How To Prevent Bedhead: 7 Tried & Tested Tips

How to Prevent Bedhead: 7 Tried and Tested Tips

Picture the scene: You're running late for work. You've stumbled out of bed, tumbled to the kitchen… and poured yourself a cup of ambition (read: coffee). And now it's time to make sure that you look human before you head to the office. So you head to the bathroom and look in the mirror. You look up, and your hair is more tangled than Spaghetti Junction.

Yes, bedhead can ruin the start of any day. Whether you have curly hair or long hair, dealing with this problem can be challenging. First, you must learn how to protect your hair while sleeping. When you've done that, you will be able to wake up with luscious locks. Fortunately for you, we've got you covered here. In the following guide, we will discuss this all-too-annoying problem and how to get rid of bed head once and for all.

What is Bed Head?

First things first, let's talk about what bedhead is. Chances are, even if you don't know the name of this problem, you have experienced it. The simplest way to describe this is that it's the mess your hair gets into while sleeping. So if you tend to wake up with messy hair after a good night of sleep, that is what we're talking about here.

Don't panic! Bedhead happens to the best of us. We're sure even the likes of Angelina Jolie occasionally wake up with a tangled mop of hair. Luckily, there are some simple ways to deal with the problem before it happens. Let's take a look at seven easy tips to try.

1.  Avoid going to bed with wet hair

Are you guilty of this hair care sin? When you rush to dive into bed and go to the land of nod, you may forget the basics. Sleeping with wet hair is a surefire way to get that horrid bedhead look. It's not pretty. While you might have a bath to wind down at the end of the day, you must ensure that you are drying your hair thoroughly before bed.

When you sleep with wet hair, you will find that it tangles easily. That is a problem if you want your locks to look good when you wake up. As if that weren't enough to deter you, wet hair breaks more easily than dry hair. That means you could have more breakages when you go to bed without drying your hair.

2.  Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Did you know that the friction of your pillowcase can damage your hair? If you have a standard cotton or polyester case, you may find that it rubs against your hair when you hit the hay at night. When we're talking about how not to get bedhead, one of the best things you can do is invest in a silk pillowcase. This case will protect your hair as you sleep at night.

It doesn't end there. While silk pillowcases may stop you from having bed head, there's another benefit you should know about. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this type of pillowcase can also help to protect your skin and reduce cases of acne overall.

3.  Brush your hair before you sleep

Do you brush your hair before you go to bed? You are missing a trick if you always jump into bed without doing this simple thing. When you sleep, your hair gets tangled, which is ultimately what causes bed heed. However, if you brush out any knots ahead of time, you may find a lower overall chance of you waking up with messy hair.

As a general rule, you must use a soft-bristled brush when you comb your hair at night. That way, you will do the most minor damage to your hair. So why not make a habit out of it? Before you sleep, brush your hair for a couple of minutes each night. 

4.  Wear a top-knot to bed

The top knot became a massive trend in recent years. However, did you know that you could use this to protect your hair when you sleep at night? When you tie your hair up this way, you keep it all in one place. That is good news if you want to know how to get rid of bed head. However, since your hair is not loose, you will find it hard for each strand to tangle together.

Of course, you want to avoid pulling your hair too hard when putting the top knot in. It should come as no surprise that these hairstyles can damage your locks. Make sure you use a soft hairband and keep the top knot tied loosely. When you go to sleep, you should find this approach helps you to avoid bedhead altogether.

5.  Wrap your hair in a soft piece of fabric

As we have already covered, one of the main reasons you get bedhead is the friction between your hair and the pillowcase material. With that in mind, one of the best ways to fix your bedhead is to use a piece of soft fabric. Then, before you go to sleep each night, you can wrap the fabric around your hair and keep it neat. It doesn't matter what hairstyle you have — whether short or long — you should find that this works.

You will need to tie the fabric when it is around your head. Once again, you want to keep things as loose as possible. The idea is to keep your hair in one place while you sleep, but you don't want it to be restricted. Therefore, you need to keep it as neat as possible. Tie the fabric loosely for the best effect here.

6.  Use treatment when you sleep

What treatments do you use on your hair? One of the simplest ways to prevent bedhead is to use treatment when you go to sleep. Plenty of leave-in conditioners and treatments are designed to help you battle bedhead. You should take the time to look at reviews and read guides before choosing which suits you. Look out for specific treatments — for long hair, short hair, curly hair, and all different textures.

7.  Get a humidifier for your room

During the winter, you may sleep with the heating on. That's great if you want to keep snuggly and warm. However, if you're trying to avoid having bedhead, you may find that the dry air ruins your hair. The lack of moisture in the air can cause your hair to get knotty and messy. That is the last thing you want. Buy a small humidifier for your room to help you solve this problem. You should find a simple way to deal with bedhead.

Bedhead can ruin your day in a whole bunch of ways. If you are tired of dealing with messed-up hair, you should do something about it. Within this guide, we have covered the ways you can prevent bedhead and keep your hair in good condition. Now that you are well-versed in how to get rid of bedhead, why not start protecting your hair today?


Did we miss something? If you still have questions, you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions below.

Why do I get bedhead so easily?

If you are prone to bedhead, the reason may be the material of your pillowcase. When there is a lot of friction between the material and your hair, it can cause bedhead. So you might want to try using different sheets or even invest in a silk pillowcase.

How do I make my bedhead go away?

One of the easiest ways to make bedhead go away is to use new sheets. However, you may also decide to wrap your hair, tie it in a top knot, or brush it before bed.

What is the best hairstyle to sleep in?

If you are trying to avoid bedhead, a top knot is one of the best hairstyles you can sleep in. This style is easy to wear and will keep your hair looking sleek.

How do you manage your bedhead? Leave a comment below!

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