16 Cheap Valentine's Gifts That Look Anything But

16 Cheap Valentine's Gifts That Look Anything But

Believe it or not, Valentine's Day doesn't need to be an expensive affair. You can make your loved one smile with just a small amount of money and a lot of imagination.

Lacking imagination? No worries! We've come up with 16 cheap Valentine's gifts that pack all of the punch without the pounds.

1. Starburst sweets jar


Pick out all the red and pink Starburst (or their favourite flavour) and store them in a beautiful-looking jar. Add some ribbon and a handmade 'Valentine, you make my heart burst!' tag for the sweetest little gift.

It's super sweet in more ways than one, and perfect for a romantic film night, car journeys or even to take to work - their colleagues will be so jealous!

Want one just like this? Get the tutorial at The Homes I Have Made.

2. Give them your precious Netflix password

The ultimate modern day declaration of love. Take Netflix and Chill to the next level by giving your loved one your password. Even better, create their own user profile and present the password in a box - get creative!

3. Pimp your pizza

Give them the night off from cooking and order a pizza via JustEat. For added brownie points - and an Instagram-worthy Valentine's Day pic - cut the pepperoni into hearts. Nailed it.

To take this one step further, DIY your own card with the pun, 'you've stolen a pizza my heart' across the front. For pizza lovers, cheap Valentine's gifts don't get any better!

4. Valentine's beer

Give them what they really want and doll up their favourite beer with some DIY labels. It's fun, it's cute, and let's face it, they'd probably prefer it to something expensive anyway.

5. Post-it love heart

Gestures are much more valuable that expensive gifts.

Give your partner something to smile about as soon as they get up with a pink post-it love heart in your bathroom or landing mirror. Write a personal message or sweet memory on each one. 'Reasons why I love you' is sure to go down well.

6. Duvet den

Is your SO stressed out of late? Money can't buy time, but you can create some.

Hang up sheets and create a den filled with duvets, blankets, a hot water bottle and cushions galore. Give your loved one control of the remote for the whole day and let them cocoon themselves inside all day long away from the stress of the outside world.

7. Daily 'reasons why you are great' jar

This is so simple but definitely one of our favourites.

If you're really strapped for cash, this is the perfect present as it's worth way more than anything money could ever buy.

On individual pieces of paper, write down the reasons you love your partner, a happy memory, or even a joke. You can fill a large jar with 365 notes and they can open one each morning until next year comes around.

8. Egg baskets

Beautiful. impressive heart-shaped eggs on toast. It's super easy to - Valentine's Day style.

Go one step further than eggs on toast with these impressive heart-shaped egg baskets. Head to Juneberry Lane to find out just how easy this cheap Valentine's gift is to make.

9. Mug with a pun

Grab a permanent marker and personalise a mug with a pun - pick something they love and use your imagination. 'You're my cup of tea' is always a good one!

Once it's dried, place it in the oven for 30 minutes in a medium setting to prevent it from washing off.

10. The gift of caffeine

For coffee lovers, Grab a gift card from their favourite coffee shop, or pop a few pounds into their card, and caption it with 'I like you a latte'. It's a small gesture that goes along way, and they'll sure be thankful of it on those cold February mornings.

11. Bacon love hearts

Who doesn't love bacon? Knock up a fry up this Valentine's with the addition of bacon hearts to mark the occasion.

Simply cut your rashers into thin strips and fashion heart shapes before cooking - they'll make their heart melt.

12. Punny Valentine

stud muffin valentine's gift
Who's your stud muffin?

We know, we've mentioned puns a lot, but a clever pun can transform a sweet and simple gift into something quite memorable. We particularly love this stud muffin pun to accompany homemade muffins or their favourite shop bought sweet treat. Best of all, over at eighteen25 you can print off this cute little label for free!

13. Last-second coupons

Just a printer & pen required.
Just a printer & pen required.

Forgotten Valentine's Day? Coupons are your go-to present. Make them think you put some effort into it by printing off these pretty love coupons from the folks at Magic Freebies - lovers of all things free.

14. Pimp your petrol-station bought flowers

Upgrade those cheap, last-minute Valentine's flowers with this hack.

Grab two see-through vases, and place the one slightly smaller inside the larger vase. Fill the gap with their favourite sweets and pop the flowers inside the small vase. Et voila - a 2-for-1 Valentine's gift that is cheap, cute and cheerful!

 15. Decorate your doggy or dog-sit for a pal

Who doesn't love dogs?

Use your pet dog as a cute Valentine's Day prop with a cutout heart and pop it over their head. If you don't own a pet, maybe persuade a friend to let you dog-sit so your animal-lover significant other can enjoy a day of doggy cuddles. Who knows, your dog-owning friends may thank you for the night off so they can go enjoy a day or evening out.

16. Get creative with a DIY nail polish


If your beau loves all thing beauty, how about making your own glittery heart nail polish? Grab a clear bottle of nail polish, tip some out and top up with glitter hearts. A quick and easy Valentine's gift for nail polish addicts.

Find out what quantities to use at Delighted Momma.

What are your best cheap Valentine's gift ideas? Let us know in the comments below!


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