Free Giveaway: Vaseline Aloe Vera & Rosy Tins

Sorry, this competition has ended.

We’ve got a brand new giveaway where you can win 1 of 50 fantastic tins of Vaseline. These look amazing and they come in a variety different flavours including Aloe Vera and Rose & Almond Oil. Flavours will be assigned to winners randomly. The competition ends on the 31st May, so what are you waiting for? Enter below!

Vaseline Tins

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A keen money-saver and fan of all things natural, Anushka enjoys making her own beauty products and is partial to a bit of crafting. Never short of a clever tip or two, she's always looking for new ways to make her money go even further.

  1. 14 Lorraine M Fleming Reply

    Thankyou for allowing me to enter this group yet again.
    I hope that it actually will store our details, & lets have some samples to prove your human? 😊,

  2. 18 Heather proctor Reply

    I’ve been using vasaline for many many years with my children as they have grew up and no they have brought out fantastic new flavours I’d love to have the opportunity to try the new rose and almond

  3. 48 Alison Orth Reply

    Would love the chance to try any of the new Vaseline lip care range,I suffer terribly with Dry lips,so fingers crossed I’m chosen thankyou x

    1. 49 Kate Reply

      I’m on a lot of medication that makes my mouth and lips very dry and cracked so I would really love some free Vaseline please

      1. 50 Anushka F Reply

        Aww Kate, that doesn’t sound much fun. Have you tried a dab of coconut oil or olive oil? Good luck in the competition.

  4. 55 barbara Reply

    All my friends and family swear by vaseline and I live it my girls would love this for their own bags rater than taking mine

  5. 61 Glenis Brindley Reply

    I have a medical condition called Sjogren’s Syndrome, which means I suffer from everything being dry – dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, etc. My lips as well as the rest of my mouth are constantly dry, and I use Viseline on them all the time. I’d love to win of the tins please, although I have to say I’m not sure about the rose and almond oil!

  6. 85 Tracey johnston Reply

    I would love to win this as I work on a busy orthopaedic trauma receiving we don’t always get time to get a break and the heat in the ward at nite and during the day is nite mare so my lips are constantly dry chapped and ii gor through tonnes of vaseline every month llus my little girl loves to copy mummy xx

  7. 89 Karen dickinson Reply

    It would be nice to win this as I have always had trouble with dry and chapped lips since I was young I’ve tried all sorts of creams and Ive found the vaseline is the only thing that works!

  8. 91 Zara Williamson Reply

    This would be nice to win mines almost running out and since being pregnant i wake up throughout the night with dry lips for some reason x

  9. 93 Sylvia Blair Reply

    I’d love to try this for myself and my daughter who has very dry lips. I’ve used the original for years and would love to try the new ones.

  10. 97 ruth fletcher Reply

    It very good for my face i work in a freezer most of the day fetching bakery goods out i rub it in my hands to it stops them cracking xx

  11. 99 syrita francois Reply

    Always vaseline good for dry moments whether hands lips legs feet .. hayfever sufferers great tip: put around eyes &nostrils to keep pollen out! !! Ment to makes pollen stick &stops irritation!!!! Less sneezing,itchy noses &itchy eyes! 😉

  12. 103 Maria Jurikova Reply

    I used to get cold sore when I had very dry lips. But since I use aloe vera vaseline every day I don’t get cold sore anymore. It would be nice if I won some as I go thru at least one in 1 month.

  13. 115 leean scott Reply

    Would love to win as my kids myself and husband use these all the time especially ma twins who have constant dry lips

  14. 129 Brooke Reply

    Both myself and my mum work outside at night, dry lips are the Bain of our life. Would love to win this, would help us out

  15. 155 Riccky Reply

    My 4 year old daughter suffers badly with chapping and have tried other balms with no luck so hoping this may help.

  16. 194 Linda Rounds Reply

    I would like to receive one of these please as I use this on my dogs nose. It’s the only thing that works for his dry skin.

  17. 205 Lesley Mattox Reply

    I’ve used Vaseline for a number of years I use it especially during winter and summer as it really helps to avoid chapped lips love all other products aswell including your body creams as I suffer from very dry skin aswell . I also use the cream on my dogs pads to stop them from getting so rough . Would love. Sample

    1. 206 Anushka F Reply

      Thats an interesting tip about the dogs! I will look into that Lesley. I’m a big fan of Vaseline too, good luck!

  18. 211 Tonirocks78 Reply

    Never won a single thing before. Don’t think I’ll be any luckier with this haha. Got to keep trying I suppose x

  19. 214 Joanne Reply

    My family have loved the moisturising effect of Vaseline for years. Would love to discover the product range for myself.

  20. 220 Karen Reply

    I always use Vaseline lip balm and have for years always finding at least one in my handbag, my daughters decorating and I will, if lucky enough to win give this to her to try X

  21. 231 Bindi Reply

    It’s great for moisturising hands with before bed so peeled skin around nails go away but you need to do this few days in a row to see it work- then apply some hand cream

    1. 232 Anushka F Reply

      Great tip Bindi. I like to put it on my feet and pop on a pair of socks overnight. It makes them lovely and soft the next day!

  22. 246 Heather Reply

    A good tip to stop your computer fan making a noise is gently hold a hair dryer next to the vents to move any dust.

  23. 248 Michaela harris Reply

    Me and my 16 year old daughter often get really dry and cracked lipd and we always use vaseline its the only thing that heps us without bringing out coldsores! We love love it so would be great to win this prize of a tin of 3 vaselines 🙂

    1. 262 Anushka F Reply

      Me too Ruth. Please check out Colleen’s article on it’s many uses - – there may be some you have not heard of!

  24. 265 Natalie Reply

    Good luck I use vasiline all the time on a daily basis I also use it on my dog who is type 1 diabetic and has to have 2 injections daily and I use vasiline around her injection area to stop her skin drying out and becoming sore works a treat aswell as an overnight rehydration treatment for hands and feet cake in vasiline and cover with moisturising socks and gloves results are amazing for those who suffer from sore dry cracked hands and feet

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