19 Office Organisation Ideas That'll TRANSFORM A Cluttered Workspace

19 Office Organisation Ideas That'll TRANSFORM A Cluttered Workspace

 Messy office, messy mind. Today we're sharing our best office organisation ideas to get your workspace more functional and aesthetic than ever.

We've got hacks for everything from unruly cables to managing your ever-expanding pen collection. Check out the list below and transform your office space today!

1. Spice rack office organiser

spice rack office organiser
Pretty and practical! ©ModernJune

We're kicking off our list of office organisation ideas with a bang. Spice racks are great for getting organised in the kitchen, and it turns out, they can be handy in your office too.

The small, individual containers are perfect for storing all kinds of stationery such as paper clips, pins, staples and much more besides.

2. Faux book box

Looking for a shelf storage solution that is stylish and streamlined?

We have just the thing!

A faux book box will keep all your shelf clutter hidden and give your office an air of sophistication. Plus, it's a great way to use up old books.

Watch the video above to learn how to make yours.

Be sure to check out our other uses for old books too - you don't want to miss these great ideas.

3. Cable tidy

desk organisation cables
What a difference that makes!

Sick of tangled, untidy-looking cables?

Off Grid Quest has the answer.

Head over to their blog to find out how she made this amazing under-desk backdrop to hide all her office wires.

We think she did a great job - it's a complete transformation!

4. DIY desk organiser (made with toilet rolls!)

We love anything that involves upcycling and recycling here at Expert Home Tips, so when we saw Little Crafties DIY Desk Organiser video we just had to share it with you!

All you need are some empty toilet rolls, wrapping paper, card and a bit of string.

You won't believe what you can make from such simple materials.

Get more toilet roll tube ideas in Anushka's blog post.

5. IKEA Pegboard office inspiration

ikea pegboard office organisation
SO pretty!

Who doesn't love a bit of IKEA? They have products to solve pretty much any organisational problem, whether big or small.

Today, we're sharing one of our favourites with you - the IKEA pegboard.

These are great for tidying up your desk, as they'll give you more vertical space to play with. Plus, they're completely customisable, so the options are endless!

6. How to hide a printer

printer cover diy
We think this is just genius!

I think we can all agree, printers aren't the most attractive thing in the world.

The girls at The DIY Playbook had a brilliant idea to hide this bulky appliance inside a wicker storage box.

It's surprisingly easy and looks amazing! Head over to their blog to get the full tutorial.

7. DIY cord organiser with binder clips

cord organiser bulldog clips
Such a great idea! ©EverydayDishe

It's time to put all those binder/bulldog clips to use whilst organising your workspace at the same time.

Binder clips are pretty strong, and the metal hoop means they're the perfect solution for keeping all your cables tidy.

Thread the ends of your wires through the metal loop, then attach the bulldog clips to the side of your desk.

Want to take this a step further?

Label each bulldog clip and you'll have the most organised office around!

8. Jam jar/Mason jar storage

If you're looking for simple office organisation ideas, Mason jars will be your best friend.

They're great for keeping all sorts of things nice and tidy, including pens, rulers and elastic bands. Plus, who doesn't love a bit of Mason jar decor?! 

Want more? Discover 57 more ways to use empty jars in our other blog post.

9. Declutter your desk with an upcycled shutter

upcycled shutter office
A desk of dreams!

If you love a seaside or chabby-chic theme, you'll love Beachcomber's upcycled shutter tutorial.

Not only does an old shutter make a delightful workspace backdrop, but it serves as a surprisingly practical clutter solution too.

On each ridge, you can use clips, over-the-door hooks and more to get your office supplies organised in the prettiest of ways.

10. Cereal box drawer organiser

Office organisation really doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, simple supplies such as cereal boxes are often all you need to DIY yourself some storage solutions.

Watch the video above to learn how to craft yourself the easiest (and cheapest) drawer organiser ever.

11. DIY magnet board (using an old pizza tray!)

diy magnet board pizza tray
What a pizza-tray transformation!

Now, this has got to be one of our favourite workspace ideas. Incredibly, this beautiful magnetic board was crafted from an old pizza tray!

