Where Should You Spring Clean? 17 Hotspots To Focus On

Where Should You Spring Clean? 17 Hotspots To Focus On

It's finally arrived: Spring cleaning time!

If you've got no clue how to get started, don't fret as I'm here to help.

I've gathered 17 dirty hotspots to focus on along with tips on how to go about tackling them. Start now, and your house will be looking, smelling and feeling great in no time!

1. Get your dishwasher as clean as your dishes

Your dishwasher does such a good job of keeping your tableware clean. Why not pay it some thanks by treating it to a good clean of its own?

Although you may think your plates come out sparkling clean means the machine must be clean too, that's not the case. All that leftover food, grease and soap scum has to go somewhere, and often ends up in the machine's filter.

Cleaning the filter should definitely be on your Spring Clean list. To do this quickly and easily, remove it from the machine and soak it in warm, soapy water for about 10 minutes. Gently remove any food particles still clinging on with a cloth or with light toothbrush strokes.

2. Time for a fridge clear out

Are you a little guilty of letting spillages and stains inside your fridge build up?

While we may not have time to worry about such things day-to-day, your Spring clean is the perfect opportunity to tackle your fridge head on.

Take everything out of your fridge, throwing any out-of-date items into the bin. Remove any glass shelves, drawers and door compartments.

Wipe the fridge down with hot soapy water to remove grime and stains, then spritz with disinfectant and wipe again. Dry with paper towel. Wash the inside components of your fridge in the same way in your sink, before reassembling. Reorganise all your food, condiments and anything else inside, so that everything is nice and tidy.

Cleaning your fridge really doesn't take long. A big Spring clean will mean it's much easier to stay on top of in the future.

3. Clean your oven

I know you were dreading this one, but I'm afraid dirty oven is an unavoidable Spring cleaning task!

It's time to - finally - face up to the mess all your delicious dinners have caused.

At Expert Home Tips, we don't faff around with fancy cleaners. Using various store cupboard staples such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar, salt, Colleen's oven-cleaning guide shows you how to get your oven sparkling clean the natural way.

4. Spring clean your washing machine

cleaning washing machine
Your washing machine needs looking after too.

Just like dishwashers, washing machines are wonderful at carrying out their purpose - getting our clothes nice and clean. However, it too needs some help, and Spring is the perfect time to give it a good once over.

Giving your washing machine a complete deep clean doesn't take long at all - just 30 minutes. As white goods are such an investment, it's definitely worth putting in the time. Follow

Follow Collette's complete guide to cleaning your washing machine to keep it doing its job to the best of its ability.

5. Gleaming grout is a Spring cleaning job

When you first get your bathroom tiled, your grout will be spotless. Keeping it that way, however, is pretty difficult!

Your weekly clean should keep the majority of grout grime in check, but to remove any mould or discoloration, more attention will be needed.

Turn to your trusty friends - baking soda and vinegar - to get your grout looking great again. Sprinkle the powder over dirty grout, using your finger to make sure all grout is covered. Then spritz over vinegar, using a spray bottle. Sit back, and let it work its magic for a couple of minutes. Give the grout a little scrub using a toothbrush, then wipe away with a cloth. Follow with a quick mop, then stand back and be amazed by your gleaming grout!

6. Get your wardrobe ready for Spring

Spring clean? While you're in the mindset of decluttering and cleaning, why not work on your wardrobe too?

Spring marks the start of new season, and with it come endless style opportunities. It's a great time to consider what you already have, and what you need moving forward.

Phase 1: declutter - anything you no longer wear, time to donate.

Phase 2: reorganise - tidy the garments you're left with in a logical way. This could be by style, or even colour - whatever you prefer.

Phase 3: time to go shopping! Check out my Spring style essentials to see what your wardrobe is missing for the new season.

7. Dust off your mattress

The key to a good night's sleep is a good mattress. Make sure yours lasts the test of time by giving it a good spruce up this Spring.

Follow expert Anushka's, smart guide to cleaning your mattress to ensure a thorough job. From serious stain removal & deodorising to general tips, she's got all the advice you need to get your mattress clean.

8. Spring clean your books

dusting books
Books need dusting too.

Don't think your books need to be dusted? Think again!

Over time, your books will gather dust just like any other ornaments you have lying around the home. Although there's no real need to dust them weekly, Spring is a great time to give them a quick once over.

When dusting, don't forget to always vacuum afterwards to pick up any fallout. 

9. Fluff up your rugs

Are you guilty of cleaning around your rugs? Tut-tut! Even more reason to give them some extra attention during your Spring clean.

For a thorough clean, you should hoover both the underside and the topside of your rugs. If you have any stubborn stains, you can use a homemade solution of warm water, a dash of white vinegar and a drop of laundry detergent to treat them. For a final flourish, fluff out the fibres and tassles with your hands.

10. Get patio furniture ready for the seasons ahead

Spring is here which means, Summer is on its way - Hurrah!

