28 Brand New Uses For Coffee Filters You NEED To Try!

28 Brand New Uses For Coffee Filters You NEED To Try!

Coffee-lover? Modern capsule coffee machines may produce great drinks, but there's one thing they don't provide us with - an abundance of coffee filters.

There are so many great uses for coffee filters that they're definitely worth having around the home - whether you use them for actual coffee or not!

Here are just a few of our favourite uses for coffee filters that you can start trying today.

1. Use coffee filters to get your glasses gleaming

See clearly again.

I'm forever losing my glasses cloths. Luckily, coffee filters do just as good a job. They're made from 100% virgin paper, so they shine glass without leaving any lint behind. Now, your office's coffee filters will come in handy for more than just caffeine alone!

Use a coffee filter to cover plates and bowls when microwaving, and there will be no mess made.

2. How to decant corked wine using a coffee filter

Accidentally corked your wine? Use a coffee filter to remove any debris before serving and your guests will be none the wiser!

3. Use a coffee filter to make a DIY air freshener

Air fresheners make the home smell lovely, but they aren't half expensive!

You can make your own using coffee filters. Add your favourite herbs/dried petals along with some essential oils into the centre of the filter, then bunch into a ball and tie with string.

Hide around the home for beautiful freshness wherever you go.

 4. Use coffee filters to protect china plates

Are you lucky enough to have a set of china plates? Keep your

Keep your posh set in perfect condition for special occasions by sandwiching a coffee filter in between each one when storing. The paper will provide some cushioning and prevent scratches and marks.

5. Coffee filters make great nail varnish remover pads

So easy!

Oops - out of cotton wool pads? You can use coffee filter papers instead until you've replenished your supplies. They soak up nail varnish remover well and are hard wearing, making nail varnish removal easy.

They soak up nail varnish remover well and are hard wearing, making nail varnish removal easy.

6. Prevent your ice cream from dripping

Ice cream's so delicious - I only wish it would last longer! When it does start to melt, make sure it's not onto your clothes. Use a coffee filter to make a DIY cone wrapper and all those drips and stickiness messes will be absorbed before stains can occur.

7. Coffee filters can be used as cleaning rags

If you're all out of cleaning rags, don't fret. The soft but durable paper of coffee filters make an ideal substitute. They'll get surfaces shining in no time.

 8. Flavour soups and stews with coffee filter bags

Add an extra oomph of flavour to soups, stews and other home-cooked food by creating a seasoning bag.

Use coffee filters to hold a variety of your favourite herbs and spices, tie with cooking string and then attach onto the handles of your pots. Gently lower them into the pan, and remove when finished for easy seasoning.

9. Line plant pots to prevent soil from escaping

Keep soil in one place with a coffee filter.

It doesn't matter how tightly you seem to pack it, soil always escapes through pesky draining holes in plant pots. This is easily prevented by placing a coffee filter in the base of the pot before potting. It will still allow water to train, but keep soil from escaping.

This is easily prevented by placing a coffee filter in the base of the pot before potting. It will still allow water to drain, but keep soil from escaping.

10. Line potties to prevent unnecessary mess

Cleaning out the potty isn't exactly a pleasant task. An easy way to make it easier and less messy is to use a coffee filter to line the potty.

When the 'deed is done', simply lift the filter paper out of the potty and dispose of it in the normal way - job done!

11. Line cookie trays to prevent a crumbly mess

Mmmm homemade cookies - delicious! Keep the crumbs from making a mess by lining your cookie tin with a coffee filter before placing them inside.

12. Use a coffee filter to blot excess grease from food

Can't resist a bacon butty? Who can blame you - Just make sure it's not more unhealthy than it needs to be.

Lightly wrap cooked rashers in a coffee filter to absorb excess grease for a slightly lighter treat.

13. Clean tv, phone and laptop screens flawlessly

Sparkling clean!

Screens are one of the most difficult things to get clean, unless you use a coffee filter, that is.

Their soft texture and natural composition meant they buff marks flawlessly and don't leave any lint debris behind.

