DIY Diaries: 4 Step Guide To Doing A Pedicure At Home

DIY Diaries: 4 Step Guide To Doing A Pedicure At Home

Treat neglected toes to an at-home pedicure. We all love the luxury of a professional treatment but you can save time and money by doing it yourself. Here's a step by step guide to giving yourself a DIY pedicure.

1. Remove nail polish, trim and file

Prep your feet.

Get started by getting rid of any old nail polish with a hard-working nail polish remover. Here's a tip - even if you're not wearing any nail polish, still give your nails a quick once-over with remover to lift and dirt and grease. This little trick will give you a cleaner base, making nail polish glide on.

You can also avoid those expensive cotton wool pads by using an old flannel or hand towel to remove nail polish. The thick towel texture works wonders in removing even the most stubborn of dark nail polishes and it can be re-used again and again.

Next, get your toenail clippers or scissors out and trim straight across. Professional beauty therapists usually leave around 1-2mm of the white nail so don't be tempted to hack of your nails! You want a nice large surface area to paint on.

Finally, take a file and file your nails into your desired shape. For a professional finish, keep it square with the corners nicely round off.

2. Soak, exfoliate and scrape dead skin away

Soak you feet in a large bowl of warm water and add a few drops of your favourite bubble bath or shower foam. If you have any marbles lying around, add them to the bowl and lightly roll your feet against them for a relaxing, massaging effect.

Refill the bowl with fresh water, put on some exfoliating gloves and gently scrub your feet with your hands using a body scrub. You can also create your own with either brown sugar or sea salt and some olive or coconut oil. For really thick dry skin, try rubbing a pumice stone against your feet.

Rinse feet and use the tip of a towel to rub around the toes, gently removing any dead cuticle skin. Skin experts at beauty brand Soap & Glory recommend rubbing half a lemon onto dead skin and leaving for 10 minutes - the lemon is said to help dissolve tough dead skin cells, making it easier to scrape off.

Take a foot file and scrape and smooth away any dead skin, remember to move in one direction. You don't want to go in both directions as the dead skin won't fall to the fall and will stick to your feet.

3. Give your feet a moisturising treatment

Wash your feet and lightly pat them dry. While they are still damp, slather on a rich moisturising cream or body oil. You can do the tried and tested overnight sock treatment or for a quick-fix, apply your cream to feet and individually wrap them in cling film. Leave for 30 minutes and then unwrap for silky smooth skin. Finish with another layer of lotion - a cooling after-sun lotion will work wonders to cool and refresh tired feet.

4. Prep, paint and polish those toes

nail varnish
Now for the fun part!

Apply a cuticle cream or oil into cuticles and toenails, massaging carefully into the corners. You can also apply it after you paint your nail polish - its completely up to you. Take a cuticle stick, or the soft rounded end of a pair of tweezers and gentle push back your cuticles.

Buff out nails with a buffer, then apply a base coat to nails. Allow to dry then paint on two coats of nail polish. Finish with a topcoat and leave to dry!

Thanks for reading! Do you have any tips on how to do a DIY pedicure?


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