25 Terrific Travel Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

25 Terrific Travel Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday

Holiday season is nearly upon us and soon you'll be driving/flying/train-tripping to some serious rest and relaxation. Check out these top travel tips to help you before, during and after your trip.

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Before you go

1. Find earplugs & sleep masks

sleep mask
Get some beauty sleep.

If you're staying somewhere noisy, or in a room with other travellers then don't forget to pack earplugs and eye patches. This will mean you'll get a good night's sleep wherever you go, and be well-rested for the day's activities.

2. Pack like a pro

packing tips
Make use of the space inside shoes and wrap belts around collars.

An expertly packed case can make all the difference! 

With all that extra space, you'll have room for those must-have trinkets that you find in the local shops. 

3. Scan passport & travel documents

Give copies of this important information to your family, friends or neighbours, so if you happen to lose them, you'll be able to access them easily.

4. Make up a mini medical kit

medical kit
You never know!

Be prepared (as sensible scouts would say) and pack yourself a little kit filled with all the things you might need if there's a small medical problem. Think plasters, bandages, allergy tablets - whatever you might need. Don't forget to check the local laws before adding medicines to your kit - thanks to EHT reader Michael for suggesting this in the comments below.

5. Grab a Pashmina scarf

It's a good idea to pack a big Pashmina scarf (or sarong) to keep you warm at night, or use as a blanket for sitting and taking in beautiful vistas. You can also be sheltered from the heat of the sun and carry things around in it - there are so many uses for this item of clothing.

6. Learn some useful phrases

Don't worry about learning the whole language - but No, Yes and Thank you are a great start. The locals will appreciate the effort and you will be able to fend away any people who may try to sell you things with ease.

7. Don't pack new clothes

new clothes
Stick to what you know.

How will you know if those shiny pretty shoes pinch, or if that fancy new dress is too tight? Only pack clothes that you know and love - don't waste any space in your bag with items that may not be how you want them to be on holiday.

8. Get all the laundry done

laundry basket
Empty that basket!

As annoying as laundry is, you're going to have enough items to wash when you come back from your holiday, so make sure that basket is empty before you go!

While you're there

9. Save money

 Save those pennies!

You don't need to spend the earth to have a good time on holiday. There are plenty of ways to save money

Why not make your own packed lunches by taking a trip to a local supermarket? Or maybe you can take advantage of a free hotel breakfast?

10. Hide emergency money

Hide some cash somewhere in case you get your purse or wallet stolen. Consider an empty suntan lotion bottle, or under shoe inserts as amazing secret hiding spots. You can even buy special items to hide your things in - but I'm sure you can make them yourself!

11. Learn how much a taxi should cost

Don't be fooled by cheeky taxi-drivers, ask them to use the meter when you make a journey. It's also worth having a quick web search to find out how much a local taxi SHOULD cost before you get in one.

12. Grocery shop

shopping list
Grocery shopping is all part of the experience!

Find local cuisine in local grocery shops. You'll also save yourself a lot of money on food - and sourcing exciting new snacks for a delicious (and cheap) picnic is a great way to soak up the local food culture.

13. Speak to the locals

Be smart and speak to the people in the know - shopkeepers, bar-staff - whoever. You'll be able to learn about secret beauty spots and exciting places to visit where your average holiday-maker won't be!

14. Eat & drink like a local

Maybe you'll find a retro bar?

Just like the tip above, don't forget to note down where local people like to eat - restaurants, cafes and bars. The food will be cheaper, which will save you money for super-fun holiday activities instead.

15. Carry baby wipes

Baby wipes are essential for all travellers. You never know when you might need to clean, remove stains and they're handy for the beach!

16. Look out for free maps

Don't buy a map - or waste battery on your phone looking at one. Grab a map from tourism offices, airports and shops.

17. Take photos

A camera is essential.

If you think you should be taking photos, then take photos! You don't want to get back and regret that photo you didn't take.

When you come back

18. Make your first meal healthy

Get some vegetables back in your system!

Munch on a light meal when you first get back, preferably containing vegetables. You'll feel better for it, especially if you've been eating rich foods on holiday.

19. A day to relax

Don't force yourself back into work when you're not ready. If you can, take a day off before returning - this will give you a chance to get back into the swing of things. If you're coming back at the weekend, consider coming back on a Saturday.

20. Get over jet-lag

If you've travelled different time zone you need to get back to your normal sleep pattern fast. If it means going to bed a bit earlier then do it - and use light and dark to reset your body clock.

21. Enjoy a quick jog

running shoes
Get your running shoes on!

Combat those post-holiday blues with a wee bit of exercise. Go for a quick jog or head out for a walk to help you raise your endorphins levels - it might also help shift any extra pounds you've acquired from holiday gorging!

22. Stay away from work e-mails

Avoid heading straight back into work-mode. Save it for when you're at your desk. You'll only be in tears as soon as you open Outlook.

23. Do your laundry

Keep on top of it.

Don't put off doing your laundry, you'll only regret it! If you're struggling with jet-lag, it might be a great way to help you stay awake. Just try not to fall asleep in a pile of your freshly tumble-dried clothes. Thanks to reader Gareth for this helpful tip!

24. Treat yourself

You're not back at work yet - give yourself a little treat while you're still in holiday mode. Why not have a cheeky glass of wine or an indulgent dessert with dinner? Thanks to reader John for his great tip.

25. No photos

holiday photos
Don't be sad that it's over!

NEVER look at your holiday snaps as soon as you get back, you'll only end up feeling depressed about how different your life was yesterday. Put them away for a week, until you've acclimatised to every-day life and can look back in happiness, instead of weeping uncontrollably.

Hope you've enjoyed these tips!

If you've got one, let me know in the comments below...

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  1. Author Michael on May 28, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Check the local laws before putting medicines in your first aid kit. Some countries have Cocodamol as a class A drug !!!

    1. Author Colleen B on May 29, 2015 at 11:44 am

      Wow, thanks so much for that Michael - wouldn't want to make that mistake. Will add that to the article right now!


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