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Enter our brand new, cleaning competition to win a JML Wonderbroom Multi-Purpose Broom by telling us your ultimate cleaning tip of all time.

Do you consider yourself a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning? Or perhaps you’re a super busy Mum that still manages to keep the house looking presentable?

Whoever you are, if you clean, we want to hear from you. Expert Home Tips are on the lookout for the ULTIMATE cleaning tips of all time, from real people, just like you.

Whether it’s a cleaning tip to banish spaghetti stains, remove gruesome grime or get shining silver surfaces – if it works, we want to hear it.

Want to win your very own JML Wonderbroom?

Comment below with your ultimate cleaning tip of all time!


A little bit about the prize

Every home needs a JML Wonderbroom. This revolutionary product can tackle both wet and dry surfaces and even has a built in squeegee for splashes and spills. Its electro-static bristles actually attract dirt, making picking up pet hair and other debris easier than ever. Sweeping is a breeze with a Wonderbroom!


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The results:
A huge thank you to everyone who entered our competition to win a JML Wonderbroom. We were really overwhelmed by the number and quality of cleaning tips sent in – our readers really are cleaning pros!

Without further ado, I present our winning cleaning tip:

Put the washing machine detergent drawer through the dishwasher every couple of weeks, keeps it clean, Mould free and prevents any build up of products. Alternatively if it’s still in need of more cleaning after the dishwasher then use an old toothbrush and/or cotton buds to get in the harder to reach areas – Kirsty Taylor

We all know how tricky it can be to keep washing machines clean – Kirsty’s tip certainly makes this easier. We hope you enjoy your JML Wonderbroom Kirsty – you certainly deserve it!

For a full guide to cleaning your washing machine, check out Collette’s article.

Special mention goes to the following, runner-up cleaning tips:

Don’t have kids, pets or husbands! Alcohol hand sanitizer will remove almost anything from marker pen to chewing gum. Also putty will get into crevices you can’t such as between buttons on the radio in the car! – Michelle

If only it were that easy, Michelle! If you do have fluffy friends, check out our 19 cleaning tips for pet owners for some extra help.

I’m sure someone has already said something similar, but there are so many comments to wade through! Avoid spending on bottles and bottles of household cleaner.. Save citrus peels in a jar (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit.. whatever you like to eat/smell) and cover when full with white vinegar (you can add some cloves, rosemary or essential oils if you like). Keep for two weeks. Strain. Put in an empty spray bottle and top up with water. Perfect for everywhere! (And it doesn’t small of vinegar, promise!) – Kim

Kudos to Kim for being so inventive with her tip. Learn more uses for leftover fruit and veg peel in our article.

Peanut butter is great for getting any sticky residue of things. Rub it on with a soft cloth then wash. – Robyn Clarke

Although we love the sound of this tip, Robyn (we are onboard with anything that involves peanut butter), we were a little dubious.

For weird but wonderful cleaning tips, check out these foods that make surprisingly excellent cleaning products.


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  1. 4 Erica Terry-Rose Reply

    Vodka makes a wonderful window cleaner… As well as a refreshing drink for all your hard work with the housecleaning 😉 “One spray for the window, two sprays for me” 😂

  2. 13 Karen Painter Reply

    Place Aluminium Foil on all cooking trays and grill pans before you use them, once you’ve finished cooking just screw up the foil and your trays will be ready to use again and again without needing to wash them and no stubborn stains left behind either.

  3. 19 Natalie J Reply

    Tissue paper is the best for polishing mirrors and taps, gives you a streak free shine that will pass even an army inspection 👌

  4. 26 Ian cheyne Reply

    Cut of bottom of 2lt bottle of coke and use to unblock a toilet as the air pushes blockage away. Please note other brands of fizzy pop are available

  5. 29 Tracy Nixon Reply

    Never do the mistake of vacuuming before you’ve wiped down the surfaces. Crumbs and particles will fall to the floor while you’re cleaning.

  6. 31 Julie Shearer Reply

    If you have a textured kitchen sink that looks dull and water marked, coat it in cooking oil, leave for an hour or so and wash off, it will come up looking like new.

  7. 32 Sheila Milne Reply

    Have a schedule of essential daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks to make sure everything is cleaned regularly but not excessively!

