What Are Shower Onions On TikTok? Read Our Guide On This Weird Trend

What Are Shower Onions On TikTok? Read Our Guide On This Weird Trend

Whether it was a lockdown pastime that went too far or you've recently downloaded the app, TikTok is very addictive. Chances are, you've found yourself scrolling through the realms of this social media channel - it's an easy thing to do when bored. From hilarious lip-synced videos to viral trends and dances, there's enough to keep your attention for hours.

While TikTok has been home to some of the wildest trends, there's one that has baffled users lately. Have you heard of shower onions? The introduction of these weird and wonderful things happened recently in a viral TikTok. In the clip—that has now been seen by more than a million people—a girl is in her boyfriend's bathroom and notices a bowl full of onions. Yes, you read that correctly. Here's what you need to know about the trend.

What are shower onions on TikTok? 

If you haven't seen the viral shower onions TikTok yet, let us give you a quick rundown of what happens in it. It opens with a girl filming in a bathroom and the caption 'OMG I finally met up with the guy I've been talking to in lockdown'. Intrigued? You should be.

'You can always judge a guy by how clean his bathroom is', an auto-tuned voice states in the video. The girl then starts to look around the exceptionally clean room, commenting on all the wonders that it beholds. These include soap and lotion—so far, so normal. And then, in Tarantino style, there's the much-awaited twist. The camera pans to a bowl of onions.

'Look at his shower onions', says the voice before quickly moving onto more regular bathroom necessities, such as floss. But the oddball vibes don't end there. The onions come back with a quick 'He even has shallots' aside as the girl looks gobsmacked.

Is the shower onion TikTok fake?

Cards on the table: The shower onion video wasn't intended to be serious. Writer, actor, comedian, and TikTok user, Karalynn Dunton, made the video as a skit. Having seen similar clips on the social media app, she decided to make a parody version of her own.

"I had seen a fair amount of younger creators do videos in the bedrooms of the guys they were starting to like basically saying, 'Does anyone recognize this bedroom before I catch feelings?' I had the idea of basically satirizing that type of video, but I wanted to throw in something super weird to make people stop and say, 'Wait, what? go back for a second...he has what?'" she recently told BuzzFeed.

Karalynn then had the idea to make a funny version of this already popular trend. Rather than setting it in a bedroom—as many other creators had done—she decided to do it in a bathroom. Ten points for originality. The entire point of the video was to start with a standard tour of her pretend boyfriend's bathroom and then throw in a curveball. The idea to put a bowl of onions in the shot was a stroke of genius.

"I texted one of my straight, male friends and said, 'Hey, super weird question. At some point could I like, bring a bag of onions over to your apartment to film a TikTok in your bathroom?' To which he responded, 'Is this...is this real?'" Karalynn explained on the entertainment website. "So that's basically the longest imaginable way to say, no, shower onions are not a real thing, it's an elaborate joke."

And there you have it: the tale of the shower onion facade. What will TikTok creators think of next? We can't wait to find out. Since the video went viral, it has had more than a million views and shared more than 8,000 times. So, if you haven't seen it yet yourself, why not head over to the app and give it a watch? The short and sweet skit is sure to have you belly-laughing for the rest of the day. 

Are shower onions real?

Writer, actor, and comedian, Karalynn Dunton, created the concept of shower onions for her TikTok video, which later went viral. However, this is not the first time the purpose of shower onions has been brought to the table. Believe it or not, the standard Spanish onion is the centre of a lifehack that many people have used to get rid of smells and keep their bathroom fresh. 

We're don't suggest using onions to clean your shower, but as a deodoriser for the air. Much like you might use a slice of lemon to get rid of nasty odours in the room, some people suggest that using a piece of onion does the same thing. So while it may sound like an odd move, you may want to try slicing up an onion and popping it in the bathroom.

How do you use shower onions?

If you want to use onions as a natural way to get rid of odours, it's easier than you might think. Get a large white onion, peel it, and slice it. When you've done that, you can put the onions in a small dish and place them on a surface in your bathroom. If you have small children or pets, you might want to pop the dish out of their reach.

You should leave the shower onions overnight to work their magic. By the morning, you may find that the smell has gone. According to one Reddit user, "they purify the air and absorb moisture [...], but I don't think you're supposed to eat them".

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Now that you've got the whole story about shower onions, let's dig a little deeper. But, first, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Why does my shower smell like onions?

It's never nice to notice an unpleasant scent in your bathroom. If your shower has started to smell like onions, you may be wondering what has happened. The truth is that there could be a whole range of reasons for this problem. Chances are, the odour is coming from your drains. Over time, matted hair and bits of debris may get caught in the pipe. This can create a blockage, which may start to smell bad the longer you leave it.

Dealing with the problem is vital, especially if you want to get rid of the smell. One of the easiest ways to do this is to unblock your drains. You may want to use a plunger to start with. For tips, check out our guide on how to get hair out of drains. However, if that doesn't work, it could be worth calling a plumber.

Why does my shower water smell like onions?

Having a bad smell in your shower is one thing, but if the water smells too, you might have a real problem. While it's not always clear what causes this odour, ignoring the issue is unlikely to mean that it will disappear. Whenever you notice an onion smell, you should do something about it. First, of course, you can call a plumber. If you happen to live in rented accommodation, you may want to speak to your landlord about it ASAP.

Is it okay to shower once a week?

Showering and cleaning yourself is essential to your hygiene. The experts at WebMD suggest that you should shower between two and three times a week. You should spend between three and five minutes there when you head into the shower. Make sure that you are thorough when it comes to cleaning yourself. You should also be wary of having the water too hot, as this can be harmful to your skin and hair.

How often should you wash your hair?

Washing your hair too often could cause problems, so you want to avoid this mistake. According to Healthline, that's because shampoo is designed to rid your hair of excess oils and cleanse the scalp. However, removing all oils from your hair can quickly make it dry and limp. Additionally, you may find that your scalp becomes irritated too.

For that reason, you should wash your hair between two and three times a week on average. Despite this being a ground-rule, it may differ depending on the type of hair you have. If you want more information, take the time to speak to an expert on the matter. You may want to use dry shampoo between the days you plan to shower.

For more tips on how to take care of your hair, read our other blog post.

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    After you’ve been decorating. Painting even. Cut a couple of onions up. Spread them around the room. This will neutralise the smell. All clear by the morning.

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