Halloween craft: McDonald's Happy Meal Monsters

Halloween craft: McDonald's Happy Meal Monsters

Did you know: 50% of Halloween decor is binned every year?

Following Recycle Week 2017, we were feeling more motivated than ever to try and be more sustainable.

Discovering Halloween's extensive contribution to UK waste, we committed ourselves to spending less, and upcycling more.

Fast-food litter in the UK

After discovering that:

We knew a craft that tackled the issue of Halloween waste and fast food litter in one was the perfect starting point.

The goal was to celebrate our love of McDonald's, the environment and upcycling by discouraging litter and promoting upcycling.

Why a Happy Meal?

During our research, we were shocked to discover that:

  • 45% of McDonald's customers are aged from 18-24

Happy Meals have brought joy to youngsters for generations - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could use them to teach children about waste and recycling this Halloween?


McDonald's Happy Meal Boxes

Taking the classic Happy Meal packaging, we gathered all our crafting supplies and started creating something seriously spooky.

Using up old bits of fabric, scrap paper and other bits and bobs, we made a family of McMonsters that any child (or adult for that matter) would love for Halloween.

Without further ado, it's time to meet our monsters!

Halloween McDonald's craft
What a transformation!
mcdonalds HALLOWEEN upcycling craft
mcdonalds HALLOWEEN upcycling craft
mcdonalds HALLOWEEN upcycling craft

Why not take on the challenge and upcycle your own Happy Meal this Halloween?

It's a great way to treat the kids, celebrate spooky season and educate them on all things environmental too.

I hope you like our Halloween monsters. Which one is your favourite?


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