How To Stop Hair Breakage: 10 Quick Tips For Healthy Locks

How To Stop Hair Breakage: 10 Quick Tips For Healthy Locks

You're getting ready for a big night out — trying to tease your hair into a ponytail — and then you notice it. Your hairbrush has enough stands in it to make a small wig. But, unfortunately, every time you run it through your hair, the ends snap, and you're dealing with significant breakages. So, while you might think that you've been taking good care of your hair, this picture tells a somewhat different story. So, do you know how to stop hair breakage for good?

Luckily, we've got you covered. In the following guide, we will look at ways to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. From natural remedies to the odd breakage treatment, here's everything you need to know to get those luscious locks.

1. Lower your stress levels 

We won't lie here — modern life is stressful. From having emails pop up on our phone 24/7 to managing the home, many of us find it hard to switch off and relax. If your stress levels are going through the roof, that is terrible news for your hair. Scientific research suggests high cortisol levels (the stress hormone) can lead to hair breakage.

Of course, it's not always easy to lower your stress levels. However, there are plenty of tricks you can try. For example, you may want to avoid technology after a specific time each evening, allowing your brain to have some screen-free time to wind down. Additionally, it could be worth looking at meditation, spending time in the great outdoors, and reading more.

2. Stop brushing your hair when it's wet

When we talk about how to stop hair breakage naturally, there's one point that comes up repeatedly. If you get out of the shower or bath and immediately brush your hair before drying it, you may be contributing to the problem. Your hair tends to be weaker when it is wet. That means that it will break easily when you make this mistake. To avoid more hair loss, allow your hair to dry naturally without putting it under too much pressure.

3. Avoid too many chemical treatments

Do you have relaxed hair or a perm? While these common treatments can make your locks look beautiful, you may want to avoid having them too often. A small case study found that 47% of women who had had a chemical relaxing treatment suffered hair loss. Of course, that doesn't mean you can never have these treatments, but be wary of them.

If you frequently go to the hairdresser and have a chemical treatment (such as a perm or relaxed hair), you might want to look at alternatives. Speaking to your stylist about this issue is the way to go. Ask them how long you should take as a break between treatments. While you may want to keep up your routine, you must consider your hair.

4. Quit wearing hair extensions

If you love nothing more than wearing hair extensions when you go out and about, it's time to change your ways. These hair accessories can put extra pressure on the roots and midpoints of your hair. Since your natural hair strands have to bear the weight of the extensions, they start to split and get weaker in time. When that happens, they may break.

5. Allow your hair to dry naturally

Heat can be a killer for hair! If you want to know how to stop hair breakage fast, there's a straightforward tip you cannot overlook. When you have washed your hair, you should always aim to leave it to dry naturally. That may be tricky when you are in a rush or it's cold outside. It's fair to say that you may need to use the old hairdryer sometimes.

However, to keep your hair as solid and glossy as possible, you should not apply too much heat. For the best results, you can dry your hair using an old t-shirt and then leave it to dry naturally. When using a hairdryer, make sure you also use some heat protection spray and opt for the lowest heat setting. It will make a difference!

6. Don't use elastic hair ties!

Are you rocking the high ponytail look? That's great — except if you choose to use elastic hair ties. These bands can be terrible for your hair, creating small breaks that weaken it. You don't have to change your style here. Learning how to prevent hair breakage from ponytails is the answer. For example, you can use scrunchies rather than elastic hair ties. On the other hand, you may also find it helpful to tie your ponytail more loosely than you usually would. That way, it won't harm your hair.

7. Brush your hair less often

How often do you brush your hair? It might seem an odd question, but humour us and answer it. If you brush it multiple times a day, that may be contributing to your hair loss. A small clinical trial shows a "significant association" between hair brushing and hair loss. So whenever possible, allow your hair to be natural and tidy it with your hands.

8. Don't sleep with wet hair

As we have already discussed, wet hair tends to be weaker than dry hair. Therefore, you don't want to go to bed when your hair is damp. If you are a light sleeper — who tosses and turns in the night — you might find that you pull on your hair as you do so. While you can learn how to wrap hair to prevent breakage, the best thing you can do is avoid going to bed with wet hair entirely. Make sure it is 100% dry before you hit the hay!

9. Make sure you're eating well

Yes, it should be no surprise that your nutrition directly impacts your hair's health. Research suggests that nutrient deficiencies are linked to hair loss and, of course, hair breakage. So, the question begs to be asked, are you eating a balanced diet? The answer is almost certainly no, as few of us manage to get all the necessary vitamins.

Why not take the chance to look at your current eating plan and see where it can be improved? You can look at the government-backed EatWell Guide if you are unsure where to start. While overhauling your diet overnight is unmanageable, small changes you can make will help you get more of the good stuff you need.

10. Don't use too many products

Are you something of a hair product fiend? If you have a shelf full of hairsprays, gels, fixers, holders, and everything in between, it may be time to cool things off. Using too many products on your hair could weaken it. Chances are, you have zero clue what chemicals and ingredients are in each product you use. With that in mind, you might not know what you're putting into your hair. Sometimes, less is more.

Say hello to your new, beautiful hair! In this guide, we have covered how to stop hair breakage fast. You may already be doing some of these top tips. However, we are confident that there are easy ways to improve your hair's health. Why not start today?


Do you have a hair-related question that we missed? Don't panic. Here are the answers to a few of the most frequently asked questions about getting that healthy hair you deserve.

What is the main cause of hair breakage?

While there could be many causes of hair breakage, two of the most common problems are over-brushing and heat. If you tend to style your hair daily, you may find that each strand becomes weaker in time. Give it a rest!

Can breakage hair grow back?

The short answer is yes! When you damage your hair and it breaks, that is not the end of the story. If you give your hair a break from styling, heat, brushing, and products, you should find that it starts to grow back stronger than it was before.

Does breakage mean your hair is unhealthy?

Hair breakage is a sign that your hair is stressed or that your body doesn't have the nutrients it needs. So when you notice that your hair is breaking and weak, you should do something about it. Take a look at our tips to help you get things back on track.

Which of these tips will you be implementing in your routine? Let us know in the comments below! 

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