12 Fun And Fabulous Ideas For The Ultimate Staycation

12 Fun And Fabulous Ideas For The Ultimate Staycation

Save yourself a fortune this year by swapping that costly holiday for a super staycation. It can be just as relaxing and even more fun, so start planning and enjoy your time at home with these great tips.

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1. Treat yourself to a cleaner for the week

cleaning supplies
Leave the cleaning supplies alone!

The best bit about going on holiday is not having to clean up after yourself! Treat yourself to a cleaner and they'll do all those weekly chores like washing and ironing, hoovering. dusting and tidying. You'll feel so much more relaxed knowing someone else will take care of all those cleaning tasks for you.

2. Set up a badminton net or court in your back garden

If you enjoy sports when you're on holiday like badminton or beach volleyball, try and recreate it at home. It doesn't cost the earth to buy a badminton net and some rackets or a volleyball so set it up and play for a few hours a day.

In true holiday mode, treat yourself to a cool shower and ice cold cocktail after your daily activities.

3. Bed down in your guest room

guest room
Guest rooms deserve a little more love.

If you have a guest room in your home make sure you use it! You may have been saving your linen and precious guests soaps for someone special but you're on 'holiday' so treat yourself. Sleeping in another room will instantly make you feel like you're away and not in your usual routine.

4. Create your own room service menu

Create and print out a little room service menu that has all your favourite breakfasts, snacks and indulgent foods on it. It needn't be fancy - anything from chocolate spread in a warm croissant and fresh juice to a home-made club sandwich (a room service classic).

Alternate the room service days with your partner or family member - so you can enjoy room service for one day and then the next. Just remember to serve on a tray and they must eat in the bedroom!

5. Eat foreign foods al fresco

Why not go for a picnic brunch?

If you feast on fresh baguettes, cheese, cold meats and plenty of red wine when you're in France why not do it on your staycation too?

You can also plan lots of different themed food nights and enjoy a taste of something exotic.  If the weather is nice try to feast al fresco and plan your evening meals around the sunset for a true holiday experience.

6. Plan a variety of days out

Set out a realistic budget for activities during the staycation and draw up a list of days out that you'll all enjoy. If you like you can also plan an itinerary for a stress-free staycation, but it's good to allow 'free days' where you can laze around or make room for a spontaneous activity.

From a bowling night to visiting a nearby national park, there's so much you can do with spending a fortune. Visit Living Well Spending Less for 25 awesome staycation ideas.

7. Set some holiday ground rules

Will you switch off?

You want to make your staycation feel as much like a family getaway as possible, so set out some ground rules beforehand. This could include:

  • Kids to organise their breakfasts on set days so mum and dad can lie in
  • No email checking
  • No smartphones at dinner
  • No video games
  • No alarm clocks
  • Dinner around the dining table

8. Go Geocaching and explore your home town

You don't need to spend a fortune on days out to make the most of your staycation. On holiday you're often happy to just wander around and explore so make sure you get out and about. Visit spots in your home town you've never been to before or just revisit your old favourites.

If you're feeling adventurous you could try a spot of Geocaching. It's a free treasure hunting game that uses GPS enabled devices, like your phone, to navigate through coordinates to find hidden geocache containers. Millions of people geocache every day and there are thousands of containers all around the world. Pack a picnic and make a day of it - the whole family will enjoy this!

9. Let people know you're on staycation

Make sure it's a week with zero distractions.

You would tell your nearest and dearest you're off on holiday so make sure you tell them about your staycation. You can politely ask them to give you some space or privacy and only to contact you if it's really important.

You can even leave an answer phone message alerting callers you're on staycation and you'll get back to them when you're back in 'home mode'.

10. Shop till you drop!

One of the best things about being on holiday is picking up little trinkets and holiday souvenirs. Take some money out of your budget and allow your family a shopping day. This could be anywhere from visiting a big shopping centre or outlet to browsing second-hand stores and car boot sales.

11. Organise an outdoor cinema night

Open air cinema nights are really popular at the moment. Hire a projector and screen a classic film in your back garden or a friend's if you don't have one. Make classic movie snacks like fresh popcorn, candy floss, hot dogs and nachos. Round up some bean bags, deck chairs, blankets, and cushion and settle down in the early evening.

Invite lots of friends, family and neighbours to your event. The kids will love it!

12. Take lots of photos 

Holiday photos
Take photos that'll rival your previous holidays.

You capture all those moments on holiday so make sure you do the same on staycation. Take silly selfies,  snap the surrounding on days out and pose for family photos.

On the last day, you could even get the photos printed and create a lovely little album to document your time. Include ticket stubs, dried flowers and any other mementos from your wonderful staycation.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any great tips for enjoying a staycation?


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