14. Mop up spills using a coffee filter

Perhaps the best universal alternative use for coffee filters is to mop up spills. They're extremely absorbent - perfect for an emergency juice spill when you don't have any kitchen towels to hand.

15. Weigh chopped foods

Do you like to be exact when cooking? Weigh your food without making a mess by placing a coffee filter onto the scales before you start.

16. Coffee filters can be used to shine windows

Everyone seems to have their own little tricks when it comes to shining windows. We're pretty partial to the old-fashioned vinegar and newspaper method, but if we ever find ourselves out of newsprint, coffee filters are next on our list.

They're soft enough to shine glass but hardy enough to remove marks - the ideal window cleaning solution.

17. Wrap Christmas ornaments

Extra protection can never hurt.

Christmas may seem far away right now, but it'll soon be here and you'll be glad to have this tip when it arrives.

To prevent Christmas ornaments from breaking, wrap them in a coffee filter before packing them together. It will provide a light layer of cushioning without adding bulk.

18. Use coffee filters to back your embroidery

Embroidery is really big at the moment. If you're talented enough to try this technique out at home, coffee filters can provide a really good backing solution.

They're thin enough to sew through without adding extra bulk, but also sturdy enough to give support and prevent puckering - give them a go!

 19. Protect non-stick pans using a coffee filter

Non-stick pans are one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment to have. Keep them in good nick, and they'll last you for years.

An easy way to protect them when storing is to place a coffee filter in between each one - easy.

 20. Use coffee filters to make your own dryer sheets

If dryer sheets weren't so expensive, they'd be essential in all homes. Good news - you can use coffee filters to make your own.

Throw a coffee filter dampened with a few drops of white vinegar and essential oils into the washing machine with your wet laundry, and it will come out super soft and smelling fresh. What a cheap but effective solution!

What a cheap but effective solution!

21.DIY loose leaf tea bags

use coffee filters to make your own tea bags.
Tea time!

Are you more loose-leaf than PG? If you've got no tea strainer to hand for whatever reason, a coffee filter could be just what you need.

Fill the centre with tea leaves, tie with string, and hang into hot water to brew. This one is particularly good for large batches - perfect for fancy tea parties!

22. Disposable snack bowls

Sometimes it's just not worth dirtying up bowls for a night in front of the sofa. Next time you're feeling lazy, you can use coffee filters as popcorn, crisp and sweet bowls.

They'll keep everything clean and tidy, and you'll be able to chuck them straight in the compost when you're done.

 23. DIY photo light reflector

After that perfect shot? If you're struggling to get good lighting, a coffee filter could be just what you need.

Place it behind your subject to reflect light down upon it and light up dark areas.

24. DIY face blotting paper

They're a makeup bag essential!

Is your skin a little on the oily side? Don't fork out for expensive blotting papers when you can just DIY your own.

Made from 100% virgin paper, coffee filters are delicate, natural, and are ideal for this purpose. Cut them up and pop them into a small tin to make de-greasing on-the-go a breeze.

25. Coffee filters can be used to polish shoes

What do you use to polish shoes? It seems a waste to ruin cleaning cloths when you can use plain old coffee filters.

Rub into polish then onto your shoes in circular motions for sensationally shiny results.

26. Keep shoes smelling great with this coffee filter hack

Don't be the person with stinky feet at the party - fill coffee filters with baking soda, tie with string and pop into shoes when you take them off.

The baking soda will absorb and neutralise odours to keep shoes smelling fresh.

27. Make less mess when microwaving food

There's nothing worse than a mucked up microwave. Keep it spick and span without the effort of cleaning with this clever trick.

28. DIY a funnel using a cone-shaped coffee filter

Spill-less pouring!

Why spill when you don't have to? A coffee filter is a practical way to quickly knock up a funnel to decant all kinds of things.

Simply snip a hole in the base of a cone-shaped coffee filter, and you're all set!

Who knew there were so many uses for coffee filters that don't involve coffee at all! Do you have any alterntaive uses of your own you'd like to share?

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