Free Giveaway: Detangle Hair Brush

Detangle Hair Brush

SORRY – this competition has ended. We’ve got a brand new giveaway for September to win 1 of 30 Detangle Hair Brushes. You could bag one of six beautiful designs. Enter below!

Look forward to hassle-free, detangling of your unruly hair with this brush. It features an innovative ergonomic design for easy detangling of thick or knotted hair.

The brush is perfect for men, women and children. Enjoy painless bristles that massage the scalp and increase circulation resulting in silky smooth hair.

So for your chance to get your mitts on a detangle hair brush, just join our handy household tips newsletter below. Winners will be chosen at random. Good luck!

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  1. 37 Danella Hull Reply

    WOW, I’ve seriously wanted one of these brilliant hair brushes for ages and ages!!!!
    My eldest daughter, Eva, has very long red hair and my youngest daughter, Ella, has long ringlets. I can’t help feeling really guilty when I hear all the OW’s, while I brush their hair for school in the morning. This hair brush would be like a miracle!

  2. 55 Vicky Percival Reply

    I would love to win 1 a them brushes not only for me but my little 4yr old as thin hair and it gets tangled at end and hurts her when I brush jer hair and iv got thick hair witch just nots up althe time I could never go out with my hair down if it windy cos my hair just nots up again

  3. 73 Joa McRae Reply

    My hair is always tangled after washing and whilst brushing with my brush I end up pulling lots of my hair out. Even my hairdresser has noticed the problem at front of my hair so I’d love to win one of these brushes as it would really help

  4. 77 Caroline Raper Reply

    I’m hoping to receive a brush so that I can try to detangle the bird’s nest sitting on top of my daughter’s head as she currently refuses to let me brush it – fingers crossed!!!!!

  5. 81 Jo Reply

    Qould really put this brush to good use, my daughter has unruly curly frizzy tangled hair everyday combs and brushes just rip her her out. I myself have had alot of operations so on alot of medication which leaves my hair dry, brittle with loads falling out when washed/brushed.

  6. 112 annemarie conway Reply

    I would love one of these brushes as I have long hair and a very sensitive scalp so detangling knots while brushing my hair is a nightmare and can be extremely painful

  7. 114 Rachel Brass Reply

    I would love 1 of these for my daughter whos 8yrs old. She suffers really bad with a sensitive scalp but gets embarrassed when she starts to cry infront of others when shes getting her hair done. I think this would be the perfect thing to prevent her hurting whilst combing her hair through.

    1. 115 Stephanie C Reply

      Hi Rachel. Sorry to hear that your daughter struggles with hair-brushing! I think a detangle brush could definitely help. Good luck in the competition 😊

  8. 116 Julie Fowler Reply

    My 4 year old daughter has really curly hair, and with the normal shampoo and detangling spray routine, it’s still hard to get through her hair.

  9. 118 Priya Patel Reply

    Hello there how are you. I would love to win a Detangle brush. I have never won anything. I don’t ask for anything but I only ask for this amazing detangle brush.

    Good luck everybody. 💜

  10. 126 Miriam Reply

    hello I would love one of these brushes to give to my niece. she has a special type of cancer where her hair falls out and she is using a medication to try and prevent hair loss. we have been told that she is allowed to brush her hair but only very carefully and with the right sort of brush. however, my sister (her mum) doesn’t earn enough to be spending extra money on a special hairbrush and nor do I. I would be so greatful if I was one of the 30 who got a hairbrush and it would mean the world to little susannah

  11. 128 Yasmin Reply

    This brush would be great for my hair, as a I have long hair that is constantly falling out when I brush it and it’s so painful to brush with a normal hair brush.

  12. 134 Tracey Nuttall Reply

    I would really love to own one of these groovy looking brush.
    It sounds really good & would be extremely useful to have.
    Please, please can you send me one of these fantastic brushes, please – I would be eternally grateful.
    Thank you.

  13. 142 elaine williamson Reply

    Would love one of these fab products- have been recommended to me by friends but haven’t managed to get one yet!
    Fabulous demo seen at clothes show live but unfortunately was all spent out by the time I saw them

  14. 156 Maddy Reply

    Would love to have one of these to use on my 2 daughters – 1 has lovely but unruly curly hair, the other has fine hair that tangles easily. Hair brushing is really fun in our house – not!!

  15. 170 Lynne Ballard Reply

    I would love to win one of those amazing brushes as I have very thick hair and find it hard to get an ordinary brush through it once I ‘ve washed it.

  16. 201 Alyson Fletcher Reply

    I have M.S. and as I spend a lot of time in bed or wheelchair my hair gets very fuzzed up. Also got the added pleasure of night sweats which adds to tangles, my carer said these brushes are very good.

  17. 205 Katherine Leonard Reply

    I would love one of these brushes to stop my partner from moaning about me using his one plus I’ve heard from friends that they are really good

  18. 216 Christine Hartle Reply

    I would love one of these brushes,it would be great to not have tangled hair and be able to brush without tugging! Especially after swimming or showering.☺☺

  19. 228 Jill Reply

    I have never had or tried a tangle teaser hair brush before but I have heard only good things about the brush , so having one would be great and I will be able to rave about it to everyone.

  20. 234 hannah Reply

    I have naturally thick curly hair it’s so hard to brush with a normal hairbrush where it gets so tangled and it takes me ages to do, winning one of these handy little tools will make my life a bit easier 😊

  21. 241 Kirsten Fletcher Reply

    Would love one of these for my daughters hair. Especially of a school morning she hates combing her hair!! Love to try something new.

  22. 250 Chevaune Stanley Reply

    Every morning I wake up looking like Cruella de Ville thanks to my boyfriends irritating habbit of twirling my long hair in his sleep (apparently going round and round in circles is relaxing for him) but not so relaxing trying to detangle the “birds nest” I wake up with. Sometimes I forget how bad it is, only to see the postman visibly flinch at the sight that greets him at my door. I really could do with one of these!

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