41 amazing life hacks to make this Summer the best yet!

41 amazing life hacks to make this Summer the best yet!

All hacks are great, but Summer hacks have got to be the best hacks of all.

When the hot weather arrives, all you want to do is enjoy it, but things like bug bites, sand in shoes and warm wine can take the edge off of things somewhat.

Well not with Expert Home Tips around. We've compiled the ultimate list of Summer hacks to make your Summer as seamless as the holiday commercials.

Grab a bevvy, pop your sun hat on, and let's get started.

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1. The Summer Hack every boozy party needs


No one likes a warm drink, especially when it's hot outside. Part fill balloons with water, freeze, and pop them in a large, rubber tub to make a huge ice bucket for all your bottles and cans - amazing!

2. Keep ice cream soft with this Summer hack

Don't break your arm in your quest to get a scoop of ice cream. Place the tub in a freezable bag before freezing, and it will be perfectly soft each time.

3. How to keep valuables perfectly hidden & safe on the beach

Don't waste time worrying about valuables when you could be having fun. Hide money and other items in an empty sun cream case to keep them safe whilst you enjoy yourself.

4. Another great use for that muffin tray

Condiments in a muffin tray

Who'd have thought muffin trays were such a Summer essential?

All those compartments are just perfect for storing condiments. Load each one up and pop it by the BBQ.

There are 17 more incredibly handy uses for a Muffin Tin in Anushka's article - check them out!

5. Remove sand with this clever hack

Sand's great...whilst you're on the beach. Make sure you don't take it home with you by removing any excess from your body with talcum powder.

Check out this go-to Matcha Green Tea & Peppermint Body Scrub by our very own Anushka to get supple skin ASAP!

6. Make coffee ice cubes for the perfect Summer treat

Want the ultimate iced coffee? Then you need to freeze coffee cubes. Unlike ice ones, they won't water down your drink, and you'll get the caffeine kick you crave.

7. Keep mosquitos away with this trick

Don't spend your Summer swatting at mosquitos! Pour your mint mouthwash into a spray bottle to spritz over your body to keep them from bothering you.

8. DIY Matcha body scrub for soft Summer skin

DIY Matcha body scrub
100% to get skin looking great!

Time to get those legs out. Make sure yours look amazing by making a DIY Summer body scrub.

9. This Summer hack gives you the spa experience

Feeling hot and flustered? Make your at home shower feel like going to a spa by tying a eucalyptus branch around the shower head. Its aroma will soothe and relax you, and you'll feel as fresh as ever in no time.


10. DIY your own fun sprinkler for Summer

Always dreamed of owning a sprinkler? You can DIY your own using just a hose and a water bottle. It's meant for plants, but great fun for the kids (and adults) too.

Get the full tutorial on Life Hacker - it's amazing!

11. Make DIY glow in the dark jars


These DIY glow in the dark jars are the ultimate Summer garden accessory. All you need is glow sticks and Mason jars.

Learn how to make yours at Happily Nesting.

12. Banish bugs naturally with this fruit fly jar

Fresh fruit tastes even better during Summer, and don't the fruit flies just know it!

To banish bugs naturally, place fruit peels in the bottom of a jar, cover with cling film and pierce several holes through it using a toothpick. Those troublesome flies will be attracted inside but won't be able to get out again once they have.

For a completely bug-free Summer, check out my Top 21 methods for keeping bugs away.

13. How to keep your steering wheel cool in Summer

This Summer hack is so simple, I can't believe I didn't try it sooner.

To prevent the steering wheel from burning your hands, turn it 180 degrees when you park. When you restart the car, turn it back around to find a nice, cooled steering wheel.

14. How to hull a strawberry, the easy way!

It's SO easy!

Got a hundred strawberries to hull for your BBQ dessert? Don't risk a broken nail, use a straw to make this task easier than ever.

Push it through from bottom to top, and the core and leaves will pop straight out. What a great time-saving Summer hack.

Check out these 22 surprising uses for straws for more great ideas.

15. Doritos can be substituted for firestarters

Want food fast? Ignite your BBQ the quick way by placing Doritos under the grill. If you've run out of coal, they make the perfect substitute!

16. How to remove fake tan stains

Here's an amazingly quick fix for a fake tan disaster. Make a paste out of baking soda and lemon juice, then apply to stains. Scrub in a circular motion to remove all signs of fakery for good.

17. Soothe sunburn with this seamless Summer hack

Sunbathing's all fun and games, into you turn into a lobster! Load up an ice cube tray with aloe vera and freeze - they'll be super soothing on skin when you've overdone it on the sunshine.

Have a read of Colleen's article for even more wonderful ways to use an ice cube tray.

18. The only Summer accessory you need

This is the best!

Want to go to the beach without bringing half of it home with you? Then what you need is a new beach bag - a mesh beach bag to be precise.

I seriously recommend getting one from Amazon. They're so practical and cheap too!

19. Keep drinks stable with a muffin tray

NOOO, NOT THE PIMMS! Enjoy your Summer beverages without any spills by taking a muffin tray to the beach with you. It'll keep your drink cans perfectly stable.

Now that's my kind of Summer hack.

20. Frozen watermelon is the ultimate Summer snack

Snacking doesn't get much better than this! For a healthy take on popsicles, freeze watermelon.

Cut the fruit into large triangles, and make a slit in the skin. Push a stick into the slit, then pop into the freezer for the ultimate cool-down treat.

