Buying a bed: 5 steps to a perfect night's sleep

Buying a bed: 5 steps to a perfect night's sleep

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All of us need sleep in order to function properly and have enough energy to get through each day, but getting to sleep is not always an easy task.

There are many factors that contribute to a good night’s sleep. The mattress and the bed have a huge impact on sleep quality - they both have to work together to provide you with comfort. The environment you’re in has a major effect as well - as well all know, it’s harder to sleep in places where there’s too much light or it’s too noisy.

It seems that getting a good night's sleep really does start with buying a bed that's right for you - but how are we meant to know which one to pick? It can be a real challenge to find 'the one', especially considering the wide variety available.

Luckily, we're sharing a 5-step guide to help you find the perfect bed - peaceful nights lie ahead!

Step 1: Evaluate how you sleep

man asleep
Do you sleep on your back or side? ©Olichel

Lack of sleep is one of the most prominent health problems that our society struggles with today.

 Don't let it be a problem in your life! Finding out which sleeping position works best for will help you figure out which bed you should purchase. Certain mattresses that work better for certain sleeping positions and the type of mattress your sleeping position requires will determine which bed to buy.

In order for a mattress to work correctly, it has to be supported by the right bed frame. Evaluating how you sleep and finding which position works best for you will equip you with the knowledge to find the perfect mattress/bedframe team.

Step 2: Consider the size

bedroom modern
Bigger isn't always better! ©EmilyMay

When buying a bed, it's really important to carefully consider the size. Make sure the bed is both long and wide enough for you to comfortably fit onto.

If you share a room with your partner, taking them to shop for beds is also a good idea. You can have fun testing out the beds together and get a feel as to whether or not you both can fit comfortably onto the bed. Remeber, it needs to be practical for both of you - one of you may want your own space on a trundle bed.

However, it's not as simple as buying the biggest, plushest bed - the size of your bedroom must also be considered. If the bed is too big for your room, then it'll feel cramped and uncomfortable which may directly affect the quality of your sleep.

Step 3: Visit some stores and compare brands

iKEA beds shopping
Which one will you choose? ©WikiCommons

Actually visiting a store and seeing beds in person can be an entirely different experience than viewing pictures of the beds online.

It's much easier to imagine the bed in your home once you've seen it in real life. In store, you'll be able to better asses the size of the bed and how it will look in your bedroom.

Obviously, the best thing about going to a store is that you can physically test the beds out. This will not only allow you to compare certain types of bed but also brands, helping you to identify which ones you enjoyed the most (helpful if you decide to buy online).

Of course, you'll also be able to get advice from sales assistants which could prove really valuable.

Step 4: The bed frame and the mattress should work together

As briefly mentioned before, it’s pointless having a high-quality mattress if you own a low-quality bed frame, and vice versa. The mattress and the bed frame both need each other to perform at their best. For example,  memory foam mattresses should go with slat framed beds and spring mattresses should go with spring bed frames.

Without the quality of one, the other's quality will be diminished, which will ultimately affect your sleep.

 Step 5: Higher price means higher quality

modern bedroom under bed storage
Don't go cheap. ©JeremyLevine

Price is a major consideration when purchasing a bed. Depending on what you go for, they can be pretty large investments.

Usually, people tend to aim for the lowest-priced items without considering the effect this will have on quality. Saving money is ok to have as a goal, but buying a bad-quality product could lead to sleepless nights, which we'd argue is a waste of money in the first place! Remember: there’s a difference between getting your value for money and being cheap. 

When you’re shopping for a new bed, remember not to spend too much money on a generic bed that you could get cheaper elsewhere. Visit a high-quality store along with a realistic budget, and those peaceful nights will soon make it worth your while.

Other Important Factors to Consider

Bed style

Make sure the style of the bed you’re buying is one that you find attractive and that works well with your room.


Find out what material you want your bed made out of. Different materials can affect the way the bed works as well as the way it looks in your bedroom. The most popular materials are wood and metal.

Buy a new mattress in addition to your new bed

mattress teddy bear
It gets Ted's approval! ©MaxPixel

As previously mentioned, your mattress and bed need to work together. Having an old mattress on top of a new bed is not going to make any difference to the quality of your sleep.

Who knew there was so much to choosing the right bed? Let us know how you chose yours in the comments below.

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