21 uses for a hair dryer that will blow your mind


Your trusty hair dryer does a great job with your hair, but did you know it can do other things too? I’ve got 21 uses for it that will blow (get it?) your mind.

Do you use your blow dryer for anything other than drying your hair? Let us know in the comments section below.

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1. Unstick a photograph

Has it unstuck?

Want to remove a photograph that just won’t budge? Pick up your hair dryer and blow slightly warm air onto the back of the page. Slowly peel off your photograph. Great news, now your photograph is no longer stuck.

2. Dust hard-to-reach places with your hair dryer

If you’re short or those shelves are placed way too high, go fetch your hair dryer. Tricky shelves and corners don’t have to be a dusting nightmare, grab your hair dryer and blow all the dust away. Be sure to do this before you vacuum or the dust will go onto the floor.

3. Unwrinkle plastic tablecloths

You’ve got a party planned and unrolled your plastic table cloth to find loads of wrinkles! Don’t panic, blast away those annoying wrinkles by holding your hair dryer at least 12 inches away from your plastic tablecloth. Now you’re ready for that party!

4. Dry your toothbrush

Before you set off on a lovely holiday, use your hair dryer to dry out your toothbrush. Now it won’t be wet for your trip! For more holiday hacks, read 10 brilliant packing tips for your suitcase and check out Collette’s 22 weird and wonderful uses for your old toothbrush if you want to see what else you can do with your brush.

5. Clean artificial & real plants

Gently blow the dust away

Use a gentle cool setting to help blow away dust and debris from your real and fake plants. This is an easy way to get rid of any dust, or cobwebs that may have built up. Vaccuum after.

6. Remove label stickers

If you’ve just purchased a new pan or picked up a present for someone and the label sticker won’t shift, then there’s something you can do to help it unstick. Use your hair dryer to blow hot air on it and the label adhesive should unstick.

7. Dry a pair of tights

It’s that time of year again when you say goodbye to bare legs and hello to tights. If you were surprised by the cold weather and don’t have any clean tights to hand, wash them quickly and then dry them with your hair dryer. Extra bonus – they’ll be nice and toasty when you put them on.

8. De-mist the bathroom mirror

It’s the morning and you’re in a big rush. You’ve had your shower and now need to check your hair, but oh no – the mirror is completely steamed up! Try not to panic, aim your hair dryer on the mirror and you’ll be able to see your reflection again.

9. Heat up candle wax

Unstick candle wax with a hair dryer
Three candles, in a row

Did you get a little carried away with lighting candles? If you’ve gone a little candle-crazy and spilled wax onto wooden furniture, use your hair dryer on a medium heat to heat it back up again. Once it has is you’ll be able to easily peel the wax off.

10. Enjoy glossy cake icing

Everyone loves a bit of cake, especially if it’s got icing on top. With a low setting, aim your hair dryer at your cake’s icing. Use a cake spreader to smooth out your icing. You can achieve a glossy-looking finish that will wow everybody!

11. Help plaster pain

That plaster you’ve been putting off for ages – worry no longer. Use your trusty hairdryer to blow some warm air on it. The adhesive will be loosened so you can pull your plaster off with ease.

12. Get rid of crayon marks

If your little darlings have marked the wall with their crayons, grit your teeth and pull out the hair dryer. Heat up the marks until they’re soft and then scrub away with some hot soapy water.

13. Stretch new leather shoes

Loosen leather shoes with a hair dryer
Make some room!

You’ve just purchased some beautiful new shoes, but, alas – they hurt your poor heels. Whack on a pair of thick socks and blow the hair dryer into the heel area of the shoes. Put them on and walk around until the heat has stretched out the leather.

14. Wet trainers

It’s raining, it’s pouring and annoyingly you’ve stepped in a puddle and absolutely saturated your poor trainers. Whip a hair dryer out and us it to blast the insides. You don’t want to take your chances with wet shoes – they might start to stink!