21. Never lose flip flops again with this hack

Make that new mesh beach bag even better with this clever Summer hack. Attach a D-Ring onto the straps, and when you take your flip flops off, you'll be able to attach them onto it too.

22. DIY phone speaker

Such a great party hack!

Get the party started with the easiest DIY speaker in the world. All you need is your phone and a glass. Pop it inside with the speaker facing upwards, and the area around it will magnify the sound, boosting the volume.

Time to get your dancing shoes on!

23. Get super soft feet with this beauty hack

Dry, cracked heels? No thanks. Get yours looking and feeling like a baby bum with this secret ingredient - Listerine mouthwash!

This is a method used by many people to treat athlete's foot and toenail fungus, but also works to remove dead skin.

Discover how to give yourself an at home foot bath on the HealthLine website.

24. Keep bugs at bay the natural way

Are pesky bugs always trying to crash your party? Keep them at bay with this nifty hack - perfect for Summer.

Cut limes in half, and stud with whole cloves. Place around your outdoor table or patio, and the bugs will stay away for good.

25. Ice cubes for your wine

Ooh, there's nothing like a glass of ice cold wine on a hot Summers day. Don't let ice cubes water down your favourite tipple - freeze green grapes instead.

A Summer hack perfect for lovers of wine.

26. This DIY face mist will cool you down

Isn't it pretty?

Urgh, feeling sweaty? Freshen up on-the-go with a DIY face mist.

The Chic Site has a gorgeous recipe using tea tree and hibiscus you can make at home. It smells divine and is just as good as the expensive shop-bought versions.

27. A Summer hack that's perfect for parents

Summer is officially popsicle season. Want to treat your little ones but terrified of stains? Then you have to try this Summer hack.

Snip a small slit in the base of the cupcake holder and poke the stick of the ice lolly through - it will catch all those scary drips before they cause any damage.

For more parent hacks, read my article 23 amazing parent tricks that will change your life now!

28. Make a DIY picnic caddy

Make picnicking easier than ever with a DIY cutlery caddy. All you need is an empty beer carrier. Fill each compartment with cutlery, serviettes, condiments, and you're all set.

29. Soothe bites with this handy Summer hack

Ouch! How do such little insects cause so much pain? If you've been stung, a great tip is to gently rub a small dollop of toothpaste over the lump.

It will cool and soothe the bite to ease irritation.

30. DIY your own blotting sheets

They're pretty too!

Leave the grease for your burger. DIY your own, budget blotting sheets to keep oily skin under control.

Follow the tutorial on Beauty Lish to learn how to make yours.

31. Ice any of your drinks instantly

There's nothing worse in Summer than a tepid drink. Ensure you always have ice drinks on tap, by half filling water bottles and laying them on their side in the freezer.

When you want to quench your thirst, simply top them up and you're good to go!

32. Stop sweaty feet from stinking

"Yuck! Who's taken their shoes off?" Don't be the culprit - keep feet smelling fresh with this Summer hack.

Slide a roll-on, cream deodorant over the bottom of your feet to keep them smelling fresh all day long.

33. DIY Summer beach towel bag

Sooo comfy!

I'm absolutely obsessed with this one.

Combining a beach towel, a pillow and a bag, this beach bag tutorial from Brit + Co is another level of genius.

It's the summer accessory we all need!

34. Save broken flip flops with this neat hack

Fix flip flops fast with this neat Summer hack. Pop Sugar has an amazing YouTube video that uses a bread tag to get them as good as new again.

You seriously need to check this one out!

35. Make a DIY lantern - perfect for Summer nights

If you love camping, this little trick is for you.

Get an empty, washed milk bottle and remove the label. Then, when in a dark area, put your phone torch on, and place it underneath the bottle.

It will glow just light a lantern and light up the whole space.

36. Prevent bikini rash for good with these tips

Can't face waxing but have the rash using a razor gives you? You're not alone.

Cosmopolitan has shared some pro tips to prevent this uncomfortable and embarrassing problem. Check it out now so you can strut your stuff confidently come bikini-season.

37. Take your drinks in the pool with a DIY floating mini bar

Now that's genius!

There's nothing like sailing away on a pool float...until you get thirsty, that is.

This problem is easily fixed by making a nifty raft for your drinks to float on. If this sounds like it could be for you, head over to WikiHow for the tutorial.

38. Keep your straw upright with this life hack

Mmmmm...Diet Coke. If you like to drink yours through a straw, a great tip to keep it from popping up is to place it through the hole in your can tab.

A genius life hack come rain or shine!

39. Make yourself a sand shield

Don't get me wrong, I love the beach, I just wish the sand didn't go everywhere.

If you feel the same, take a fitted sheet next time you go. Use belongings such as a cool box and bags to keep each corner outstretched, and you'll have the opposite of a sand pit - genius!

40. How to stop bugs going in your drink

Ugh bugs - why can't they just leave us alone? You can help yourself with this nifty Summer hack. Simply place a cupcake holder over a tumbler glass and pierce a straw on through.

41. DIY your very own salt spray


Beachy waves are all the rave. Get yours sorted for Summer by making yourself a salt spray.

Brit + Co have a very easy but effective recipe using just four ingredients. Get your hair on trend by mixing your own today.

Wow, those life hacks have got me more excited than ever for Summer! What's your favourite thing about Summer?

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