Amazon Echo Dot for £6 with Black Friday Deal Stack Hack

Amazon Echo Dot for £6 with Black Friday Deal Stack Hack

If you're planning to snap up the latest tech this Christmas, then you'll want to follow the steps below to snag yourself Amazon's smart speaker for just over six quid.

Amazon has brought the price down from £49.99 to just £22 for its 3rd Generation Echo Dot.

This would save you £27.99, but we've found an easy way to knock off another £21.65 using Topcashback.

They're offering a £15 bonus to new members who make Amazon Echo and Alexa purchases throughout the Black Friday sales period, on top of offering 3% cashback.

Take advantage of this great deal HERE.

If you're a new member to Topcashback, follow the steps below to save a whopping £42.65:

  1. Sign up to TopCashback
  2. Visit the Amazon page on the TopCashback website
  3. Click ‘Get Cashback’
  4. Purchase your Echo Dot as you normally would 
  5. E.g. Spend £22 on the Echo Dot and TopCashback will credit your TopCashback account with up to £15 cashback plus 3% cashback of the purchase price which brings the total down to £6.34

Once the purchase has been made it then takes around a week for the cashback to fully track and show up in your account. You can then transfer it into your bank account to cover the initial cost.

What can the Echo Dot be used for?

  • Connects to your wifi & comes with Bluetooth capabilities
  • Alexa can help you with a variety of tasks such as answering questions, reading receipts and playing music
  • Control your smart home hands-free - you can use Alexa to switch lights on, adjust thermostats and much more
  • Connect either your Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, TuneIn etc to enjoy voice-controlled music throughout your home

Amazon launched its sale last week with a variety of deals across all categories. We've found that some of the best deals so far have been on Amazon's own-brand devices - for example the new Echo Show 8 has been reduced from £119.99 to £59.99, saving you a whopping £60.

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 Thanks for reading! What deals are you looking out for in the Black Friday sales? Let us know in the comments below!


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