17 Terrific Tips For You To Get Luscious Lips

17 Terrific Tips For You To Get Luscious Lips

If you want the perfect pout then check out these expert tips for lovely lips, including treatments that you can make from store-cupboard ingredients.

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1. Exfoliate

Keep dead skin cells at bay.

Remove all the dead skin from your lips with Vaseline and a toothbrush! Apply the petroleum jelly to your lips, then brush in circular motions. 

2. Lip balm

During colder months you'll want to pay extra attention to keep your lips smooth and protected. Keep them from getting chapped by purchasing a soothing lip balm. Slather a bit on before bed to keep your lips soft while you sleep.

3. Keep hydrated

Are you drinking enough water?

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to help keep your skin, body, and lips hydrated. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and you'll never go thirsty.

4. Sun protection

SPF is not just for your face, it's for your lips too. UV rays can damage your lips, just as much as it can your skin. Buy lip products that contain SPF for those days you're out lapping up the sunshine.

5. Eat well

Eat the rainbow!

For healthy lips, make sure your diet is rich in Vitamins A, B and C. This means upping your intake of green vegetables and juicy fruits. Think salads in the summer, soups in the winter - enjoy!

6. Quit smoking

Did you know that, if you smoke, your lips can darken, thin and wrinkle? If you're a smoker, please consider these effects and sign up now at nhs.uk/smokefree.

7. Stop licking & biting

Don't get carried away!

If you lick your lips all the time, you may notice that they dry out. Instead of keeping them moisturised, the saliva dries out and takes out the natural moisture in your lips with it. Biting your lips can damage them and make them sore.

8. Lipstick

Get a good quality lipstick to help keep your lips moisturised. It's worth putting lip balm - with a bit of SPF in it for good measure - on before you apply your favourite lipstick. This will help it stay on for longer and keep moisturised.

9. Caffeine check

Stay away from the coffee!

Drinking caffeinated beverages will dehydrate you - those extra winter-warming coffee hits will be damaging your lips. Consider herbal tea, or switching to decaf.

10. Massage

Increase the blood supply to your mouth by massaging your lips every day. Using your fingertip, rub in a circular motion over your lips.

Here are some brilliant recipes for homemade lip remedies...

11. Olive oil

olive oil
It has got so many uses.

Olive oil is our new beauty essential. This wonderful household ingredient can help - just rub onto your lips whenever they feel a little dry! 

12. Sugar scrub

If you want rosy pink lips then grab some sugar and use it as a scrub. This will help to get rid of dead skin.

13. Cucumber

It's refreshing too!

Place a cucumber slice on your lips daily to moisturise and lighten your lip complexion. As cucumbers are 90% water they will be hydrated and refreshed - brilliant for chapped lips.

14. Coriander

Take some fresh coriander leaves, rub them on your lips and in the morning you should notice the difference! Your lips will appear rosy pink.

15. Lemon

Who knew?

Juice a lemon and rub it onto your lips for 5 minutes. The acidity of the lemon will help to deeply clean lips by removing dirt and dead cells. 

16. Honey

It's a brilliant way to cleanse your lips and cure dark lips which can occur with sun exposure. Keep them looking fresh by applying honey before bed.

17. Coconut oil

coconut oil
It's brilliant!

Keep your lips hydrated and luscious by applying a small amount of coconut oil onto them. 

Have you got any tips for luscious lips? Let us know in the comments below...

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