10 uses for an old bouquet of flowers


If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a bouquet of flowers then you might wonder what you can do preserve them. We’ve put together our top 10 uses for an old bouquet of flowers. Hope you enjoy them!

1. Drying
Using string, hang your bouquet of flowers upside down in a cool, dark space. I suggest using an empty cupboard. Spray your bouquet with a coat of hairspray and repeat this again after three days. After they are completely dry, display your bouquet in a vase, they’ll make a great long-lasting addition to any room.

2. Pressing
If you have flowers that are already quite flat (e.g. daisies, pansies, violets), it’s a great idea to press them.While they’re still in bloom, snip your chosen flowers leaving half an inch of stem. Grab the biggest book in your house and open to the middle.  Place your flowers in between two sheets of extra-thick paper towel, and then between two bits of cardboard and place into your book. Weigh the book down with other books and leave for 7 – 10 days.

3. Pot-pourri
If you were given fragrant flowers then pot-pourri is a fantastic use for your old bouquet. Check out this beautiful Pot-pourri recipe from PopSugar.com.

4. Frame them
Why not keep your pressed flowers in a picture frame? A lovely idea for dried flowers is to display them in deep shadow box using a glue gun. Consider adding lace or material to the background to jazz up your display. Time to get those creative juices flowing…

5. Greetings Card
Go that extra mile and make home-made cards using your pressed flowers and leaves. Using dots of glue on a toothpick, attach your flowers to card. Protect your final design using self-adhesive contact paper.

6. Bath Bombs
Did you know that you can make your own Bath Bombs using old flowers? See WikiHow’s fantastic Herb or Flower Bath Bomb recipe and start making your own. Move over Lush, there’s a new Bath Bomb creator in town!

7. Candles
Check out this DIY: Pressed Herb Candles for details on how to make your own. Making candles using your pressed flowers would make a fabulous gift – or just keep it for yourself!

8. Wrapping decoration
Use dried flowers as an extra feature when you wrap a gift. Try out brown paper with raffia and then add a dried flower behind the bow. Beautiful.

9. Rose Beads
Who knew you could make a scented necklace out of roses? I’ve found a great Rose Petal Beads recipe from Daisy.

10. iPhone Case
Preserve part of that lovely bouquet from that special someone in an iPhone case. Clare McGibbon shows you how to make your own flower iPhone case – I can’t wait to make my own!

Thanks for reading! If you’ve got any tips on what to do with an old bouquet, let us know in the comments below.


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  1. 3 Baytrees Reply

    Use dry pressed flowers to put on furniture then use quick dry varnish to seal it.
    Also use some dry flowers on your internal doors then quick dry varnish.
    Stick them onto the risers of the stairs to wow your guests when they check into their room.
    Stick them to the ceiling so that you can lie awake on your bed and enjoy looking up at them.

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