Better start getting ready for that BBQ weather - you never know when the sun might shine. Start by cleaning up your patio furniture.

Patio furniture that has developed a layer of sludgy grime is easily remedied. Add a squirt of Fairy Liquid to a bowl of hot water, and wipe the furniture down. Shower off suds with the hose afterwards, and it'll come up gleaming.

11. Wash down walls

You might not notice wall stains day-to-day. Look a little closer, however, and you'll be shocked at what you find.

Stuck on food; pen marks; even the odd splash of wine can end up on our walls. During your spring clean, focus on looking at your walls a little closer and tackling these marks head on.

Food can often be removed fairly easily with soapy water. For tougher stains, including crayon, pencil, marker and furniture marks, try a paste made from baking soda and water.

12. Wax wooden furniture

The layer of wax covering wooden furniture isn't just there to make it shine. More importantly, a wax layer between the wood and the environment provides furniture with protection. This helps prevent the wood being damaged with scratches and stains.

For a comprehensive, professional guide to waxing furniture at home, head over to The Furniture Connoisseur's site.

13. Wash your windows & let the light flood in

cleaning windows
Wipe the dirt away and let the light flood in

If you manage to stay on top of your windows all year round, good job! For most of us, however, our windows present a pretty daunting task we like to avoid.

One of the main areas you should concentrate on during your Spring clean is your windows. You can easily get the glass shining using equal parts hot water and white vinegar. For the outside you may opt for something more suddy to remove dirt and rain marks, such as hot qater with a squirt of washing up liquid.

Get your windows cleaned properly, and the Spring light will be able to flood in, brightening up your home.

14. Clean your curtains

Time to pull down those dusty curtains, and let Spring into your home.

The material of your curtains will dictate the best method of washing them. Some curtains are actually machine washable, making this an easy, peasy task. This is normally the case for lightweight fabrics -check the label if you're unsure. Just bash them into the machine on a delicate cycle with some normal laundry detergent.

The most convenient method of cleaning curtains, is to steam clean them. This is especially true for heavy curtains, which take a long time to dry and are a hassle to take down. Using a good quality steam cleaner with an upholstery attatchment, start from the top and work your way down.

15. Dust those light fixtures hanging up high

High surfaces are another area that often get neglected during our weekly cleans.

Now it's time for the big Spring clean, readjust your eyes so you focus on things higher up, such as light fixtures. You'll be surprised at home much dust you find gathered there. Polish and buff it away to get your rooms looking lighter and brighter than you ever thought possible.

16. Defrosting your freezer couldn't be easier

Now you've got the fridge sorted, it's time to tackle your freezer. The thick layer of ice that builds up inside over time not only reduces space, but efficiency too.

Defrosting your freezer may seem like a monumental task, especially if you're a big frozen food fan, but it's actually a pretty simple process.

wikiHow has a really great guide that talks you through the entire process. Time to turn off your freezer and get started.

17. Get carpets looking great again

hoovering carpet shark vaccum
Look how clean that carpet looks.

Vacuuming is one thing, but there's nothing like a deep, professional carpet clean. If you want to keep your carpets looking better for longer, they need to be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Professional steam cleaning is the only, truly effective method for lifting out dust from deep within your carpet. Spring is a great time to call in the professionals. After all, crisp, clean, fluffy carpets will add the final flourish to any immaculate, post Spring clean house.

If you've got carpet dents, you may also want to look at paying them some attention. You can fix them simply and easily using ice cubes. Check out Colleen's how-to to learn how.

Phew! Don't you feel better after a good, thorough Spring clean? Let me know the area you take the most time over in the comments below.

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  1. Author Amanda on May 18, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    I admit I don't keep up with my windows as much as I should have. Guilty as charged. The glass cleaner and my microfiber towel are going to have to get reacquainted sometime in the near future.

    1. Author Stephanie C on May 19, 2017 at 9:25 am

      Hi Amanda. It's something a lot of us are guilty of - don't feel bad! Just try not to leave them too long - you'll regret it if you do! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Author Richard George Avery on March 1, 2019 at 10:31 am

    My wife is amazing one a week and she cleans the house from top to bottom to make our house spotless she also works three days a week anotherthing she does is look after me as I have alzimers,she is truly amazing her name is Jackie and I will always love her .

    1. Author Joanne A on March 1, 2019 at 11:28 am

      That's so lovely to hear, Richard! I'm sure Jackie is very lucky to have you too.

  3. Author jo riches on March 20, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    For cleaning patio furniture, a dishwasher tablet 'melted' in a mug of hot water makes a 2 minute job! Just sponge over then rinse with lots of water!

    1. Author Joanne A on March 20, 2019 at 5:18 pm

      That's a fantastic idea, Jo!

  4. Author sandra on March 20, 2019 at 4:33 pm

    Hi Phase Two of sorting out your clothes should read " what you are left with" or in short form. "what you're left with".

    1. Author Joanne A on March 20, 2019 at 5:20 pm

      Hi Sandra! Thanks for pointing that out. I've now updated the article.


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