10 brilliant packing tips for your holiday suitcase

Learn how to be a smart suitcase packer with my top tips. Get the most out of your luggage before you go on holiday, so you’ll have lots of room for those all-important holiday purchases on your way back!

Hope you enjoy them and don’t forget, if you’ve got any tips you’d like to share then I’d love to read them in the comments below.

1. Shoes & Belts

Keep it neat!
Keep it neat!

Use your shoes and belts wisely when you pack! Don’t waste all that space in your shoes – put items like chargers and wallets inside them. Going to a smart event like a party or wedding? Use your belt to keep that shirt collar stiff.

2. Wear Heavy Clothes


Don’t waste luggage space with bulky clothes. Wear your heaviest outfit to and from your holiday destination – bulky shoes, coats and even hats. Who cares if you look stupid? You’ll be able to fit more holiday tat in your suitcase on the way back home!

3. Pack Plastic Bags

Pack your plastic!
Pack your plastic!

Plastic bags are useful for many things:
– separating dirty clothes from clean clothes
– keeping shoes away from your clothes
– packing any souvenirs
– protecting any liquids

Pack a few plastic bags for your trip and you’ll find they come in handy – plus, they don’t take up much room do they?

4. Roll Clothes Instead Of Folding Them

Roll 'em up!
Roll ’em up!
I’ve been doing this for years, it’s a great tip.

Roll up your clothes in your suitcase, they take up less space AND they wrinkle less!

5. Ziplock Bags

Zip it up.
Zip it up.

Protect your luggage AND prevent any future accidents by using ziplock bags to carry any items that might leak. You can also use them for toothbrushes and toothpastes.

6. Fold Your Suit Jacket Correctly


Did you know if you fold your suit jacket inside out you can minimise wrinkles while you’re travelling? For instructions of how to do this perfectly, check out the article How to pack a suit in a suitcase from BlackLapel.com.

7. Bulldog Clips & Your Razor

Keep safe.
Keep safe.

Travelling with an uncovered razor can be very dangerous, especially if you’re hunting around for items in your suitcase without looking. Use a bulldog clip as a protective cover for your razor (and your fingers!). This will prevent it from scraping against other items in your suitcase too.

8. Protect Glass With Socks

My precious...
My precious…

Use a trusty ziplock bag and a sock to help keep glass fragrance bottles protected. Roll your bottle up into a ball and pack them somewhere in the middle of your suitcase so it doesn’t get knocked from the outside.

9. Decorate

How fancy!
How fancy!

Trying to find your black suitcase among all the other black suitcases at baggage reclaim? Time to personalise that luggage. Tie a bright ribbon around your suitcase, or go one step further and grab some fabric paint. If you’ve got a hard suitcase invest in some eye-catching stickers. This way you’ll save time and get to start your holiday as quickly as possible!

10. Miniaturise

So cute!
So cute!

Pretend you’re holidaying to Lilliput and keep an eye out for freebies or splash out on miniature bottles for storing any make-up, moisturiser, shampoo and shower gel. If you want to spend a little, why not splash out on a miniature comb, brush, toothbrush and hair-dryer? Not only will they be super-cute to look at, but you can use the items again and again.

 Happy holidays! If you’ve got any suggestions for Genius Holiday Hacks, we’d love to hear them, so get commenting below…


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  1. 1 Emma Reply

    I swear by roll up space saver bags when packing to go on a trip. I use them for dirty washing, which keeps the dirty or damp clothes separate from the other items, as well as saving so much space in the case. The roll up version also means I don’t need a vacuum to remove the air.

  2. 7 John Collard Reply

    Pack a card inside your case giving your holiday hotel (on the way out) or your home address (on the way home) or perhaps your mobile phone number.
    If your case gets lost, and is opened by the airline, then it stands some chance of getting back to you.

  3. 9 carol Reply

    use resealable food bags to keep all your clothes neatly folded and safe from spills etc. Shirts etc will fit easily into the normal sized bags and underwear and socks into the small ones.