  8. 33 Lauretta Reply

    Every couple of years I go through my cupboards for out of date items such as vinegar / baking powder / bicarbonate of soda & then google things to use them up…have found fantastic ways to clean the house with them all….

  9. 34 Fiona King Reply

    I set the alarm 5-10 mins earlier during the week so as to do a bit of cleaning before going to work. It is a mini workout, sets me up for the day and avoids having to do chores when I get home

  10. 40 Sarah Mackay Reply

    To get rid of an odourless spot in the carpet, cover it with bicarbonate soda and then pour on vinegar and leave for 10 min and scrub off

  11. 48 Shellie Macdellie Young Reply

    Got this broom it’s amazing. My tip is get the kids involved my daughter loves this broom won’t let me use it lol

  12. 59 Rachel Craig Reply

    I make use of Milton (liquid or tablets) to remove tea and coffee stains from cups and mugs. Just make it up as per dilution stated on pack. Fill cups and mugs with the solution :- can do one at a time, or several, whatever is your preference. As the Milton solution can be used for many applications. I find leaving the solution in cup or mug for about ten minutes is sufficient time to remove any stains.

  13. 60 Emily Hallett Reply

    I do 30 minutes of cleaning a day so that I always keep on top of it. It’s amazing how much you can get done in half an hour.

  14. 61 Dwina Taylor Reply

    Baby wipes remove the toughest grease & grime so they are perfect for the stove top…also a great way to easily clean the microwave. Actually, I use them for everything! Once I’m done, a quick spray of detol antibac and everything is super clean.

  15. 62 Margaret gallagher Reply

    Put a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in your kettle -leave for a few moments -voila! Descaled and sparkling clean
    Works on stained cups too

  16. 63 JUDY BOOTH Reply

    If you have a blocked drain, use a swing bin liner over your arm, secure with an elastic band, and you have a full arm length rubber glove. Plus, don’t throw away old socks that have holes in them, use them for a disposable duster.

  17. 66 Susie M Reply

    Drop some essential oils on a piece of cotton wool and pop it in your vacuum cleaner cylinder. As you vacuum, the oils will scent the house.

  18. 80 Serena La Pietra Reply

    Service your hoover regularly, change filters, empty often and check for blockages. Surprisingly, it makes a huge difference to it’s efficiency.



  20. 88 Helen Rodwell Reply

    Make it a job and game for the whole family, bribing them with the reward of a takeaway. It’s a win/win –
    they’ll gladly help with the cleaning and you don’t have to cook dinner either.

  21. 95 Tunde Toth Reply

    To disinfect the washing up sponges just put them in the microwave slightly wet for a minute. Kills the germs then you can straight away wipe out the microwave with it. Two birds with one stone.

  22. 96 Sanam Reply

    When you notice your drain is starting to clog, a 1/2 cup of baking soda down it, followed by a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Cover with a wet cloth to contain the science fair-like effects. Wait five minutes and then flush with hot water.

  23. 98 Cathy Graham Reply

    Turn off social media, seriously people do not need a blow by blow account of your cleaning habits and you get the jib done much quicker!😂

  24. 100 SARAH BIRKETT Reply

    Create a routine and do the jobs in the same order, Also play loud music ( rock or power ballads etc ), and it speeds you up

  25. 101 Stacey Carnell Reply

    Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be, example, whilst you are waiting for the kettle to boil for a brew, empty the dishwasher 😉

  26. 103 lyn burgess Reply

    Don’t put it down – put it away. If you tidy up as you go along , it is so much easier. And get the children into the same good habit too.

  27. 105 Jane Allen Reply

    White vinegar. Use it to descale kettles, coffee machines, irons. Run a hot wash with a couple of cups to deodorise and descale the washing machine, add it to hot water with a squeeze of washing up liquid for cleaning windows (final polish with old newspaper to make it streak free). It’s cheap and effective.

  28. 109 Laurna Tillier Reply

    mix some of you favourite Zoflora disinfectant with water in a spray bottle and spray around your home for a wonderful long lasting scent.

  29. 112 Sham Reply

    Clean up as you go along that way it doesn’t add up. And it’s easier to keep the house tidy. Get kids involved with tidying up. Make it fun. Put tidy up time music and set them a time to get it done in.

