15 quick and easy last minute DIY Christmas gifts

15 quick and easy last minute DIY Christmas gifts

With less than two weeks to go, the pressure is well and truly on to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

Instead of spending an absolute fortune, why not make them a cute DIY Christmas gift instead? It won't break the bank and they are super quick to make.

Try one of these fun and unique gift ideas to show them you really care this Christmas.

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1. DIY Christmas gifts - creative Christmas tea trees

DIY Christmas Gifts tea present
Aww so cute and useful! Photo by Stunning Collection

Do you know someone who loves tea? This cute tea tree is the perfect crafty and budget gift. Make your own Christmas tea tree.

2. DIY Christmas gifts - mason jars

DIY Christmas Gifts Mason Jars
Looks fab! Photo by DIY Joy

From a movie geek to a beauty goddess, you can make personalised mason jar gifts for everyone you know this Christmas, cheap and cheerful!

3. DIY Christmas gifts - bath bombs

DIY Christmas Gifts Bath Bombs
Ooh so pretty! Photo by Inspired by Charm

These bath bombs are fabulous! Wrap yours up all nice and give them to someone you love. Make your own DIY Christmas bath bombs.

4. Homemade lip balm

DIY Christmas Gifts DIY Lip Balm
Mmm peppermint, my fave! Photo by The Seasoned Mom 

Everyone's lips could use a pick me up in Winter, so why not make someone a homemade lip balm for Christmas? Find out how to make your own peppermint lip balm.

5. Harry Potter Christmas ornaments

DIY Christmas Gifts Harry Potter Potion Ornaments
Perfect for any Harry Potter Fan! Photo by Lemon Lime Adventures

Do you know someone who's a huge fan of Harry Potter? Make them these Harry Potter-themed ornaments to get them in the festive mood.

6. DIY Christmas gifts - reindeer cones

DIY Christmas Gifts Reindeer Cones
What an adorable sweet treat. Photo by Savvy Saving Couple

Nothing says Christmas like reindeer and hot chocolate! Your friends and family will lap these DIY reindeer cones right up this year.

7. Superhero money jar

DIY Christmas Gifts Superhero Money Jar
What a great way to encourage your little ones to save their pennies! Photo by Fireflies and Mudpies

Who wouldn't want a superhero money jar for Christmas? Find out how to make your own superhero money jar. 

8. Lip balm lockets

DIY Christmas Gifts Lip Balm Locket
Such a pretty gift, I want one! Photo by Radical Possibility

Check out these super pretty lip balm lockets. They are surprisingly cheap and quick to make. Discover how to make lip balm lockets.

9. DIY Christmas gifts - Glove monster puppets

DIY Christmas Gifts glove monster puppets
Little monsters for your little monsters...Photo by Craftaholics Anonymous

These little glove monsters will keep your little monsters entertained for hours!

10. Teacup candles

DIY Christmas Gifts Teacup Candles
So cute and easy to make! Photo by Kids Craft Room

Teacup candles are a novel idea for someone who loves tea and scented candles. Combine the two and make your own teacup candles.

11. Sweet Christmas candy sleighs

DIY Christmas Gifts Sweet Sleighs
What an amazing stocking filler! Photo by Ellyn's Place

If you're looking to shower your loved ones in chocolate and sweets this festive season, dress them up in an adorable Christmas candy sleigh.

12. Easy watercolour paintings

DIY Christmas Gifts Easy Watercolour
They're a lot easier to make than you think...Photo by Grow Creative

Sentimental photos of your nearest and dearest are always a welcome present at Christmas. You might think paintings are a lot more expensive, but what if I told you that you could make your own for next to nothing? Here is how to make your own watercolour paintings.

13. Cookie cutter candles

Christmas DIY Gifts Cookie Cutter Candles
What a great idea! Photo by Popsugar and DIY Gift World

Another cheap and easy gift using candles is to make these charming little Christmas candles out of cookie cutters. I can't cope with the cuteness!

14. Designer tumblers & mugs

DIY Christmas Gifts DIY Tumblers
Update your old travel mugs with this fab idea! Photo by One Good Thing

Who says travel mugs have to look dull and boring? Jazz up someone's morning commute with these designer tumblers and travel mugs for a fab Christmas present idea.

15. DIY Christmas gifts - tin lanterns

DIY Christmas Gifts Upcycled Tin Lantern
This is a great use for all those bean tins! Photo by Bren Did

Finally, these easy to make Christmas tins lanterns are ideal for any interior design, Pinterest obsessed fan. How to make tin lanterns.

So there you have it, your perfect inspiration to help you get crafty this Christmas! Have you got any ideas or have you ever made your own Christmas present? Get in touch...


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