30 Uses For Washi Tape (NEW Ideas For All Around The Home!)

30 Uses For Washi Tape (NEW Ideas For All Around The Home!)

Washi tape, originating from Japan, is a kind of tape commonly used for craft projects like scrapbooking. Similar to masking tape, it's not the stickiest adhesive out there. It's mostly known for coming in a whole host of colours and patterns - perfect for customising just about anything! 

But what exactly are the best uses for washi tape? Today we're sharing 30 brilliant ways you can use washi tape. What are you waiting for? 

1. Frame your artwork 

framed photo with washi tape
No need for nails!

Give your space a minimalist feel by switching out picture frames for washi tape. Apply small pieces of the tape to the corners of your pictures to mount them to the wall. You can opt for clean lines or ripped edges depending on your tastes. 

You could even use tape to mark out the look of an ornate frame. Washi tape is great because, unlike picture hanging hooks, it's easy to remove without damaging your walls.

2. Pretty makeup brush handles

Can't afford to buy new, fancy makeup brushes? Decorate the handles of your old makeup brushes with washi tape to give them a much-needed facelift. 

3. Decorate play bricks

Play bricks like Lego can look a little bit garish in their bright, primary colours. Use some washi tape to make yours look pretty and pastel. 

4. Cable organisation

cable labels
Save yourself some time.

Do you have a nightmare when it comes to organising your cables? You can label each one with washi tape so you never get confused again. Simply fold a piece onto the wire and write on it with a marker pen. 

5. Decorate your light switch

Make a boring light switch cover match the decor in your room with washi tape. You could pop a strip over the switch or cover the whole thing! 

6. Colour code your keys

You might have heard of decorating your keys with nail polish, but what about trying washi tape? Add some tape to the top of your keys to give them some colour. It'll help you to find the right key in a heartbeat. 

7. Personalise your keyboard

keyboard decor
So pretty!

Is your keyboard looking a little plain? Use washi tape to cover the keys in a striking design. Just remember to write the numbers and letters on the washi tape before you cover up your keys. 

8. Make your own cards

Sick of paying over the odds for cards which lack personality? Never be without one again by making your own using thick card, embellishments and washi tape. It's surprisingly easy and will save you money in the long run. 

9. Decorate your lip balm

Lip balm doesn't always come in the cutest packaging. Wrap some washi tape around the tube to give it an overhaul. 

10. Washi tape height chart

height chart
Keep track without any damage.

Want to create a height chart without damaging your walls? Use washi tape to track the growth of everyone in your family. You can use different coloured tapes for different people and mark their age on it with a pen. 

11. Colour your blinds

Unlike curtains, blinds don't come in many colour varieties. Make yours look special by adding washi tape to each slat. This is a great idea if you want to customise a rented space - the tape will peel right off at the end of tenancy! 

12. Make small flags

Pop these little flags into cakes, make them into place markers... We're sure the uses for these are endless. All you need is a toothpick and a piece of washi tape. Fold a piece of tape onto the end of a toothpick and then cut out a triangle. Easy! 

13. Decorate a plain notebook

decorated notebook
So much better!

Transform a boring notebook into a work of art with washi tape. We like the idea of using a few different colours to achieve a rainbow look. 

14. Spice up a lampshade

You can even add washi tape to your lamp shades! How nifty is that. Use seasonal washi tapes to add some extra decor to your home. 

15. Label anything and everything 

Get organised with washi tape. You can use washi tape to label just about any container in your home. If you've got guests coming over, you could even use washi tape to label food and dips. 

16. Plant pots don't have to be dull!

plant pot
How cute does this look?

Transform a basic plant pot with a few strips of washi tape. We love how the tape matches the succulent. 

17. Make your own gift wrap

Stuck in a pinch? Make your own gift wrap by sticking some strips in a fun design on a piece of paper. We think it looks even better than your standard wrapping paper. 

18. Never lose your drink with these cup markers

cup markers
This is a great hack!

Isn't it annoying when you're at a party and you forget which cup is yours? Use different coloured washi tapes to distinguish between cups at all of your events. It'll help cut down on waste too. 

19. Decorative bag ties

Add a little extra pizazz to a bag tie by adding some washi tape. It'll add a bit of love to any lunch box. 

20. DIY nail art

We bet you hadn't thought of this one! Washi tape makes wonderful nail art. Cut pieces out to fit each nail and then apply a coat of clear nail polish over the top to seal in your design. 

21. Mark your calendar 

Plans changed? Easily peel off the tape!

Washi tape is great for marking off events on your calendar. Use larger strips to cover a week and small strips for individual days. Colour coding has never been easier! 

22. Upgrade your clothes pegs

Washi tape is the perfect width for decorating the edges of clothes pegs. We might not suggest you do this for hanging out the washing, but for decorative use, it'll look stunning. 

23. Make mini bunting

So tiny!

Another one that's great for decorating your cupcakes, make some mini bunting using folded over washi tape, some kebab sticks and some thread. 

24. Find your page with a paperclip bookmark

You might have heard about using a paperclip as a bookmark, but why not upgrade this DIY by adding a strip of washi tape. It'll help you find the page easily and look so much prettier. 

25. Car track for kids

car track
Hours of fun!

There's no need to spend a fortune on car tracks for your kids. Find a board or a hardwood floor and mark out a track with washi tape. Because it's low tack, it won't leave any residue on the floor when you peel it off. Your kids will be entertained for hours too because the track can be changed over and over again. 

26. Decorate the arms of your sunglasses

Not a fan of the design on your sunglasses? Don't buy a new pair - just cover the arms with washi tape. You can easily change the pattern to match different outfits. 

27. Cover your book spines

For a cohesive bookshelf, decorate the spines with washi tape. You can make mismatched books compliment your room in seconds. 

28. Perfect for corkboards

corkboard decor
Transform a plain noticeboard.

Spice up a boring corkboard with a few strips of washi tape. The only limit is your imagination for this DIY. 

29. Decorate polaroids

Patterned polaroid film can be more expensive than the regular kind. It's also stuck like that forever, so if you change your mind about the pattern, you can't change it!

Use washi tape to decorate plain polaroids instead. You can easily remove it without damaging the polaroid later. 

30. Make a wall mural

wall mural
Save a fortune with DIY!

Wall murals might seem like a scary thing to do, but they're surprisingly easy if you use washi tape. You could make a skyline, a castle or some fun geometric shapes. 

Will you be trying out any of these uses for washi tape? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Author Jayne on November 10, 2019 at 5:36 pm

    Surely the tape can't be very secure if it is so easily peeled off or repositioned

    1. Author Joanne A on November 11, 2019 at 11:46 am

      Hi Jayne! It's not the most secure, but it works for the purposes that we have listed.


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