  30. 114 Neil Davies Reply

    a well chewed piece of gum or a piece of blu tack works wonders at removing dust from tight spots, ie car interiors, when rolled over the raea

  31. 121 Joo Dee Reply

    i use a soft brush attachment on the hoover to dust up the dust first, then use a damp cloth to wipe the surface, stops dust being pushed about before polishing

  32. 125 Janie-Fleur Matcham Reply

    non gel tooth pasted rubbed in to old cup rings on wood will remove the ring, A cap cheap mouthwash placed into the drawer of the washing machine will kill bad smells and clean the machine

  33. 130 fiona cullen Reply

    declutter and have a place for everything-if its not useful or beautiful get rid of it! much easier to clean a de-cluttered home,just tidy as you go

  34. 132 Kerry Reply

    When putting bedding away fold & put the duvet cover & matching sheet & pillow case in to 1 of the pillow cases so much easier to find no more searching for sets & a tidy linen cupboard 😁

  35. 133 Kerry Reply

    Put some tumble drier sheets or mix some of your fabric softner with water and spray on to some kitchen roll or a hanky and place on top or behind your radiators makes the house smell lovely & scent lasts for ages

  36. 134 Bonnie Knight Reply

    I have a few, but this is my latest…. Awkward areas the vacuum cleaner can’t quite manage, even with all the accessories?! Try a toilet paper or kitchen roll tube on the end of the hose, you can shape it to fit almost any nook or cranny.

  37. 136 Sue Cook Reply

    Always keep a wedge of lemon in the cutlery section of the dishwasher, replace after a couple of washes, this keeps the dishwasher smelling fresh and makes the cutlery shine.

  38. 137 Sajda Raza Reply

    To clean a microwave put a damp cloth in and put microwave on for 30 seconds to a minute depending on how dirty it is.Wait 30 seconds before opening door,clean stubborn stains away with cloth,no need for any fancy detergents or expensive sprays

  39. 138 Hazel Grant Reply

    To remove stains from clothing, apply a little washing up liquid on a cloth with some COLD water and rub stain – put garment in washing machine on your normal programme and you will find, in most cases, the stain will be removed! Can’t guarantee it will work on every stain but I have had a lot of success doing this over many years!

  40. 139 Jules Reply

    Tiny drop of baby oil on a micro cloth to make stainless steel shine..
    Also lenor unstoppables , Hoover a few up and it turns the hoover into an air freshener as u vac leaving every room smelling fresh..

  41. 142 Jo Carroll Reply

    Always sweep toward the center of the room, sweeping away from your body, pushing dirt into a pile, then use a dustpan and brush to pick up the debris…otherwise you get a temptation to brush things into nooks and crannys 😉

  42. 143 Iris Tilley Reply

    Whatever solution I’m using I always make sure it has a fragrance so it can freshen up the room same time as cleaning it

  43. 146 Helen Reply

    Mire of a fix for after cleaning lol but if your a messy cleaner when it comes to getting bleach on your fave clothes like i often do, just grab a sharpie pen closest to the colour of your clithes colour in the bleach mark and vwola you can no longer see the damage my fave black jeans look good as new lol xx

  44. 150 Janice Dunn Reply

    Rubbing toothpaste on chrome taps really brings out the shine, also spray some furniture polish on your radiator for a lovely long lasting clean scent

  45. 152 Helen Swales Reply

    To clean dirty marks from walls, always make sure your cloth has plenty of washing up liquid on it, otherwise your cloth will just rub off the paint.

  46. 154 Geeta Nosib Reply

    Some baling powder and vinegar cleans the sink, the shower, cooker and even in washing your emachine. Oil will get chewing gum from hair and ice cube on carpet.

  47. 155 paula trickey Reply

    Everyone has toothpaste in their home, and you can use it to clean not just your teeth but all sorts of marks around the home.

  48. 160 Roger Neal Reply

    Put half a cupful white vinegar in you washing machine when in use it helps to beak down the lime scale in the machine also good for you whites.

  49. 162 Hazel Rea Reply

    For easy (and eco) cleaning of the outside of your windows wait until immediately after a rainstorm and simply squeegee them – no smears, sparkling windows and saves a lot of time.

  50. 164 Natalie Blyth Reply

    To remove coffee stains Flush with cold water and spot clean with a solution of washing detergent but not soap. If staining remains, soak in a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water

  51. 165 Christine Taylor Reply

    For shiny taps use a little toothpaste and gently rub with toilet tissue! No need to dig out that bag of cleaning products!

