Free Giveaway: Retro Travel Mugs

travel mug competition

We’ve got a brand new giveaway for November to win 1 of 30 Retro Travel Mugs. You could bag one of three beautiful designs. Enter below!

Brighten up your day with a colourful retro travel mug designed by Cambridge, perfect for those grey mornings when you just need a lovely comforting hot drink.

The silicone grip makes it safe to hold and your drinks will stay hotter for longer as your mug has thermal insulation. It’s made out of recycled bamboo so that’s great news for our environment!

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Good luck!

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  1. 14 Adella Leiser Reply

    I definitely need one of these as I am the most clumsily person EVER and if there is a drink to be spilt I will spill it so if I had one of these with a lid on I have less chance of spilling it surely!! 😁 and it would also be great on my mobility scooter or for in my wheelchair too.

  2. 17 Cindy Lawrence Reply

    Would be lovely to own one of your mugs so much better than than drinking out of dissposible cardboard/plastic thanks for the opportunity

  3. 45 Ms K FLETT Reply

    Aboit to have major cardiac surgery and literally not allowed to lift anything heavier than a cup so these mugs would be perfect. Also i can safely use it out in my wheelchairinstead of having cardboard cups precariously squashed between my knees

  4. 56 Debra C Shewmaker Reply

    I guess this is not for people who live in the United States. Won’except my postal code(64507). But I still love this cup.

  5. 77 Dawn Reply

    Your website wouldn’t let me enter my postal code. It keeps saying please enter correct postal code. 55411 is my postal code! Iv’e lived here for almost 4 years! So i couldn’t enter the sweepstakes 😩

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