Free Giveaway: Retro Travel Mug

Retro Travel Mug giveaway

SORRY – this competition has ended. We’ve got a brand new giveaway for October to win 1 of 30 Retro Travel Mugs. You could bag one of three beautiful designs. Enter below!

Brighten up your day with a colourful retro travel mug designed by Cambridge, perfect for those grey mornings when you just need a lovely comforting hot drink.

The silicone grip makes it safe to hold and your drinks will stay hotter for longer as your mug has thermal insulation. It’s made out of recycled bamboo so that’s great news for our environment!

Want to get your mitts on a stylish Retro Travel Mug? Join our handy household tips newsletter below. Winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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  1. 1 Pawel Reply

    Hi i would like to become a retro travel mug from you for free to test it.
    Im from poland i have problem here to make it done.
    Can i become it when i send you my address to email?

      1. 3 Tracee Higgins Reply

        I would love to have that mug because I love my hot coffee when its cold. All of the other cups I have had did not do what they said they would do. That is terrible.

      1. 38 Tracee Higgins Reply

        I would love to use this cup. I hope it keeps my coffee hot. All of the other ones didn’t do what they said they would do. They didn’t keep my coffee hot at all. I really hope this one really works. If it does I will feel all of my buddy’s in on it. They will sale great then. Thank you so very much!

  2. 42 Elaine Fitte Reply

    I love the retro travel mugs. They look cool and practical. Winning one would make my day as I don’t win many competitions Collen.

  3. 46 Katie Reply

    I would like a retro cup but I never seem to win anything but it would be nice as I could do with a nice cup for my car for when I take my animals on there holidays

  4. 48 Helen Reply

    I would love one of these for work as the drinks machines are so expensive and not really that nice I could take my own cuppa with me

  5. 66 Yvonne Thompson Reply

    I am in the process of moving and as yet I can’t make a hot drink. Am trying to decorate in an empty shell of my new house with no heating so if I had one of these mugs I could make a nice hot drink at home before going to new house , it would keep it nice and hot for ages. Perfect.

  6. 72 Janet Wade Reply

    Hi, I would love to win one of the travel mugs, it would be very handy on the cold mornings, when I am out walking my two dogs, thank you.

  7. 76 Tricia Johnson Reply

    I travel a lot in the car and support my local rugby team who play in black and white, so I would love that design of cup for my journeys between sites I work for

  8. 82 Sandra Reply

    All of them look beautiful, but the pink one is my favourite. An hot tea in one of these amazing mugs while I’m going to work will be nice, and all my colleagues will be jealous and ask where I bought it…

  9. 84 Nina james Reply

    I would love t win a cup thank u x only just found out I been entering the comps wrong and just putting my address in all the time thinking this is how u enter not realising u have t comment silly me x

  10. 144 Leah Fossey Reply

    Hey, i would love a free travel mug as I like to take fruit teas and hot chocolate in with me to my 9am Lectures (and I have quite a few 9ams!). I have one travel mug but it doesn’t keep my drinks warm for get long… I would be more than happy to receive one and give feedback

  11. 150 Donna Wetter Reply

    It would be great to have one of these mugs as my daughter has to be out the door for school and has to get on two buses. A nice hot choccy drink would put a smile on her face

  12. 166 Sophie Reply

    I would like to have a travel mug as I walk to college early in the morning when it is really cold and horrible. I leave at 6 am and could do with the warmth of a tea going through me

  13. 176 Elenor Reply

    Would love a travel mug as a busy mum im always on the go and would be nice to have a little comfort of a hot drink to carry with me on the go please.

      1. 180 lu53 Reply

        Oh I would just lov this mug please great. For my hubby up on the farm in the early mornings.l just hand him out a bottle or anything that he can dispose of😬 this is perfect.

  14. 210 Danielle Dingsdale Reply

    This would make an ideal pressie for my mum as. She’s gonna be spending a lot of time in an out of hospital over the next few months. I would really appreciate it if would consider me plz xx thanks

  15. 212 Shawsy Reply

    Hi do you just have to fill in your address and that to enter for the travel mug, or do you have to do something else, because ive entered the details it asked, but ive seen people putting comments that they want one do you have to put something down, Ive been looking to get a travel mug for a while now put have kept putting it off seeing my friends gave me the idea I wanted one because they look handy, let me knoe if I need to do anything else pelase, Thank You

    1. 213 Colleen B Reply

      Hi Shawsy, all you have to do is enter your details in the easy form so we’ll be able to send you the prize if you’re a lucky winner. Good luck!

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