  52. 167 Adele Reply

    My favourite item to clean with is white distilled vinegar – use it for loads of jobs in the house.
    1) When your kettle needs descaling just put about 1/2 a cup of the vinegar in the base of the kettle then fill with cold water, leave over night then rinse a few times the next morning. Scale will be all gone.

  53. 168 Alica Reply

    Removing pet hair is rather easy! All you need is a pair of rubber gloves and some water. Run your hand over the upholstery and the hair with cling to the damp glove. 🙂

  54. 169 ROCHELLE LEAR Reply

    I only spend 2 hours a week on cleaning the house on a Saturday morning , everything gets a light going over – but one room will get a really thorough deep clean, I do this in rotation so each room eventually gets a once monthly deep clean. Working 60 hours a week including commuting, I’ve found this is the only way which really works well!

  55. 175 ELAINE THORNHILL Reply

    Soak oven shelves & greasy tins in hot water containing washing powder, just for a few hours & hey presto the grease lifts off them & they are just like new.

  56. 185 liz ferguson Reply

    Dont flit from one room to another, doing a job here and a job there – finish one room completely, then close the door and move onto the next – you feel like you are getting somewhere quicker – and vinegar cleans windows with a super shine x

  57. 186 Priscilla Stubbs Reply

    Can’t clean top of kitchen cupboards easily. I clean them and then place newspapers on the top of the cupboards and next time simply lift the dirty papers off and replace

  58. 187 Mrs n woods Reply

    Cut a fresh lemon in half and squeeze the juice into your bathroom sink and bath with the plyg in, leave for about 30 minutes and then wipe away the grime and limescale with kitchen roll to leave it all shiny!

  59. 188 Katie leavy Reply

    Lemon and salt to give your sink a shine as if brand new and use the leftover lemon in the bins to give them a nice fragrance

  60. 192 Kirsty Taylor Reply

    Cotton Buds are fantastic for cleaning in tiny hard to reach areas…. Sink over flow, frame corners, plug hole gaps. They can be soaked in cleaning products/vinegar/ whatever if just water isn’t enough to do the job, perfect for those little spaces and easy to throw away after

  61. 193 Kirsty Taylor Reply

    Put the washing machine detergent drawer through the dishwasher every couple of weeks, keeps it clean, Mould free and prevents any build up of products. Alternatively if it’s still in need of more cleaning after the dishwasher then use an old toothbrush and/or cotton buds to get in the harder to reach areas.

  62. 195 Solange Reply

    Use your washing powder as a general cleaner. It really cuts through dirt, grime and grease, very good on shower trays, baths and sinks. Put some down the loo and watch the stains disappear, no need for other high priced cleaners.

  63. 199 tina glover Reply

    I swear by white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for pretty much every stain going. Works wonder on collar stains on shirts and stubborn carpet stains. Its also great for mouldly bathrooms

  64. 202 Julie Kenny Reply

    For an environmentally friendly way to clean your bath. Cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle it with some salt and rub it around the bath. No harsh chemicals and it makes everything shine and smell lovely x

  65. 208 Toni Reply

    For cleaning the shower daily and quickly. Get a dish matic brush with non scratch head, fill 1/4 with white vinegar (distilled vinegar) and top the rest up with dish soap. Scrub shower screen, tiles, taps, and the tub then wash away. Result sparkling!!!

  66. 210 sallyanne betty Reply

    water white vinegar and a tiny bit of washing up liquid in an empy windowlene bottle spray on wipe over with kitchen roll and buff with a soft cloth sparkling windows and rain justs rolls off

  67. 216 Audrie Naylor Reply

    I always use the local Newspaper to clean the windows,and a drop of Vinegar, the windows come up a treat,and
    it cleans the windows inside and out and gets rid of all the grime. My mirrors get cleaned the same way.

  68. 217 Audrie Naylor Reply

    Keep an old toothbrush, the little brush works a miracle in all the corners,of your dish drainener’s,brings them up a treat,and I have one that I use for the bird feeders.

  69. 223 J Hafid Reply

    When cooking fill the washing up bowl before you start. Wash up and wipe down counters as you go along . So you’ve 90% cleaned up before you sit down to eat. Saves times and stress.

