Free Giveaway: Foldaway Shopping Bag

Foldaway Shopper Bag

SORRY – this competition has ended. We’ve got a brand new giveaway where you can win 1 of 30 Foldaway Shopping Bags. Enter below!

There are three designs up for grabs, Blue Bird, Fox or Hedgehog. You’ll be the envy of all your fellow shoppers as you unfold your cute bird or animal to reveal a stylish shopper bag.

Once you finished and your shopping has been unpacked, just fold your shopping bag away!

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

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  1. 27 Helen Andromeda Jones Reply

    If I win a bag πŸ’Ό please let me have the 🦊 bag because I entered a comp through Magicfreebies (and I think you may have advertised it also) not long ago for a lovely tote bag just get a quote from an electric company Which I did and never received the bag.

      1. 29 Helen Andromeda Jones Reply

        Hi there I’m really hoping that I do get better luck with this mostly because of the FOXY DESIGN 🦊🦊🦊 (did I mention that I love foxes) but After a little snotty email was issued to the electric company guess who received a tote πŸ‘œ 2 days later, pen written envelope (dead giveaway that I was the only Complainant bothering to get my bag πŸ’Ό ) And I have but I have my sights set on your bags πŸ’Ό now xxxx

  2. 30 Jan smith Reply

    Really great idea and a cute quirky design. This bag will save me from scrabbling round in the bottom of my handbag looking for a much needed shopping bag x

  3. 57 Elizabeth Reply

    Are there bags available to buy?
    I have entered the competition but I’m not very lucky πŸ€ so I was hoping that I could purchase them as they are all super cute! Especially the fox 🦊 Thanks Lizzie xx

  4. 63 Audrey Naylor Reply

    What beautiful bags. Would love one please. Its my birthday to day .I am 60 today, should retire, but the age went up to 66thats an extra 2091 days.

    How do you choose which one they are all beautiful, so I will take what I am given, if I am lucky enough to receive one. I don’t think I have seen such lovely bags.

  5. 87 Faith tomlinson Reply

    The bags are really beautiful, just about to have our baby next month, so would be a lovely handy accessory whilst we have our hands full. Hope we win! X

  6. 97 Mel H Reply

    One of these would be extremely useful to pop in my handbag. I never have a bag when I pop into a supermarket & end up buying one every time job

    1. 100 Stephanie C Reply

      Hi Shanti. This is the second competition we have run with these prizes. I can assure you it is still running and open for entries πŸ™‚

  7. 111 Barbara Laverty Reply

    Lovely bags. Tried to enter but form asks to specify valid postcode even though I have put in the correct postcode. Tried with and without space but still not being accepted ☹️

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