Winter soup recipe round-up - the ultimate list of classics!

The ultimate classic winter soup recipe round-up

I hereby declare that salad-season is officially over! Weather this cold calls for one thing, and one thing only: soup, and lots of it.

We're not talking any kind of tin-canned, watered-down, weird-flavoured nonsense though. What your wintery lunch needs is something truly warming - a proper, nourishing, hearty, classic soup.

No doubt you already have a favourite - we all do, right? Whether it's mushroom, broccoli and stilton or chicken, we have the BEST of the best in our soup recipe roundup for you to try at home.

These soups seriously are super special - why not cook up a batch to have for your lunch this week?

1. 4-ingredient, 10-minute tremendously tasty tomato soup

easy tomato & basil soup recipe
I just want to dig straight in!

It's no secret that the Nation loves tomato soup - just ask Heinz if you don't believe us.

Tinned tomato soup is ok, but it's got nothing on the homemade version, neither in taste nor nutrition.

This extremely easy recipe from A Virtual Vegan is perfect even for inexperienced cooks. Heinz tomato soup lovers, you're about to be converted!

2. Lovely leek & potato soup

leek and potato soup recipe
Now that's what I call a proper, hearty bowl of soup!

You may think you've had proper leek and potato soup before, but this traditional, Irish version is in a league of its own.

The View From Great Island's recipe is sensationally simple, yet undeniably tasty. With an emphasis on quality, rich ingredients, it will hit your shop-bought favourite out of the park.

3. Colourful carrot & coriander soup

carrot & coriander soup recipe roundup
How divine does that look?

Next up we have another classic - carrot and coriander soup. Alongside the taste, we reckon it's the colourful, autumnal colours that make this soup such a hit.

Domestic Gothess certainly nails the vibrancy with her soup recipe. It looks so lovely, you'll feel warm before you've even taken your first mouthful.

4. Classic chicken soup recipe

homemade chicken soup recipe
I feel better already!

Chicken soup is arguably one of the most humble, yet deliciously-filling meals there is - it just screams Winter. A solid, classic recipe is, therefore, something we deem as essential.

We have just the one you've been looking for. Grandma's Gluten Free Recipes has shared the chicken soup she grew up eating as a kid, and it really is fantastic.

Try it, memorize it, love it!

5. Positively-perfect pea & ham soup

Pea and ham soup with fresh mint
Yes pea-se!

Pea and ham is definitely up their with our favourite soups. Winter turns ham - a meat we usually only find in sarnies - into a truly tasty thing.

Thick, melt-in-the-mouth shards of soft, fleshy ham transform plain pea soup to something seriously luxurious - we can't get enough of the stuff.

Supergolden Bakes' version with additional mint ticks all of our ultimate soup-recipe boxes.

6. Your new favourite cream of mushroom soup

homemade cream of mushroom soup recipe
The most spectacularly, homely-looking soup I ever did see.

Think you love mushroom soup? Just wait until you try What Should I Make For...'s take on this classic soup recipe - you'll be blown away!

In Cathy' recipe, the mushrooms really do take centre stage, and quite rightly so. It's the perfect soup to serve at Christmas or on a chilly Winter's day with fresh bread and lashings of luscious butter.

7. Envigorating carrot & ginger soup

ginger & turmeric carrot winter soup recipe
Get those vitamins down you!

If we could add ginger to everything during winter, we would. There's something so warming about its subtle spice -  not to mention the health benefits!

We love As Easy As Apple Pie's ginger and turmeric carrot soup recipe. It's full of vitamins, making it the perfect pick-me-up for those snotty, sneezy Winter days.

8. The BEST broccoli & stilton soup recipe

Soup recipe roundup: broccoli and stilton soup
Try telling us it doesn't look delicious!

The ideal broccoli and stilton soup recipe is thick, hearty, creamy, packed full of flavour, and simple, right? It may sound too good to be true, but Globe Scoffers really has nailed it with theirs.

Super smooth soup is topped with walnuts and extra stilton to make the most amazing bowl of goodness you'll eat this Winter.

We heartily recommend giving it a go!

9. Our perfect parsnip, parsley, truffle oil & cashew cream soup

Vegan parsnip parsley truffle oil cashew cream soup recipe
All the tastiness of roast parsnips, puréed! 

This list of the ultimate classic soup recipes wouldn't be complete without one of our own.

Our parsnip soup recipe is unlike any other. It's vegan-friendly without compromising on taste or texture. It's seriously silky, rich and luxurious - perfect for feeding a crowd or warming empty tummies on cold, Winter day.

Try out our perfect parsnip soup recipe today and we promise you won't disappointed.

10. Beautiful butternut squash soup

butternut squash soup classic recipe roundup
Looks too good to eat (almost!)

Butternut squash soup is so happy looking, isn't it? It's bright, vibrant, and will make you smile from ear to ear - if you pick the right recipe, that is.

Luckily for you, the last soup in our roundup is this brilliant butternut squash soup recipe from Aberdeen's Kitchen.

It's packed full of surprising ingredients, including celery, nutmeg and cinnamon. It's the most warming bowl of goodness you could ever wish for and we definitely recommend giving it a go.

Which one has taken your fancy? Let us know in the comments below!


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