11 Easy Ways To Stay Warm (No Matter How Cold It Gets Outside!)

11 Easy Ways To Stay Warm (No Matter How Cold It Gets Outside)

Summer may seem like only minutes ago, but those cotton midi dresses, linen shorts and sandals won't do the job now it's passed.

Being cold can really put a dampener on things, especially if you're out and about or with the little ones. Often, Winter weather comes all at once, so it's best to get prepared sooner rather than later. 

Come rain or shine, say goodbye to shivers and hello to fun. Today we're showing you how to keep warm outside whatever the weather, with some great little cold-weather tips. 

1. Prewarm your clothes

how to stay warm outside
Don't get dressed in the morning without this trick!

Jumping out of bed into the cold bedroom air during Winter can be pretty painful. Make getting dressed a welcome relief - not a punishment - by prewarming your clothes before you put them on.

The best way to do this is to either keep them in a cupboard with the boiler or close to a radiator.

When you pull them on, it'll feel just like you're getting back into bed again - well, almost. 

2. Invest in some quality thermals

Thermals aren't just for skiing. A thermal top and pair of pants are a must in everyone's wardrobe. They're great for layering under Winter outfits and will keep you surprisingly warm.

Make sure you invest in some good quality items that fit snugly to reap the full effects - they'll last you for years.

3. Fleece leggings

If you don't like the sound of thermals, fleece-lined leggings are the next best things. They're also the ultimate Winter tights, so if you really must wear skirts during Winter, a pair should be your go-to cold-leg solution.

4. Hand warmers

homemade hand warmers
Pretty and practical!

Hand warmers might be a bit old school, but they're surprisingly good at giving you an added bit of comfort and warmth on those Wintery nights and days out - they're particularly useful for Christmas events when you know you're going to be stood still out in the cold for a while.

Whilst you can pick hand warmers up pretty cheaply online, it's also pretty easy to make your own. Head over to Little House Living to find out how to make your own (all you need are some fabric scraps and rice).

5. Cover every inch of skin

Whilst layers in Winter are definitely useful, most people find that having as much as their body surface covered in at least one layer more beneficial.

Every millimetre of skin left open to the elements will lead to heat loss, which in cold weather, happens extremely quickly.

Neck warmers, hats and gloves are all essential when out and about in the cold - you should aim to cover as much of your skin as humanly possible!

6. Thermal flask

travel thermal coffee mug
They keep more than just your tummy warm. 

 Coffee, tea, hot chocolate - whatever your favourite hot tipple, it'll be your saviour in more ways than one when the temperature starts to drop.

Not only will the drink inside your flask warm the inside of your body, but the case will help keep you warm on the outside too. You can hold it in your hands like a hand warmer or pop it inside your jacket like a hot water bottle - just make sure the top is on securely first.

Pick up a thermal drink flask today and reap the benefits this Winter!

7. Keep hydrated

Just because it's not sweltering outside and you don't feel parched, it doesn't mean you shouldn't keep well hydrated.

In fact, in Winter it's really important to keep your water levels high. Water is good at retaining heat, so keeping your body pumped with it is an easy way to keep you warm when you head outside.

8. Keep your head covered

Berets may be fashionable, but they won't keep you as warm as a proper hat. The blood vessels in our head are much closer to the skin's surface than those in other parts of our body, which makes heat loss more likely.

Keeping as much of your head's surface covered as possible will do a great deal to keep you feeling snug and cosy on those cold outdoor days.

9. Eat fatty foods

eggs yoghurt lard
Perhaps there's a reason we eat richer foods in Winter...

Now here's a bonus to cold weather we can't argue with - you can eat fattier food!

Fatty foods raise the pH of the blood in our bodies (which is generally lower in cold weather). This is said to help us keep warmer for longer. Bring on the pork belly and mash!

10. Keep moving

This one may seem obvious, but one of the quickest ways to warm up and also stay warm is to keep moving. Whether it's increasing your pace or simply stepping from one foot to the other when stationary, small movements will burn energy and help to heat up your body.

11. DIY wool insoles

Going somewhere really cold?

Because our shoes come in direct contact with a cold surface - the ground - our feet can easily become cold, and once our feet become cold, it's hard to get them warm again.

Our trick? DIY wool insoles! Making them is easy - all you have to do is cut out two pieces of wool to line the bottom of your shoes. It'll be like wearing slippers wherever you go, and your feet will stay incredibly warm.

12. Cycling hat

Cycling hats aren't just useful for cyclists. Almost like a swimming cap, cyclist wear thin, tight hats under their helmets to keep their ears and heads warm whilst whizzing through Winter winds.

If it's exceptionally cold, popping one on under your usual woolly hat could be a good idea.

13. Tactical scarf-wearing

girl wearing red scarf
That'll keep more than just your neck warm!

If you're just using your scarf to keep your neck warm, you're doing it wrong.

Scarves are amazingly versatile things! They can be used as extra layers under coats (sort of like a cape), a blanket to pop over cold knees, and even as a sort of heater. If you wrap your scarf up over your nose, your breath will provide some heat during cold days to keep your face warm - genius!

Now you'll never have to be cold when you step outside again! Do you have any tips to add? Share them with us in the comments below.

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