How To Plop Hair Like A Professional (Curly Girl Secrets!)

How To Plop Hair Like A Professional (Curly Girl Secrets!)

Calling all curly girls — getting the definition and bounce you deserve doesn’t have to be complicated. Learning to plop your hair is a real game-changer if you have naturally wavy or curly locks. This simple and practical approach to your everyday hair routine makes all the difference.

In less than an hour, you can go from wet hair to well-defined and beautiful curls (without all that annoying frizz or static!). If that sounds good, you’ve come to the right place. We have the secrets to the curly girl method right here.

In the following guide, we will be taking a quick look at what plopping is, how you can try it for yourself, and the results that you can expect. The good news is that you don’t have to be a stylist to get this right. It doesn’t matter how much experience you do — or don’t — have when it comes to this tried and tested hair styling approach. Read on to learn more.

What is the curly girl method?

Before we dive into plopping your hair, we must discuss the curly girl method. Chances are, you’ve heard about this approach to hair care before now, especially if you have naturally wavy hair. Created and promoted by author Lorraine Massey, the curly girl method is about how you treat your hair daily.

Rather than focusing on one central habit or style, this is a whole lifestyle. It means using no brushes or combs on your hair, choosing only three to four products that are sulphate and silicone free to use, and keeping your curls moisturised. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your curls tight and ensure that your hair stays in top condition, you might want to give this a whirl. There’s plenty of information out there about how to get started.

Can you plop any hair type?

Ready to get hair plopping? One of the questions that comes up repeatedly is whether you can plop any type of hair. You already know that this approach works well for curly hair. That’s a given. Sadly, plopping won’t give you curls if you don’t already have them. Likewise, you shouldn’t expect miracles when plopping if you have straight hair.

However, if you have wavy or curly hair, learning how to hair plop is the way to go. Rather than making curls appear, this hair solution brings out the natural shape of your locks. That means that — should you already have curls, they will look more defined and obvious when using this method. You may also find less frizz and damage if you plop your hair rather than heat-treating it with a hairdryer.

Benefits of hair plopping

Hair plopping has become hugely popular over the last year — and it’s clear why. Alongside the curly girl method, this way of styling your hair could make a big difference in how it looks and feels. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you start.

Stronger curls

Do your curls lack the definition they deserve? If you know that you have curly hair but don’t know how to treat it, hair plopping is the way to go. You can use this method with long or short hair, but you must ensure that the hair is completely wet first.

Less hair damage

Are you worried about damaging your hair? Hair plopping could be a lifesaver if you want to avoid common problems such as dry hair or split ends. This approach doesn’t use heat on the hair, which is excellent news for your locks. In the simplest of terms, it means that you don’t put your hair under too much pressure when styling it and weaken it. 

Easy to do

You might find the technique challenging when you first start with hair plopping. However, once you get the hang of this approach, you should see it is super easy to manage. You can wrap your hair and even leave it overnight if that suits you. Getting to grips with the process takes no time, and you will be glad you did it!

How to plop hair with a t-shirt

Now that we’ve covered why you should be hair plopping let’s get down to it. Before you get started, you will need to have either a t-shirt or a microfibre towel. When you are ready to wash and style your curly hair, follow these simple steps to make it look amazing:

Step 1: Prepare your t-shirt or towel

Time is of the essence. So when you’re plopping your hair, you need to make sure that you act quickly. Therefore, you should choose your tool — the microfibre towel or an old t-shirt — and lay it on your bed before you start. That way, you can grab it quickly when you need to.

Step 2: Wash and condition your hair

Next up, it’s time to jump in the shower. First, wash and condition your hair using sulphate and silicone-free products. You might want to try a few different ones before you decide which one is right for you. Then, rinse your hair as usual and ensure it is cleaned.

Step 3: Apply some products

Before you start hair plopping, you need to make sure that you use some styling products. Once again, these need to be sulphate and silicone-free. Look for hair creams and products that add moisture to the situation. Before you decide which is suitable, you might want to check out some product reviews or testimonials online.

Step 4: Flip your hair over and wrap

Stand over your bed, and flip your head over, so your hair lies down onto the towel or t-shirt. Next, pull the t-shirt or microfibre towel up over the nape of your neck. Cross it over in front of your hair and then flip everything back. This is the leading hair plopping technique.

Step 5: Leave your hair to dry

Now that you have your hair in a wrap, you should leave it for 45 minutes. Next, unwrap your hair and watch the curls fly downward. If you find that your curls are coming out too flat, you might want to reduce the time that you plop them. Generally, you will learn how long to plop hair according to your type. It’s a game of trial and error but worth it.

Hair plopping is a huge trend for a good reason! If you happen to have curly hair, you don’t want to give this a miss. There are plenty of ways to make your curls and waves look beautiful. This approach is natural and easy to try for yourself. Now that you know the secret to plopping hair, why not give it a go when you next hit the shower?


Are you looking for some more answers? Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered. Let’s look at some of the answers to the frequently asked questions about hair plopping.

Can you plop hair overnight?

Yes, in some cases, you can plop your hair overnight. This is a case of trial and error. This may be the way to go if your locks tend to dry pretty fast. Give it a go and see whether you get the curly results you have been looking for.

Should hair be soaking wet when plopping?

No! When you are plopping your hair, you should make sure it’s damp before you get started. If your locks are soaking wet, you may find that this approach to your hair care doesn’t work.

Is it better to plop or air dry?

While air drying your hair is a natural solution, it doesn’t help you to define your curls. If you want to make your hair look like it has more volume and bounce, you should look into plopping your hair first.

Does plopping make your hair curlier?

Hair plopping enhances the natural look of your curls. If you have wavy or curly hair, you will find that it makes your hair look more voluptuous than usual. However, if you have naturally straight hair, you will see that plopping does not give your hair curls. So, regardless of how curly your hair is, you should give hair plopping a try for yourself.

Are you going to give plopping a try? Let us know in the comments below!

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