You can find the tutorial to this gorgeous DIY at Home Talk.  Although it looks almost artisan in nature, all you need to one for your own home office are some paints, ribbon and magnets.

We can't wait to make ours.

12. Washi tape cord labels will make your office tidy

washi tape wire labels
So organised! ©CrazyOrganised

Have you heard of Washi tape? It's a special kind of tape, with one sticky side and one side you can write on. It's often bright in colour, or even patterned, and everyone from kids to grown-ups seem to love it.

It's no wonder, as not only does it look pretty, but it can be super useful. You can use Washi tape to organise the cables in your office, by giving each one a label.

13. Muffin tin desk organiser

No time to lose? Get quick office organisation fast with a muffin tin.

They'll fit snugly inside most drawers, and the compartments are the perfect solution for all your paper clips, rubbers, ink cartridges and more.

Check out our other uses for muffin tins for more great ideas.

14. Hanging desk storage

hanging desk storage diy
Now that's pretty neat!

For those of us who are not blessed with huge home office spaces, every inch of surface space counts.

If you're tight for desk space, consider extending your storage options with some hanging desk organisers.

This is just one of the amazing ideas you can find over at Brit + Co. Believe it or not, they used tin cans and paint to make this stylish solution!

15. DIY alphabetical pinboard

diy pinboard alphabetical office
How cool is that

There are pinboards, and then there are pinboards.

Look What I Made's is pretty special. The alphabetical corkboard is ideal for keeping all your notes, to-do lists and photos tidy, with the added bonus of looking completely delightful.

16. Magnetic knife rack

We can't get enough of IKEA's magnetic knife racks. They're a bargain at just over £10, and so versatile around the home.

In your office, you can attach a magnetic knife rack to the side of your desk for storing all sorts of things from pens to paperclips.

17. DIY shoe box charging station

DIY charging station desk organiser
So much tidier

There's one thing most offices, whether at home, or at work, have in common - there are cables and lots of them.

That's why we love Everyday Family's DIY shoe box charging station. All you need is an empty shoe box and some curtain rings to create this amazing solution to all your wire issues.

It looks great, and is a neat and tidy way to keep all your electricals charged without the mess.

18. Office organisation ideas for all those photos

string peg picture holder office ideas
On display but out of the way!

We all like a bit of desk personalisation, but let's face it, all those family pictures and kids' drawings can leave our workspace looking rather cluttered.

The answer?

A simple string and peg holder. These couldn't be easier to make and will keep all your clutter out the way whilst still being on display.

Get the tutorial for this charming project at The Painted Hive.

19. Office chalkboard 'command centre'

office chalkboard diy
What office-dreams are made of!

Here's another wonderful idea to help get organised in your office - a chalkboard 'command centre'.

This is, in essence, a huge chalkboard with plans, to-do lists, pen pots, and anything else you may need up on the wall. It's out the way, clearly visible, and highly customisable making it a practical solution to our ever-changing, busy lives.

Want one? Get the tutorial at Beneath My Heart.

We hope you enjoyed our office organisation ideas! Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

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  1. Author John Helicopter Panache on May 20, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    I have an office-cum-workshop only five feet square, so it very soon gets cluttered. I have pegboards, magnetic knife racks, home-made tubular pen/pencil/paintbrush holders. I have toolboxes galore and many, many multi-compartment organiser boxes (stackable). Overhead butcher's hooks hanging from wardrobe rail... There's still not enough storage in here! I'm planning on making some smaller shelves to fit on the shelves I already have, for items that don't stack on top of each other without being inclined to slip and fall off. I'm eying up some of those thin wood produce boxes you see on the market, to source the timber.

    1. Author Stephanie C on May 21, 2018 at 10:08 am

      Hi John. Thanks so much for your comment - it's amazing to hear about all the changes you've made to transform your office into a more practical, functional space. We'd love to see some pictures. Good luck with the shelves :)

  2. Author Hothead123Boom on November 13, 2018 at 11:27 am

    Use old cups, pots and cans to make pencil and stationary holders. You can paint them, put stickers or decorate any other way. You can also get a shoe box and turn it into ruler holders.

    1. Author Joanne A on November 14, 2018 at 9:18 am

      That's a wonderful idea! Thanks for the tip.


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