  70. 224 Helen Reply

    Tip from my window cleaner to get streak free, clean windows…..have one cloth to clean the windows, soaked in hot water with washing up liquid and then one dry cloth to dry/buff the windows, always be sure to completely dry the glass so that no water marks remain and your windows will be streak free…

  71. 226 Emma Reply

    White Vinegar, my Nanna used to say this all the time, White vingegar for pretty much everything and so far it’s worked! Thanks Nanna! ❤

  72. 227 Michelle Reply

    Don’t have kids, pets or husbands! Alcohol hand sanitizer will remove almost anything from marker pen to chewing gum. Also putty will get into crevices you can’t such as between buttons on the radio in the car!

  73. 229 Hannah Reply

    Use newspaper (and spray) to clean windows. Comes up streak clear! And when you have emptied your Hoover – Hoover up some washing powder to make it smell fresh again.

  74. 230 claire griffiths Reply

    cut a lemon i half and put in a bowl with some water and blast in microwave for around a min leaves it smelling fresh and stains etc so much easier to remove

  75. 232 Morowa Lawrence Reply

    To clean a dirty microwave cut a lemon in half. Put the microwave on for a minute, it will splutter and produce a citrus smell all over, (be careful it’s not to hot!).
    The condensation will allow you to simply wipe.
    100% natural

  76. 238 chris williams Reply

    To remove finger prints from stainless steel appliances, put a small amount of baby oil on to a microfibre cloth and wipe they’ll soon disappear.

  77. 239 Debbie W Reply

    Descale the kettle by mixing around a quarter of a bottle of white vinegar with a similar amount of water and boiling it up. If it doesn’t work fully the first time, add a little more water to cool it and then boil it back up. I have a glass kettle and live in a hard water area but I do this once a week and my kettle looks pristine. It works much better than shop bought descalers and is far cheaper too.

  78. 242 Carol Thomas Reply

    When cleaning the mirrors in the bathroom wipe them over first with some mens shaving foam or gel. Once done polish them up. Your mirrors will not steam up when you shower. Needs redoing every one to two weeks depending on how much the bathroom is used

  79. 243 shirley cooper Reply

    I use Asprin in my washing machine for the whites and its brings your white’s up nice and bright. I’ve also use bicarb soda to clean my sink and also use it in my machine for washing

  80. 244 Tracey Belcher Reply

    I read a tip once on using tumble dryer sheets for cleaning and OMG do they work! used on taps etc they really give a great shine! used in burnt pans – the mess just lifts off – they are so good

  81. 245 Rai Reply

    Clean up as you go, that way it’s a lot more managable. Also don’t waste money on separate bottles of kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner etc it’s all the same stuff.

  82. 246 Maureen M Reply

    Get everyone involved in the cleaning.Give them 5 mins to declutter a room of their things & 5 mins for a general tidy (maybe a small reward!).

  83. 248 Laura Corrall Reply

    To clean the microwave, half fill a bowl of warm water with a bit of lemon juice. Put it on for about 10 seconds. It’ll splash everywhere and loosen the muck. Wipe clean and breathe the fresh lemon scent.

  84. 252 Cheryl Potts Reply

    No need to purchase a special spray to clean mirrors , use a spray of air freshener and polish with a lint-free cloth.The room will smell nice too.

  85. 253 Gill Steadman Reply

    I use the stretchy hair elastics to hold a microfibre cloth on my broom to get rid of cobwebs high and low.
    (If you have hair elastics with a metal joiner ensure this is on the top of the broom, so you don’t do any damage with the metal joiner)
    These stretchy elastics are so handy and have many uses around the house.

  86. 258 Tracey Salmon Reply

    To remove smells and stains from Plastic cutting boards, sprinkles with salt or baking soda then rub over with a lemon which has been cut in half

  87. 262 Hannah Murphy Reply

    Smear toothpaste on the chrome taps and finishings in the bathroom, leave for 5 mins and rinse. Removes water marks and limescale leaving them super sparkly and smelling minty fresh

  88. 266 Sally Collingwood Reply

    Set yourself a period of time, I usually say one hour and then work like thunder for that hour only, set off armed with a couple of cloths, multi purpose cleaner and waste bags and knock yourself out. I feel so much better after a good clear up! Also try new products, it will keep your interest up.

  89. 270 Stephanie crawley Reply

    Wrap micro fibre cloths around a pair of kitchen tongs and secure with elastic bands. Quick and easy way to clean your blinds!

