23 Amazing Parent Tricks (That'll Change Your Life!)

23 Amazing Parent Tricks (That'll Change Your Life!)

Parent hacks and tricks are key to making life with little ones a breeze.

Whether you're surrounded by bawling babies, troublesome toddlers or testing teenagers, these 23 parent tips are sure to help you out.

From bath time to chore time, start using these kid hacks and you'll become a parenting pro in no time!

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1. Transform old DVD cases into colouring sets

dvd case colouring set
Fab ideas! ©Unoriginal Mom

Always having something to occupy your kids with definitely makes parenting easier.

Why not use one of your kid's old DVD cases and upcycle it into a portable colouring set? There's space for paper, pencils and an eraser and it's slimline enough to fit in your bag - genius!

Get the cute tutorial at Unoriginal Mom.

2. This parent hack will prevent trapped fingers

There's nothing worse than having to watch your little one in agony after having trapped their fingers in the door - if only it was preventable.

Well, good news - it is. This parent trick is soo easy that you won't believe you haven't tried it before.

Tie an elastic band around both doors handles to prevent the door from slamming shut unexpectedly. Now you can rest assured that little hands are safe.

3. Keep lollipops for later with this genius parent trick

Do your kids love Kinder Bueno? If so, be sure to keep the plastic, orange, toy cases.

They are incredibly useful for storing half-eaten, sugary lollipops until after playtime.

4. Smoothen out Barbie hair & get her looking great again

fix barbie hair amazing parent hack
Proper princess hair ©Lil Blue Boo

Barbie doesn't look so chic when her hair's all bushy. Be a pro-parent and get Barbie's locks looking lovely again by washing them with diluted fabric softener.

Head to Lil Blue Boo for the tutorial.

5. This parent trick will soothe sore gums

Teething tots can be hard work!

Make their - and your - life a little easier by making them an ice pop.

Place a dummy in an ice cube tray, pour in your little one's favourite drink and freeze. That will help soothe the pain!

6. Lint rollers pick up glitter perfectly

All kids love glitter, fact. Parents, on the other hand? Not so much.

This is a truly life-changing parent hack if you have crafty kids: a lint roller can be used to quickly pick up glitter and sequins from your little one's creations fuss-free.

Craft-time will never be the same again.

7. Teach kids to tell right foot from left with this great parenting tip

shoe parent hack - which one is which?
So incredibly easy! ©Shoezooz

Not knowing the left foot from right not only wastes time in the morning, but it can be incredibly frustrating for children.

This top parent hack involves using stickers that contain just half of an image.

One quick glance down is all that's required to identify which shoe belongs on which foot in order to complete the sticker.

Why not pick up a pair of your own Shoe Stickers from Amazon? They're very reasonable and your kids will love them!

8. A great parent trick for upcycling baby food jars

Does your baby have a big appetite? Be sure to keep hold of baby food jars.

Wash and dry them thoroughly, then fill with all your favourite spices. They look great when labelled and displayed on kitchen shelves.

What a great parent hack for Mums and Dads that love to cook!

9. WD-40 is the ultimate cleaning product for parents

You may think you've tried everything on pesky crayon marks, but you may have missed something!

A great but little-known parent trick is to use WD40 to remove crayon stains.

The type of stain will determine the most appropriate removal method. Head over to Stain Removal to learn more about using this parenting trick.

For more unusual ways to use WD-40 you might not have tried, have a read of these 40 reasons why WD-40 is amazing.

10. A great parent trick is to use Lego to teach maths

teach kids maths with lego parenting tip
A FUN way to learn! ©No Time For Flash Cards

No doubt your kids love Lego.

You'll love it too once you've tried this great parent hack - Lego's form makes it a great tool for teaching maths.

Try this Lego Math Game for Preschool by No Time For Flash Cards to show your kids how just much fun maths can be!

11. A parenting tip to make travelling with kids easier

Travelling with the kids is easy...providing you take enough to keep them entertained/fed/watered/clean.

It's no simple task but a over-the-door organiser can make journeys much easier.

Tie it around the headrest and store bits and pieces inside. It will be so much easier to get what you need, and keep the car much tidier too.

