Free Giveaway: Lunch Box Cool Bag

SORRY – this competition has ended. We’ve got a brand new giveaway for July to win 1 of 30 fantastic lunch box cool bags. Enter below!

Lunch Box Cool Bag

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  1. 52 Cally Dobson Reply

    My husband is poorly and this would be ideal for us to go out on picnics while keeping the food and diabetic injections cool. A wonderful giveaway thank you.

  2. 54 Kay Haney Reply

    me my partner and our dog Toby go out into the countryside for a walks and to have one of your cool bags would be lovely to keep our food and drinks nice and cold and of course Toby’s drinking water

  3. 78 Justyna Reply

    I am expecting my first baby in 4 weeks time,it would be great to have that bag for our picknicks full of snacks 😉

  4. 92 ELAINE DOLTON Reply

    I would LOVE to win the Biscuit one … It looks Cute !!! Family Picnics would find this very very useful to keep our food items & Cans Cool !!! Thank you very much for the chance to win one. Fingers Crossed !!! HAVE SHARED & PINNED FOR YOU !!!

  5. 122 Liz Reply

    Just joined this page and already learned some great recipes, all I need now is a cool bag to take the food with me, hopefully I am lucky 😊

  6. 130 Pauline Williams Reply

    I go to lots of outings and this would be ideal because instead of spending money eating out would actually save me money because I can make my own food to eat. Would also be ideal for work where I do 12hr shifts.

  7. 140 Lyn Hurst Reply

    Perfect for when my grandchildren (2 &4) teach me how to make their perfect picnic. This whilst mum and dad escape for a break. So, it would be used for grannie training.

  8. 154 Rebecca Reply

    This would be fantastic for me as I have stopped buying lunch on the way to my 12 hour night shifts and I have quit smoking and started eating health. This would be a perfect size lunch box for me and encourage me to continue in my healthy life style I am trying so hard to continue with.

    1. 155 Colleen B Reply

      Well done on quitting smoking, that’s amazing! Good luck with the competition Rebecca – and with the healthy lifestyle changes you’re making.

  9. 156 sarahjane Reply

    A fan little collet bag. Tears perfect in size for our little trips out and about. We’ve just started camping with our young son and it’s difficult to pack the smaller things when u have some many larger items. Thus would be perfect.

  10. 158 Char Reply

    Would live to win this for family picnics. We are saving for a wedding and this would help keep our outings cheaper. And the blue is even my wedding colour so it will remind us of our goals 😁

  11. 176 Hannah Reply

    This would be good for day’s out or if we are going away for the week end camping or I could all so give it to my brother and his Family as they are going on holiday soon be Great for the kid’s lunch .🍰

  12. 188 Andrea Reply

    I have 3 children 3, 5 & 7 woukd like some top tips on saving money and free things to to do for summer holidays in the local area

  13. 226 nicola green Reply

    Ideal for when my daughter is doing his walks for charities and her expeditions for the Duke of Edinburgh with her high school.

  14. 228 Debbie Mitchell Reply

    As few eating places allow dogs in, this snazzy wee bag would be great to keep my husbands and my lunch cool after a dog walk.

  15. 236 Sally Reply

    Having filled this all in and pressed the button to submit to receive my free lunch box, it doesn’t confirm this – it just sends me to another sample page for something different. Please advise! Sally

  16. 246 Stacey Reply

    I am a female articulated and rigid dump truck driver. The trucks are dirty dusty and most of the time the aircon doesn’t work meaning my sandwiches salads and anything else I bring for lunch gets warm. I need one of the cool lunch bags .. plus I’d be using it weekends when we all go out to keep small drinks in and keep them cool along with some fruit xx

  17. 294 Jenny Reply

    This bag would help when we go out for the day, we can carry some cans of pop which we could keep ice cold, or help with picnics, or for my husband to take his lunch to work. So it will help with lots of different useful jobs.

  18. 298 Abigail Binding Reply

    I would love this bag, as a student nurse I have to work in lots of different places and there isn’t normally a space in the staff fridges for my lunch so I goes warm in my bag! This would help keep it cool and together if I could fit it in a fridge!

  19. 302 Linda Reply

    I don’t have a lunch bag I just use carry bags so I will be great for my lunch. I can also use it when we go on day visits with the children to put there water in.

  20. 306 Hind Reply

    Hi I would love to win I’ve got three boys and we are always out and about! Hopefully fingers crossed I will be selected 😊

  21. 370 Shellie Reply

    One of these would be brilliant to store, stuff on hot days out, especially a bottle water for the dog, and a few snacks for the kids. Brilliant idea when traveling in a car.

  22. 396 Elisabeth Yates Reply

    i have to take food to a hospital procedure and being diabetic need to eat wen i come round from anesthetic. this would b perfect for some salad an ham.

  23. 406 Vikky Reynolds Reply

    As I.m diabetic have to carry some food and insulin about with me in the car one of these bags would be perfick…

  24. 410 Kerry Wilcox Reply

    I would love one of these fab cool boxes! I go through so many having a large family! I would love to test this one.. Who knows i will no doubt have to buy a few more over the years!! We love picnics!! It’s cheap and a different adventure every time 👍🏽

  25. 422 Mair Reply

    I would love to have one of these as want to start enjoying the great outdoors and take a picnic with me. I spend too much time at home and would like to start discovering the area I live.

  26. 426 Joyce Reply

    The lunch box is very good to carry food when going out for picnic, fun day and other occasion.
    I would be very much happier if i won one of those lunch boxes

  27. 446 Nicola Reply

    Just started taking my kids on picnics in the park as I have 5 it’s great just to see them run&play as much as they like and then all sit and enjoy some lunch loving these designs gotta keep it trendy hopefully I’m in with a chance like lol

  28. 448 JAY Reply

    This would be soooo useful for when we take the kids out for a picnic. Just waiting for two good days of good weather and we can go!

  29. 460 Tricia Reply

    would love to show off a new lunch bag at work and tell everyone how I won it on freebies so that they too can sign up to this brilliant site.🤗🤗🤗🤗

  30. 464 Monna Reply

    I don’t have a lunch bag when I am going. My doctors appointment. or just going out. I have to use a plastic grocery bag. It would be nice to have a. Lunch bag to carry then I would look sophisticated. It would be nice to own one and it would keep my food cold or hot along with my juices or water or soda. This would be the best experience ever if I can win. Thank you very much.

  31. 472 Nicola vincent Reply

    Honestly i would really like the bag for myself. I take a salad everyday to work however i struggle with a decent bag to hold my items in.i end up using an overside bag to ensure i have enought space for my salad fruit and milk for me tea. These bags are fab i love the blue one the best. They look stylish and easy to use. X

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