15. Blow dry your pet

After a nice bath, and a towel rub until they are semi-dry, grab your hair dryer and on a low setting, dry your pet. Be sure to keep it a good distance away from your pooch.

16. Heat ice cream

Is the ice cream too frozen? Take your hairdryer and gently use it to slightly warm up the ice cream so you can stick your scoop in. Easy!

17. Dry your nail polish

Nail polishes in a box
What colour today?

We’ve all been there. You’ve promised to be on time, but your nails are still sopping wet. What do you do? Gingerly pick up your hair dryer and use it to dry your nail polish.

18. Dust the keyboard

Your keyboard might be full of lots of dust, as well as crumbs from sandwiches and other delights. Clean it out with a gentle cool blow of your hairdryer.

19. De-wrinkle your clothes

Heading out but spotted some wrinkles on your top? Dampen the area with a water spray bottle and then get our your hairdryer. Visit Collette’s 10 ways to de-wrinkle your clothes for other great tips.

20. Dry the salt & pepper grinders

Sometimes you just have to wash out your salt and pepper grinders. Make sure they’re thoroughly dry before putting more salt and pepper in, by blowing a hair dryer into the grinders.

21. Warm socks

Socks and a hair dryer
Toasty warm!

This is a little bit of a treat, so only do this on the days when you really are feeling the cold! On a cold winter’s day, blast the inside of your socks with your hair dryer. You can benefit from the heat before you head out in the cold.

What a lot of uses! I hope you enjoyed reading about them…


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  1. 1 Jane Reply

    I like to dry my personal bits with a hairdryer and also if u have a scar, dry with a hairdryer till it heals. Good for drying feet properly too.

  2. 9 Janet Pughe Reply

    I use my hairdryer when defrosting the freezer to remove stubborn ice. initially I put a bowl of boiling water in to loosen). Really speeds up a horrible job.

  3. 12 Donatello46 Reply

    I use a hair dryer to defrost my upright freezer!
    Starting with an empty freezer, switched off (obviously), set the dryer to a high heat and high airflow setting, work from top to bottom, front to back, drying the shelves as you go and keep the dryer OUTSIDE the freezer cavity until the shelves are no longer dripping – you don’t want water dripping on an electric hair dryer!
    The ice will loosen and fall off in slabs so you’ll need a bowl to catch the ice.
    It cuts down the defrosting time considerably and is, in my opinion, far better than chemical sprays BUT you must be careful not to allow water to drip onto the dryer, water and electricity don’t play nicely together.

  4. 18 Reginald Shaxted Reply

    I use the hair dryer to dry my skin on my legs as i have very thin skin and even just dabbing a towel on them can pull the skin off.

  5. 22 Debbie Reply

    I fear I’m not original, I fear I’m too banal,
    in truth I haven’t tried any of these at all!
    I know I really ought to, I ought to stretch my wings,
    I ought to use my hair dryer for all these useful things.
    It sits there and looks at me, in pity and contempt,
    as if to say, come on, just try, just make an attempt,
    my life is getting boring, my life is getting dull,
    other dryers live a life that’s rich and good and full,
    and when I look at mine – it just doesn’t compare –
    the only thing you use me for is – well to dry your hair!!!!!

  6. 24 Joyce Reply

    I use my hair dryer on cold mornings to warm my clothes before I get dressed and at the end of the day to warm my PJs too also I lay the hair dryer nozzle under my quilt with the back end poking out to warm my sheets and duvet up oooh it lovely jumping into a warm bed on a cold night

    1. 29 Stephanie C Reply

      This is a very good tip, Angela, especially if you’re sleeping with it on & don’t want stained sheets! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. 30 PJL Reply

    When you have any wound that needs stitches they tend to weep if they are not dried properly after washing/bathing. This then can lead to infection.
    If you dry the area with a hair dryer on a warm but not hot setting you will find the stitches dry out and the wound heals without any infection.
    Ladies this also applies to stitches from having babies, it really works and you are not as uncomfortable as it can be.

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