How To Remove Oven Door Glass: Read Our Complete Guide

How To Remove Oven Door Glass: Read Our Complete Guide

Does your oven need a deep cleaning? If this household appliance looks worse for wear, you may wonder how you can get into those nooks and crannies. Luckily, there’s a simple way to learn how to remove oven door glass. You should find it easy to clean the glass and put it back quickly. Read our complete guide to help you get started on this straightforward household cleaning task.

How to remove the glass from your oven

Ready to get started? If you have time and want to give this part of your oven a deep clean, remove the glass from the oven door. You will need a screwdriver and some cleaning products to complete this straightforward step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Unplug the oven first

Before you start doing this, you need to make sure that you turn off the oven and also unplug it. When you’re messing with a gas or electrical appliance, you must take as much care as possible. You don’t want the oven to have any power right now.

Of course, if you have an oven built into your drawers or cupboards, you might find this task trickier than you imagine. Often enough, you should find that the switch is located inside one of your cupboards. Take the time to see it before moving on to step two.

Step 2: Open the oven door

Now that the oven is completely off — and has zero power — you can move on to step two. Open the oven as wide as possible. How far back it goes will ultimately depend on the make and model of the oven. However, you should aim for a 60 to 90-degree angle.

You are going to be messing around with small screws and coverings. For that reason, you need to be able to see the inside of the oven door when you are working. The further back it goes, the easier this part of the job will be. You may also want to grab a small torch or lamp or use the light on your smartphone to help you see.

Step 3: Unscrew the screws

You should find some small screws on the inside of your oven door. Often enough, these are covered to make the door look flat. When you have seen them, check what type of screwdriver you need to remove them. You will need to unscrew the screws to get the glass out of the oven door. Note: This part may be slightly fiddly!

Step 4: Detach the covering

Next up, you will find a covering on top of the glass in the oven door. You can quickly detach it from the door when you have unscrewed it. As you are doing this, you need to keep a firm grip on the glass in the oven door. The last thing you want is to mess things up by dropping the glass on the floor and watching it shatter in seconds.

Step 5: Remove the glass

Now that the glass is exposed, it is time to lift it out of the oven door firmly. Again, remember that this is likely tempered glass, meaning it should be solid.

Often enough, you will find that there are rubber fixtures on the side of the glass. Don’t tug at the glass. Instead, use a firm grip and pull it out of the door. You might want to try a different angle if it is not budging. You can also refer back to the user guide.

Please note: In some cases, you may need to remove the entire oven door when cleaning. If that is the case, don’t panic. There is a simple enough way to get the job done!

Step 6: Clean the glass and dry

Put the glass down on a soft surface — you might have a towel ready on the kitchen side, for instance. When you have done that, you can clean it up nicely. Removing it is an excellent place to start if you want to know how to clean between glass in the oven. It means you can get to those “hard to reach” areas that you wouldn’t be able to get to otherwise.

Step 7: Put the glass back in the door

When you have cleaned and dried the glass, it’s time to put it back in the door. You want to be extra careful when holding the glass in place. You might need to get someone to help you. Then, simply reverse the steps that we have covered above.

You will need to put the covering back on the oven door and then fix the screws back in place. You should know that the door will vary from model to model. If you look at your oven’s user guide, there will be a section explaining how to refit the glass.

Tips on how to remove oven door glass

Now that we’ve covered how to remove the glass from an oven door, you should know what you are doing. However, there are some top tips that you still need to know about.

1. Always read your oven user guide first

In the above guide, we have covered broad brush strokes. You now have the basic information that you need to help you remove oven door glass. Despite this fact, it’s always worth reading the manual first. That way, you can get all the details right.

2. Check out video tutorials on YouTube

Whether you have a whirlpool oven, Smeg cooker, Beko oven, Lamona oven, or any other model, you always need to check YouTube. Some of these leading brands have their own channels. That means that you can watch a video and copy what they do.

3. If in doubt, ask someone to help you

We won’t beat around the bush — removing the glass in an oven door is often a two-person job. While you can attempt to do it yourself (in true DIY style!), it’s wiser to get someone else to help you. That way, you can keep the glass 100% secure.

Now that you’ve read this guide, you should know how to remove the glass from an oven door. Keep in mind that this is not a small task. The whole thing will take you at least an hour to complete. For that reason, it is not something that you should try to rush or do quickly, when you are ready to start, set aside a decent amount of time.


Did we miss something? If there is still a question that we haven’t covered, we’ve got your back. Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions about oven doors.

Is there a way to clean between the glass oven door?

Over time, you might notice that the glass inside your oven door gets misty. One way to clean it is to remove the glass from the oven door. That way, you will have easy access to the glass panels and can clean them thoroughly. This guide gives you the essential information you need to learn how to remove oven door glass.

Why is there a gap in my oven door?

Looking closely at your oven door, you might notice some oddities. One is that there is a gap inside the door itself. The reason for this is that the gap is there for ventilation. It sucks fresh air into the oven when cooking so you don’t have a vacuum situation. Don’t cover it up or try to repair it.

How do you remove oil from the oven door?

Often enough, grease and grime build up on oven doors. That can be hard to shift. However, one of the easiest ways to clean this part of your appliance is to use gentle soap — such as washing-up liquid — and warm water. You might need to try a few different times before the grease starts to shift. However, you should keep at it!

Do oven doors have seals?

The short answer is yes! The seal on your oven door is known as a gasket. It makes sure that your oven seals completely when you close it. However, over time, you may find that the gasket starts to become thin and worn. When that happens, you may need to replace it. On the other hand, it could be time to look for a new oven at this point.

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