Halloween Craft: McDonald's Happy Meal Monsters

Halloween Craft: McDonald's Happy Meal Monsters

Did you know: 50% of Halloween decor is binned every year? 

It's time to do something about it! 

Before you waste your money on fake cobwebs and pumpkins that'll turn to mush, give upcycling a try. We could all use some Halloween party hacks, and today we're showing you how easy it can be, turning unassuming McDonald's packaging into spooky Halloween decor that can be reused every year. 

This craft is a great one to get the kids involved with, using anything you already have at home! 

Let's get crafty...

Fast-food litter in the UK

After discovering that:

We knew a craft that tackled the issue of Halloween waste and fast food litter in one was the perfect starting point.

Whilst fast food doesn't have the best environmental outlook, we're all human and it's not always easy to avoid it. It's perfectly fine to enjoy it as a treat every once in a while, just as long as we continue to tackle the environmental issues that it contributes to. 

The goal of this project is to acknowledge that you can find a way to give a new lease of life to something that could otherwise be seen as rubbish. In doing so we're protecting the environment, discouraging litter and promoting upcycling.

Why a Happy Meal?

During our research, we were shocked to discover that:

Happy Meals have brought joy to youngsters for generations - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could use them to teach children about waste and recycling this Halloween?

Taking the classic Happy Meal packaging, we gathered all our crafting supplies and started creating something seriously spooky.

Using up old bits of fabric, scrap paper and other bits and bobs, we made a family of McMonsters that any child (or adult for that matter) would love for Halloween.

Without further ado, it's time to meet our monsters!

DIY Halloween decor

Why not take on the challenge and upcycle your own Happy Meal this Halloween?

It's a great way to treat the kids, celebrate the spooky season, educating them on all things environmental too.

You'll be able to throw the ultimate Halloween party with this lot!

Halloween McDonald's craft
What a transformation!

1. McChicken nugget box

mcdonalds HALLOWEEN upcycling craft
Great for holding snacks!

Here, we've taken a simple chicken nugget box and turned it into a mini monster. Complete with an opening mouth and deadly teeth, it's so simple to make! Either wrap the box in brightly coloured paper or give it a few coats of paint. 

Add googly eyes and cut some teeth out of old scraps of paper. How easy is that! 

2. Happy Meal monster 

mcdonalds HALLOWEEN upcycling craft
How great is this?

Never mind Happy Meal... this is a SCARY meal! You could try a no-carve pumpkin, but we think this is even better!

We've covered the box in an offcut of fur that we found in a fabric shop (you can buy offcuts at seriously cheap prices). Alternatively, you could cut up an old fur coat. We've added some pom-poms for eyes and a big tongue using card. 

3. Drink bottle monster

mcdonalds HALLOWEEN upcycling craft
Don't sip this...

This little guy is more of an alien than a monster! We've used some spotty wrapping paper and googly eyes to give the effect of all those beedy eyes watching you. We've then used a pipe cleaner for an eye stork, with the bottle cap as the big eyeball. Spooky! 


I hope you like our Halloween monsters. Which one is your favourite?

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