  90. 274 Kelly Martin Reply

    Put some lemon juice with water in a bowl, pop in the micrawave and micrawave for a couple of minutes to freshen and clean the inside of your micrawave.

  91. 277 Judy Hardie Reply

    If you get mould around your windows, clean mould off with a proper mould remover, then put some drops of tee tree oil on a clean dry cloth, and wipe it round the windows. The mould will not grow back.

  92. 281 Martina Sainter Reply

    I am part of the vertically challenged community. If you are too, here is my tip for cleaning your ceiling fan: Wrap a dryer sheet around a clean painting roller and secure the ends with rubber bands. Attach an extension handle to the roller and dust away.

  93. 282 Christine Evans Reply

    For streak-free glass, clean with one part vinegar to four parts water and then buff with a coffee filter paper or newspaper; hey presto! streak free and gleaming in no time!

  94. 286 emma Howard Reply

    After I use my face wipe in the morning I give the bathroom sink and taps a quick wipe round – means I have to give it a proper clean less often

  95. 288 Talula Cain Reply

    I use Zoflora to make my home smell lovely, just add it to really hot water, and throw in cleaning cloths and sponges at the same time to get them clean and smelling great!

  96. 307 JACKIE HARRISON Reply


  97. 308 Margaret gallagher Reply

    Stains be gone💥💥💦💦
    Mix whitebinegar andc sodum bicarbonate togethrr -Voila your stain is gone

    Works on clothes carpets tiled
    Also deodorises too

  98. 309 Lynne OConnor Reply

    Make things easier for yourself by cleaning up as you go along, keeping a set of cleaning products especially wipes and a dustpan & brush on each floor of your home so they’re always to hand

  99. 316 Val Calvert Reply

    Spray oven with white vinegar,put Bicarb powder on too and leave.depending how bad it is of course this should take about an hour.Wipe off and rinse

  100. 322 Christine Clarke Reply

    use white vinegar in rinsing water and also in the final rinse in the washing machine it removes all odours and makes everything sparkling and fresh

  101. 324 Jenny Jones Reply

    I use a small bit of babyoil on a cloth to polish up stainless steel, gives it a lovely shine and gets rid of grease and finger marks 🙂

  102. 325 Patricia Avery Reply

    Little and often and as you get older divide your house into zones and clean in rotation. At one time I could clean the whole house in one go. Now I have four zones so you can tell I’m getting on bit! (70 next month)

  103. 327 Jodie A Green Reply

    Natural products from the cupboards! perfect when you have 6 children to think of – wouldnt want harmful liquids around!

  104. 333 Bridget Willard Reply

    Get an empty spray bottle and fill it with 2 caps of Zoflora disinfectant and water and you have a universal cleaner that leaves a lovely smell behind when you do your chores

  105. 340 Maria Jane Knight Reply

    My ultimate cleaning tip is to use orange,lemon and lime wedges placed in a bowl or water then heated up in the microwave. The citrus and steam will make cleaning it a breeze and will leave it smelling incredible too!!

  106. 345 Kim Reply

    I’m sure someone has already said something similar, but there are so many comments to wade through! Avoid spending on bottles and bottles of household cleaner.. Save citrus peels in a jar (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit.. whatever you like to eat/smell) and cover when full with white vinegar (you can add some cloves, rosemary or essential oils if you like). Keep for two weeks. Strain. Put in an empty spray bottle and top up with water. Perfect for everywhere! (And it doesn’t small of vinegar, promise!)

  107. 348 Julie Camm Reply

    Pay someone else to do it (in my dreams). In reality it’s having cleaning stuff available upstairs and downstairs so I’m not having to prance up and down fetching stuff. Also old toothbrushes are brilliant for nooks and crannies.

  108. 350 champaklal lad Reply

    start hoovering when your nieces, nephews come to visit, they will do it for you, its a learning and I can do it too thing

  109. 354 Lyndsey Bruce Reply

    Mix white vinegar and baking soda together to create a paste, work it into upholstery, let it dry and hoover it up. It comes up lovely! 🙂

  110. 355 Laura Hood Reply

    My nana gave me a fab tip when cooking and left with food residue on pans /pots soak them in wash powder for about 5 mins then rinse throughly works a treat every time , air fresheners don’t buy them any more I use fabric conditioner diluted in water in a spray bottle lasts for ages x

  111. 360 Jennifer Baker Reply

    Baby wipes! I use them to wipe down more than just little bottoms. They come in so handy! Always keep a pack on me just in case.

