17 Ways To Use Up Leftover Egg Whites & Egg Yolks (That Are Terrifically Thrifty!)

17 Ways To Use Up Leftover Egg Whites & Egg Yolks (That Are Terrifically Thrifty!)

Many recipes use eggs, but not always in their entirety. Most of us keep our leftover egg whites/yolks in the fridge for several days, with the intention of using them, but rarely get round to doing so.

Does this sound like you?

We've already shared some unusual uses for eggs, and today we're sharing the best uses for egg whites and egg yolks to make sure you never let these valuable and versatile protein sources go to waste again.

Uses for egg whites

If you've got a dish full of egg whites to use up, check these brilliant ideas out. From desserts to snacks and even DIY beauty products, there's something for everyone in the list below!

1. Meringue

uses for egg whites meringue
Yum yum yum! ©Stux Pixabay

Who doesn't love a Pavlova in the Summer?

Although they look impressive, there's actually not a great deal to them making them a great option even for those new to baking. Meringue, cream and berries are all you need to make this crowd-pleasing dessert.

For the meringue, you'll need egg whites, and lots of them. Depending on how many you have, you could either make one large Pavlova, or smaller mini ones.

For an even easier option, skip the cream and berries and use your messy meringue in a delicious Eton Mess.

2. Bread glaze

There's homemade bread and then there's homemade bread. If you want to add a little something special to your bake, try applying a bread glaze. Not only will it give a gorgeous shiny sheen to your loaves, but it's a great way to use up leftover egg whites too.

Whisk 1 egg white with 1 tbsp water and brush over the loaf before baking.

3. Low-fat egg white omelette

Standard egg omelettes contain heaps of protein, but they can also be high in fat (thanks to the egg yolks).

If you happen to have some leftover egg whites leftover, why not opt for an egg white omelette? It will still be delicious and high in protein, but lower in fat and calories - ideal if you're trying to shed a few pounds.

4. Chocolate mousse using egg whites

chocolate mousse recipe
Delicious! ©Pixabay ElodiV

Moving on from healthy uses for egg whites to something slightly less so, is a chocolate mousse.

The incredibly light, airy texture of mousse comes from whipping egg whites. Head over to Delia's site for a classic chocolate mousse recipe.

Feeling guilty about indulging in chocolate? Don't be! Check out our blog post covering the many benefits of chocolate and you'll be able to eat easy!

5. Cocktail hour

Why not treat yourself to a something a little special after work this Friday?

Egg whites are so versatile - did you know they can be used in cocktails?

From Whiskey Sours to Ramos Gin Fizzes, egg whites enhance the texture of cocktails to make them smooth and light.

Want to try one for yourself? Head over the Absolut Drinks for some irresistible ideas - just be careful, they pack a punch!

6. Crunchy snacking nuts

There's a secret to making snacking nuts extra crunchy.

You guessed it - it's egg whites! Much like a bread glaze, egg whites will add a shiny coating to your nut mix. They will also help toppings, such as sugar or spices, stick.

Serious Eats has some simple but seriously tasty snacking nut recipes - go check them out to add some spice to your next movie night!

7. Make your own Macaroons

They're not as tricky as they look... ©WikiCommons

You don't have to go all the way to Paris to experience the delight of Macaroons - try making some at home instead!

They're a wonderful way to use up leftover egg whites and are sure to impress your guests. Why not go all out and invite your nearest and dearests round for an afternoon tea this weekend?

Uses for egg whites don't get fancier than this!

8. Egg white face mask

Sometimes, natural products are best. This is definitely true when it comes to beauty, and particularly, facemasks.

Egg whites contain protein, potassium, riboflavin and magnesium, all of which have bountiful benefits for healthy, glowing skin.

Head over to Bellatory to discover 3 fantastic DIY face masks, use up your leftover egg whites, and pamper yourself to boot!

9. How to make royal icing

Have you always wondered how bakers achieve such smooth icing on their cakes and bakes? They're probably using royal icing.

Royal icing differs to standard icing in that it contains egg whites, and hardens to a candy-like texture to give a flawless finish.

Learn all about royal icing, its benefits and how to use it in the video above.

Uses for egg yolks

uses for egg yolks
Time to transform your egg yolks! ©MaxPixel

If it's not egg whites, but egg yolks you have leftover, don't fret - we have plenty of super ideas, both sweet and savoury, for you to try in the list below.

10. Custard

Sticky Toffee Pudding, Apple Crumble, Treacle Tart - what would these desserts be without a generous helping of thick, creamy custard?

Custard is even more delicious when you make it yourself, plus, it's a great way to put all those leftover egg yolks to good use.

Head over to BBC Good Food for a classic and comforting custard recipe.

11. Mayonaise

Another thing everyone should make at least once in their lifetime using leftover egg yolks is mayonnaise - it's amazing how much richer the homemade version tastes.

It's incredibly easy to make and calls only for staple ingredients you probably already have in your cupboard.

12. Binding agent

BBQs can be expensive if you buy everything pre-made. A great way to save some money is making your own burgers.

It's easier than you might imagine - just don't forget the egg yolks as they're essential for binding the meat together.

A pavlova for dessert and you've used up all your leftover eggs!

13. Egg yolk smoothie

smoothie recipe
On a high protein diet? ©MaxPixel

If you're into your fitness, you'll know how important it is to have a protein-rich diet.

Smoothies don't have to be all fruit and veg - get some protein in there too to make them a more balanced meal. 

If you have some egg yolks leftover, whipping up a quick, nutritious smoothie is an ideal way to use them.

Head over to How Daily for a delicious breakfast smoothie and start using up those egg yolks today!

14. Egg yolk hair mask

Is your hair looking dull and dry? Give it some love with an egg yolk hair mask.

Egg yolks can decrease signs of damage and promote hair growth thanks to their many nutritional properties.

Mix an egg yolk with olive oil and lather onto hair. Pop a shower cap on, leave for half an hour and wash as normal for super silky, soft, sumptuous hair.

15. Whip up some Hollandaise

One of our favourite uses for egg yolks has to be Hollandaise because, well, who doesn't love Hollandaise?

Spooned over crunchy, seasonal asparagus or dripped on top of eggs, it's a truly sumptuous way to use up your leftover egg yolks and a real treat for the tastebuds!

16. Pastry

Have you ever dared to make your own pastry? There's no time like the present, especially if you have leftover egg yolks hanging around.

Whilst egg yolks aren't required in all pastry recipes, they're great for things like quiches. Not only do egg yolks help bind pastry dough, but they also add a richness and vibrant colouring to your baked goods.

For a fool-proof Shortcrust Pastry Recipe, head over to All Recipes.

17. Spaghetti Carbonara

spaghetti carbonara
Uses for egg yolks don't get much better than this! ©WikiCommons

Last but not least on our list of uses for egg yolks is the classic Spaghetti Carbonara.

Now, most people understandably presume that the key to the creamy Carbonara sauce is, well, cream. But in fact, it's egg yolk.

The lovely Jamie Oliver uses not one, not two, but three egg yolks in his Carbonara recipe for two, making it a convenient and satisfying way to use up all those leftover yellows.

With all those uses for leftover egg whites and yolks, there's no excuse to throw them away ever again! Which one are you most looking forward to trying?

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