  4. 11 Jo Reply

    Some of my own tips from holidaying abroad and being limited for space when packing:
    Shampoo easily doubles as shower gel.
    Conditioner is fab on legs and underarms for shaving instead of separate shaving gel/mousse.
    Instead of lots of different skin cleansers, make up removers, soaps, moisturisers etc, a small bottle of baby lotion (I use supermarket own brand making it even cheaper) does it all…can even be used as aftersun. Plus…its pretty much unisex so both the males and females of the holiday can use same product. To cleanse, gently massage all over face with cotton pad (or, as I do, a bit of hotel toilet roll provided free, folded up!) then either rinse off or wipe off with bit more toilet roll/cotton pad/flannel. Skin is left clean and soft. Even mascara comes off easily…squeeze blob onto cotton wool pad or scrunched up toilet roll, gently massage into eyelash area and mascara will come off. And because it’s baby lotion, won’t sting eyes. a wee squeeze of baby lotion onto hands while in shower and rubbed in acts as an ‘in shower’ moisturiser after-sun type product. Also add wee bit of baby lotion to your hair conditioner ‘shaving gel’ to soften hair even more before shaving and to make skin even more soft after shaving;
    Unless you have a real dental health issue, then leave the mouthwash at home; it just takes up room in suitcase. Toothpaste is fine on its own.
    If you can, take a roll on deodorant as bottle much smaller.
    And, even better, if you are going to a holiday location which is pretty popular and tourist friendly, leave the toiletries at home! Take your toothbrush and sun cream, and even just what you have left at bottom of the tube of toothpaste at home rolled up so you can at least brush your teeth when you arrive, and nip to the local supermarket when you get there! Pretty much every supermarket has their ‘own’ brands the world over, and it’s not hard to spot the toiletries section. Just pick up what you need. You will actually find you are less tempted to spend money on products you don’t actually need. Whereas here, our supermarkets, pharmacy stores etc, are all screaming out their ‘holiday deals’ advertising fancy expensive products for those summer months when everyone is buying for their travels and are tempted or panic stricken into overbuying…’just in case’!

    1. 13 Anushka F Reply

      Great advice Jo. Thanks every so much for sharing! I’m also a big fan of baby lotion – it does everything you need. I also use conditioner as a shaving gel it leaves skin really soft.

  5. 16 Chloe Thomas Reply

    Take a couple of bulldog clips with you, they’r great for attaching your beach towel to the back of your sun loungers no more straining your neck when they slip down, or fly up when theres a breeze.You cant take water through security which means paying airport/airplane prices, which is an absolute must have for your transfer to hotel.But you can take empty bottles through or your britta cups, most airports have drinking fountains,or if theres only warm water in restroom ask at the bar for tap water ( if your a bit embarrased say you have to take meds ) go the extra cheeky mile & get ice too.

    1. 17 Colleen B Reply

      Wow, lots of great tips Chloe – thanks so much. 🙂 What a great way to avoid paying for lots of bottles of water!

  6. 18 Karen Tustin Reply

    Always a good idea to put a note in your luggage with an address on it, but I always use a relative’s address (with their permission) who I know will be at home while I’m away in order to avoid returning home to possible burglary scenarios.

  7. 20 Isla Fox Reply

    Great tips on how to pack stuff when traveling! I’ve never thought about the space wasted in your shoes. My colleagues will definitely like it! Thanks for sharing here, Rubbish Clearance Hammersmith Ltd.

  8. 22 Lisa Reply

    I have always ‘packed in plastic’ meaning that a sheet of plastic lines my case and covers everything once i’ve completed packing. Thankfully it once paid off with dividends a few years ago in Romania when all cases were caught in a downfall whilst unloading the plane. My friend and I were the only 2 on the tour bus with dry clothes! I know these days cases are better quality, but for the sake of a piece of plastic-I take no chances.

  9. 23 Rhona Grant Reply

    I always take a photograph of my luggage before I leave home in case it goes missing.
    Easier showing a picture than trying to describe it.

  10. 25 LESLEY SLATER Reply


  11. 27 Leigh Witney Reply

    If two or more are going away together split the packing into each others suitcases. If one case is lost or delayed you will at least have some clothes etc.

  12. 29 Adam Reply

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