just a quick loop of an elastic band.

31. Prevent a spoon from falling into a pan

Via Krazy Coupon Lady
Via Krazy Coupon Lady

Stop that spoon from falling in a boiling pot by wrapping an elastic band around the end. It’ll grip to the sides and prevent it from slipping in.

32. Keep an Apple remote in one place

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 16.20.25

Are you forever misplacing your Apple remote? I blame their sleek and small design. Wrap a rubber band around it to help grip it to your surfaces and make it stand out more.

33. Hold lids in place when transporting food

Kitchen hacks.
Kitchen hacks.

Wrap elastic bands over lids to prevent any food spillages in the car. Great tip for when you’re travelling!

34. Flick through papers quickly

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.19.55 copy

If you have a large amount of reading to do or need to proof-read a long document, wrap an elastic band loosely over the tip of your finger to help you flick through the pages quicker. It’ll help prevent any paper cuts too.

 35. Make  a DIY catapult for the children (and BIG kids)


I had to end on something fun! You can build a homemade catapult with elastic bands, visit Popista for details on how to do it.


A keen money-saver and fan of all things natural, Anushka enjoys making her own beauty products and is partial to a bit of crafting. Never short of a clever tip or two, she's always looking for new ways to make her money go even further.

  1. 3 JOHN JOHNS Reply

    I wrap a elastic band round a drill bit so that I can drill to the correct depth, just move the band up or down to whatever depth you require.

  2. 5 Sylvia Leaver Reply

    Very useful tips, thanks. One I would like to add is that you can wrap a rubber band round the end of a pencil to create an easy to use rubber for rubbing out pencil marks.

  3. 7 Susan Bowden Reply

    I use rubber gloves for opening jars etc. You can make rubber bands from worn out rubber gloves by cutting the cuffs to any width – very useful if you need something strong.
    Also, our postie leaves a trail of rubber bands!

    1. 8 Anushka F Reply

      That’s a marvellous tip, thanks Susan. I will definitely use that one! Haha, there are rubber bands everywhere when you start to notice…

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