Get inspired for Recycle Week 2017

Get inspired for Recycle Week 2017

Recycling Week is almost upon us once more, and 2017's is set to be a big one. This year's theme is, 'Recycling - It's Worth It!'and runs from Monday 25 September to Sunday 1 October 2017.

Recycling Week, organised run by WRAP, has been ongoing for the past 14 years and plays an important role in emphasizing the importance of recycling. During the week, everyone, from you and me to small businesses and large corporations, are encouraged to consider how, and more importantly, how much, we recycle.

Each year focuses on a different aspect of recycling, or a certain message WRAP wish to convey. This year's theme is more generic than some of its predecessors, but it certainly packs a punch. The strap line, ‘what goes around comes around’ really writes home the message that absolutely everything we use must be disposed of in some way.

It's a theme we're definitely on board with at Expert Home Time, and we're eager as ever to do our bit for the planet over Recycling Week. We hope with a little inspiration from some of our past articles, you'll be just as enthusiastic as we are.

Far from simply sorting plastics from polystyrenes, we hope to show you that recycling can be a fun, creative and enjoyable activity that the whole family can help with. Not convinced? Check out some of our favourite articles from the past few years and get excited about Recycle Week 2017 with us today.

How to recycle & reduce food waste

pancetta bean stew
Learn how to make the most of your food.

Wasting food is such a, well, waste! Try out some of these easy ideas to keep your food waste to a minimum. You'll be doing your bit for the planet, and your pocket too.

16 incredible uses for gone off avocados

We all know avocados are delicious, but did you know they can also be used to dye clothes pink?!

25 astonishing uses for your fruit & vegetable peel

Three words: Potato Peel Crisps.

21 uses for eggshells that will really surprise you

Eggs are seriously nutritious, and guess what, their shells are too! Feed them to the birds and they'll be singing all day long.

15 ways to recycle used tea bags that will make you love tea more than ever

Love a cuppa? You'll love tea more than ever once you've seen what brewed bags can do for your own eye bags.

How to recycle & upcycle packaging

DIY cactus planters using cans
You'll be amazed what you can make from old packaging!

Think packaging's ugly? Expert Home Tips want to challenge that preconception! Try some of these amazing ideas to upcycle papers and plastics today - you'll be seriously surprised with what you can make.

15 clever ways to use your old wine corks – cheers!

If you're anything like us, you'll get through more wine bottles than you know what to do with! Wall decoration made from all those leftover corks is a novel, and pretty way to celebrate your love of wine whilst doing the environment a favor in the process.

Recycle & Reuse: Pretty uses for plastic bottles

Whether you're sipping on Fanta, Coke or just plain old water, you'll be amazed at what all those plastic bottles can be transformed into. Our particular favourite is using them to paint with.

Wow! 39 unexpected ways to reuse plastic bags

Seriously stylish plastic bag sandals - need I say more?

A crazy-cute way to upcycle your empty drink can

We love a good craft session here at Expert Home Tips. If you're sipping on a particularly pretty drinks can at a café, festival or party, why not save it and make a memento to keep at home?

How to repurpose tin cans in 16 wonderful ways

Baked beans aren't known for their beauty, but these brilliant tin can repurposing ideas will get you seeing them in a brand new light.

Amazing ways to upcycle old clothes

Get inspired for Recycle Week 2017
It's time to get crafty with 'old' clothing.

Keep on loving your clothes, rips, fading, piling and all. Try some of our upcycling ideas out this Recycle Week and give your old clothes a new lease of life.

Learn how to upcycle tattered tights in surprising ways

Laddered tights are about to become your new favourite cleaning tool...

Odd socks & 18 wonderful ways to use them

These 18 wonderful ideas don't care if your socks are odd, holey, or even slightly smelly! Have a read and get inspired for Recycle Week 2017 with these cool ideas.

How to upcycle your denim: make a super easy wall hanging

Those old, jeweled flares will look great stuck up on your wall. Check out our Wall Art Tutorial if you don't believe us.

Recycle household items in new ways

dusting books
Find new ways to love old stories.

Even everyday items can be turned into something special with a bit of imagination. Be amazed at the ways you can reinvent old, used objects and start loving them all over again.

16 new & exciting ways to use old books you NEED to try

Keep on loving your favourite stories by completely reinventing them this Recycle Week.

24 new uses for mugs that you’ll absolutely love

You may not love that Winne The Pooh mug, but the birds in your garden most definitely will...

7 pretty and practical uses for toilet roll tubes

Why not save some cash and do your bit for the environment this year by making your own Christmas crackers?

37 NEW ways to use OLD magazines and newspapers

Yesterday's news is old news. Make it brand new again with these fab upcycling ideas (the newsprint nails are a particular favourite of ours).

Want to learn more about recycling week and how you can get involved? Watch the short video below for more information.

We can't WAIT for Recycle Week 2017. Will you be doing anything special to bring awareness to recycling in your community?


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