  112. 362 Georgie Wright Reply

    Make a squeezed & zested lemon go even further by using it to freshen up your kitchen appliances. Place half a used lemon in the top basket of your dishwasher when running a normal load for sparkly dishes, a cleaner appliance & it smells great too! The other (juicer) half can be used to clean & deodorise a microwave! Take a microwave proof bowl or jug, 3/4 fill it with water, cut the 1/2 lemon into 4 pieces and add to the bowl. Heat on high for 3 minutes, then leave for another 3 minutes so the steam can work off any grime. It should just require a quick wipe out with a cloth or kitchen paper to make it sparkly clean & will smell amazing!

  113. 363 Vicky Robinson Reply

    Keep on top of all the extra jobs and de-cluttering by doing one or 2 extra jobs every day so that the list of things to do doesn’t become overwhelming.

  114. 371 Dawn Samples Reply

    Use a mixture bicarbonate of soda and washing up liquid, make it into a paste and apply to glass oven doors, leave it on for an hour or more, rinse off and it should make it sparkle x

  115. 374 Susan Bowles Reply

    I use wd40 spray on my stainless steel hob – I clean it withspray cleaner first when it’s dry spray with wd40 buff with kitchen paper – it makes it shine and it stops things getting to burnt on when you cook

  116. 377 Marilyn farquharson Reply

    Half a lemon in a bowl of water in the microwave for 45 seconds does wonders for dislodging splashes, getting rid of odours and freshening it up! And vinegar and lemon juice mix keeps cats off your freshly cleaned patio tiles!

  117. 380 Irene Murdoch Reply

    To remove chewing gum from the carpet rub with an ice cube on it until it becomes stiff and then peel it off. Any residue can be dealt with by dabbing with peanut butter or mayonnaise.

  118. 381 Emily Slough Reply

    When i’ve finished cleaning I always wipe down the radiators with my favourite fabric softener, then give them a quick blast of heat. As they warm up they heat the fabric softener and it makes your entire house smell like fresh linen, it’s such a quick and easy way to get every room smelling fresh and gorgeous!!!

  119. 385 Mark Abel Reply

    This broom will be excellent for getting into all those nooks and crannies, fantastic for picking up all the dust and odds and ends, will be a great tool to use everyday, a must have for all your cleaning needs.

  120. 386 Mark Abel Reply

    This broom will be excellent for getting into all those nooks and crannies, fantastic for picking up all the dust and odds and ends, will be a great tool to use everyday, a must have for all your cleaning needs

  121. 387 jackie beckett Reply

    Clean as you go when it the kitchen wie the sides down last thing at night with antibac and todays tea towel ut that in the wash ls any dish clothes and put out clean ones for the morning

    1. 388 jackie beckett Reply

      oh dear my p and u s are not working will try again
      Clean as you go when it the kitchen wipe the sides down last thing at night with antibac and todays tea towel put that in the wash plus any dish clothes and put out clean ones for the morning

  122. 390 Sian Buckingham Reply

    Do little and often, that way it seems like there is hardly ever anything that needs doing! Plus, the little ones love helping with the hoovering =) Let them, I say =D

  123. 391 Fran H Reply

    HAve a housework hour every day. The place will always look nice and chores will be under control, and cleaning won’t seem like a big deal.

  124. 392 daniel oliver Reply

    when baking (esoecially with kids ) use clean film on table – when finished just lift it and bin it – saves surface scrubbing and cleaning

  125. 397 cat Reply

    set aside 1/2 day per month and do a deep clean and declutter on one room every month, until all the rooms are done, and start again and the other rooms just a quick one over.

  126. 401 Khadija Desai Reply

    Clean all silver jewellery, and taps etc with toothpaste. Works wonders.
    Put a scourer underneath the mop when mopping, it. This way you don’t have to scrub as hard as the scourer will do the hard bit. Works a treat.

  127. 402 Kim Kalula Reply

    Slice up a couple of lemons & put them in your electric kettle. Fill up with water & boil. Let sit for an hour then boil again. Empty & you’re left with a limescale free kettle 👍

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