7 Ways To Make Your Beautiful Bouquet Last Longer

7 Ways To Make Your Beautiful Bouquet Last Longer

If only there was a secret way to make flowers last longer.

There's nothing more devastating than buying or receiving a beautiful bunch of flowers, only to see them wilt a few days later.

Many of us have developed our own technique when it comes to arranging flowers at home, but how many of us really know what we're doing?

Today we're going to share our top tips for making your beautiful flowers last as long as possible.

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How to make flowers last longer

fresh market flowers
How gorgeous are those!

1.How to cut flower stems

Should you flower stems?

Absolutely. It's important to cut the stems of your flowers, even if they've been bought fresh from a Florist.

Just as with a human wound, cut plants also try to 'heal' themselves. This means cut stems don't stay cut for long, and when they begin to seal over, their capacity to absorb water and nutrients is reduced.

What's the right way to cut flower stems?

Correct cutting of stems is said to extend flowers lifespans by up to 32 percent, so is definitely worth getting right

We recommend cutting stems underwater, as this helps to prevent air bubbles which allows the flowers to absorb more moisture.

For best results:

Cut the stems 1-2 inches from the end of the stem at a sharp angle using sharp scissors or shears.

2. Make flowers last longer by cutting them regularly

As your flowers continue to live in your vase, the stems will repeatedly 'heal' over.

Repeating the cutting process every three days will help to counteract this and allow your flowers to continue to absorb nutrients and moisture.

3. How to prune flowers

How to make flowers last longer
What wonderful colours.

Removing leaves from stems not only makes them look tidier but will also help your flowers last longer.

Leaves below the water line will encourage bacterial growth, thus diminishing the health of your flowers, so it's important to remove them during the pruning process.

Once you've arranged your flowers, continue to check on them regularly. Remove any dead leaves or petals to make your flowers last as long as possible.

Now, the important part:

4. Where should I display my flowers to make them last longer?

The quality of your flower's environment will have a direct effect on their lifespan.

Direct sunlight can cause flowers to bloom too quickly, whilst artificial heating dehydrates them. Additionally, changes in temperature such as intermittent cold air from an opened window will also have adverse effects.

Flowers fare best in natural, consistent environments. If possible, place your bouquet somewhere with natural light and heat.

5. How much should I water my flowers?

If you want your flowers to last for as long as possible, they'll need a ready supply of water.

Water at room temperature is best, as it's taken up more easily by the flowers.

TOP TIP: If you can't get your flowers into a vase right away, wrap a dampened paper towel around the end of the stems, and seal with cling film to keep them from drying out.

6. How often should I change flower water

how to make a bouquet last longer
Such a beautiful bouquet.

Bacteria develop quickly in stagnant water.

To give your flowers the best chance at life, change the water frequently (every-other-day is what's recommended).

Want to go a step further?

7. Consider giving your plants superfood

Is water alone the best option when it comes to making flowers last longer?

We've all seen the little sachets that come with supermarket flowers, but did you know there are many household remedies you can try at home too?

We've rounded up a selection of the most common (and stated their effectiveness) below:

1. Sugar water

Flowers don't seem to like the sweet stuff.

Does sugar water help plants grow? While many people do add sweet stuff to their plant water, it not advised by professionals.

Rather than encouraging healthy flowers, a sugary solution may, in fact, cause stems to wilt.

2. Could bleach make your flowers last longer?

Strong bleach may seem like a strange choice to mix with a delicate bouquet, but there is the reasoning behind this process.

Bleach kills bacteria, which helps to keep plant water sterile.

Whether it's actually any good for the plants themselves is yet to be seen.

3. Does soda make flowers last longer?

A slight variation to placing your bouquet of flowers in a sugar solution is using lemonade.

Although it works on the same principle of the flowers feeding off the sugar, it strangely delivers much better results.

4. You could try adding Vodka

Put vodka in flower water to make them last longer
Does this surprise you?

Ever had a shot of vodka? If so you'll know how potent it can be.

Vodka is so potent in fact, that it will limit the amount of ethylene gas flowers are able to release, slowing down the maturing process.

Add a few drops to your vase of flowers and see how you get on.

5. Could aspirin prevent your flowers from wilting?

Another strange technique for making flowers last longer is adding a crushed aspirin to the vase of water.

The thinking process behind this is based on pH levels, which can improve the way water is uptaken by the plant.

6. Is putting your flowers in the fridge the answer?

Most fresh produce fares better in the fridge, but did you know flowers also enjoy the cool environment?

Storing your flowers in the fridge every evening may be a pain, but the low temperatures will help keep them looking fresher for longer by slowing down the ageing process.

7. What effect do copper coins have on flowers?

copper coins
Could pennies be the key to making flowers last longer?

Adding coins to your plant water is also meant to have beneficial effects upon it.

Copper's acidic properties fight bacteria to keep your flowers free to flourish healthily.

TOP TIP: When your flowers do reach their inevitable end, why not repurpose them

Now seems like the perfect time to treat yourself to a bouquet. Do you have any tips of your own for making flowers last longer?

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