Free Giveaway: Cooksmart Tea Towels (Packs of 3)

Sorry, this competition has ended.

We’ve got a brand new giveaway for our amazing readers to win 1 of 40 of these beautiful packs of tea towels from Cooksmart. If you’re anything like me I never seem to have a tea towel when I need one. They’re like socks, you can never have too many. Enter below!

So for your chance to get one of these amazing packs of towels just join our handy household tips newsletter below. Winners will be chosen at random. Good luck.

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  1. 11 Donna Reply

    My husband has a thing about buying tea towels wherever we visit on holiday so got quite a few now but would
    So love to get these for him too.

        1. 15 Wendy Reply

          Just moved into our own apartment with my two kids and we are short of cash just now as I just lost my husband. They look beautiful and would love to have them.

  2. 19 Claire Davies Reply

    Would love to receive these as I have never been lucky enough to get something for free. Oh well good luck to the other people who have applied.

          1. 26 D.Norris

            Any little gift would be appreciated at the moment, as I have just lost my husband of 60 years, days short of our Diamond Wedding. DN.

  3. 36 Jill Reply

    Never…. Enough …. TeaTowels …. Would really look nice nice in my new painted kitchen….Lovely colour the tea towels I must say ……

  4. 41 Kerry Reply

    You can never have enough tea towels especially when you have little 1’s who use my tea towels as super hero capes so some new tea towels realky would be appreciated right now 👍🏽😃

    1. 50 Anushka F Reply

      Hi Billy, we only ask that question as it’s always good to know a little bit more about our users. So if you all had cats and dogs we would write more pet articles.

  5. 59 Rose mcginnis Reply

    Thank you for letting me enter the competition! Can’t ever get enough of tea towels! Forever in use in my house, I would love to win these!

  6. 68 Valerie Wall Reply

    Tea Towels are a necessity, we wouldn’t get far without them.
    It would be an absolute honour to display these wonderful coloured tea towels in my kitchen.

      1. 108 Anushka F Reply

        Ooh good question, a little search on Google suggests sometimes around the 18th Century, Great Britain’s tea towel was a special linen drying cloth that the lady of the home would use to dry expensive tea service pieces of China.

  7. 131 Michelle Reply

    In desperate need of some new team tools I share with 3 boys and I can not afford to constantly have to buy all the domestic goods. A little help is always welcome.

  8. 133 Hilary Edwards Reply

    I can never find a clean tea towel when I need one!! I do have a dishwasher but still like to handwash and dry my more precious items.

  9. 151 Gail Reply

    When you cook be smart use the new range of Cooksmart Tea Towels to dry your dishes and brighten up your kitchen. I would really like to win a pack of Cooksmart Tea Towels to use in my kitchen.

  10. 170 Marian Hilton Reply

    Love to win the tea towels pack of three
    Colours bright, just for me
    This web sites sure is a find
    Leaves most of the others far behind☺

  11. 175 Michelle Reply

    My beautiful daughters moved into there separate homes when they both became mothers, they also took my tea towels and bath towels, this would be a lovely treat xx

  12. 225 Hazel Reply

    It’d be great to win these lovely tea-towels. I have 4 children and it’s pretty busy around here. I have plenty of uses for tea-towels besides drying the dishes. They are also great for mopping up spillages. Mine are looking pretty tatty now. I could do with some nice pretty ones. 😊

  13. 237 Alison Reply

    Would love to try these tea towels can never find one in my house when I want one I don’t know what my boys do with them. If I win these they will not be putting they hands in then that’s for sure xx. Do hope I win them xx

  14. 243 Rachael Reply

    Never won anything in my whole life! The tea towells look +sound amazing+it would be nice to wipe up my dishes WITHOUT any holes as the two i own are shuved away from everyone as they are tatty+got holes in them!if i won i would proudly display them! Fingers crossed!

  15. 257 Mandy Reply

    Really could do with some more tea towels too not got many now and just redecorated the kitchen so they will help to finish it off having some nice ones hangings on the peg.

  16. 286 Tina Reply

    Not impressed saying my postcode not valid so must be a scam, I’m gutted as very unlucky person and don’t win anything, only taken away from me, wanted to win tea towels etc an won’t even accept my postcode which I might add IS RIGHT, plz reply with help Thank you

  17. 330 Patricia Reply

    I would love to brighten up my kitchen with your beautiful Tea Towels which would make me the envey of my friends I would recommend you to all of them.

  18. 364 Elizabeth howell Reply

    Could really do with some new ones between the dog trying to chew them if he can get hold of them and my other half using them as rags in the garage 🙁

  19. 397 Kathryn Needs Reply

    Love the colour of your tea towels which will cheer up any kitchen on a dark raining ☔ morning, afternoon or evening in Wales with all the rain ☔ we get. So fingers and toes crossed 🍀 for you to cheer up my dull days with my dishes

  20. 404 Paul Reply

    looks a cool quality set of T Towels it be Great to be picked as it was my 37th Birthday last week on the 8th , good luck all, iv just signed up and am looking around the site noticed some great cleaning tips too , thanks 🙂

  21. 426 Tracie Kennedy Reply

    These are so pretty, it would be so nice to actually win something and they would definitely.brighten up my cream kitchen…😍 good luck to everyone who

  22. 428 nikki stanescu Reply

    drop down boxes for date of birth aren’t working. Tried refreshing page nothing happens. Please help as I would love to win tea towels

  23. 431 patricia wright Reply

    hi these tea towels look very good quality ones i would love to try these maybe they would last me alot longer than 2 weeks thankyou

  24. 436 Carmen A. Reply

    I just moved to a new house. My first one! so you can imagine house obsessed I am about prepare the house. Thanks for the contest! 🙂

  25. 453 Angela Reply

    Love these so spring colours anything to cheer up dull kitchen who ever wins them well done and your very lucky to recive this free gift

  26. 456 Anna Warren Reply

    Tea towels are probably the most used and washed items in the house, can never have enough of them, always nice to have some that are bright and cheerful, that makes me smile whilst ‘doing’ the dishes.
    Good luck to everyone trying for ‘MY’ tea towels. Xx

  27. 458 korede osidipe Reply

    Love cooking but the dainty colours of these lovely tea towels will motivate me to cook even on a day that i am really tired

  28. 459 Terina Reply

    I’ve never been a tea towel trier before and if being a trier makes our dishes dryer then please can I have them to try. Thanks

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