12. Make parenting easier by cleverly hiding sweets & chocolate

Sweets and chocolate - great for treats but not something kids should be helping themselves to every day.

Keep a track of your child's sugar intake by cleverly hiding candy in other food bags or boxes.

Make sure you put them somewhere kids would never look, like in an empty porridge box or bag of wholegrain pasta.

Clever, huh?

13. Leave the kids at home while you go shoe shopping

trace kids feet for shoe shopping parent trick
SO much easier!

Let's face it, shopping with the kids can be an absolute nightmare.

This nifty parent hack will mean you can head to the shops without them, and get their shoes while you're at it.

Trace around their bare feet onto plain paper, and take these sheets with you. You'll save so much time trying to get them to sit still, that you may even be able to pick yourself up a new thing or two.

14. Sticker time will be easier with this parenting hack

Kids love collecting bright coloured stickers, so it's no wonder a sticker book always puts a smile on their face.

Little fingers can't pull them off as easily as we can. Help your kids out a little by removing the sticker background for them before they begin.

15. Keep dummies clean on the go with this clever parent trick

Stuff a dummy straight into your baby bag, and it'll soon accumulate germs.

A really easy but useful parenting trick is to carry a takeaway sauce container with you when out. When your baby's dummy isn't in use, pop it inside to keep it germ-free.

16. This clever parenting hack will make bath time so much easier

bath parent hack using laundry basket
What a cutie! ©Happy Home Fairy

Sliding all over the bath with toys floating everywhere - sound familiar?

Then you need to try this parenting trick! Pop a laundry basket into the bath water and let your little one sit inside. It will prevent both them, and their toys from floating off anywhere.

17. Place a hook on the back of the highchair

This parenting trick is so simple yet so clever - why didn't we think of it before?!

Attach an adhesive hook to the back of your highchair, and use it to store bibs. You'll never have to frantically search for one again. Now that is parenting made easy.

18. Pro-parent tip to remove furniture marks

I bet you've never tried this unusual parent hack. Grab a tube of toothpaste - it's time to tackle those felt tip pen marks.

Apply the cream to a cloth, and wipe over marked furniture. It should lift the stain completely without leaving any marks.

19. Make a Cheerios necklace so your baby can snack on the go

diy cheerios necklace for babies
I kinda want one myself... ©Ann-Marie Loves

Snacking on the go doesn't have to be unhealthy, expensive or time-consuming.

Make your toddler a healthy version of the renowned 'sweetie necklace', and they'll be able to snack by themselves, wherever you may be.

Plus they'll love the fun it entails.

20. Make travelling with kids easy & keep cup holders clean

Car cup holders seem to become a place for everything and anything - here's a great way of keeping them clean:

Place a silicone cup holder into each one, and you'll be able to remove and wash them. Say good by to all those sticky stains and crumbs that are impossible to reach.

We have tonnes more tips to make travelling with kids easier than ever. Have a read of our 17 clever tips for travelling in the car with kids.

21. This parent hack will prevent bath toys from going mouldy

Why do bath toys have a hole in them anyway? Whatever the reason, they don't half make parenting trickier!

You could clean them, or you could simply, seal them.

Use a hot glue gun and seal holes to prevent mould buildup.

Another great parent trick to make bath time easier.

22. Make your teens work for the wifi

We all know too much screen time isn't good for us.

A really clever way of limiting time spent online, whilst also getting jobs done is making your kids work for the wifi code. Get them to complete a series of tasks and chores before entering the wifi code on their chosen device.

What a cracking idea to make parenting easier!

23. A DIY identification bracelet is the ultimate parent hack

diy phone number bracelet for kids makes parenting easier
The cutest, most useful accessory ever. ©Mama Papa Bubba

I absolutely love this one.

Losing your kids at the shops is a horrible thought, but if it ever does happen, a DIY identification bracelet will help them find you asap.

I hope my parent hacks and tricks will make your life easier. Let me know if you have any of your own in the comments below.


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  1. Author sallys on January 22, 2018 at 9:24 pm

    Buying children's shoes without them can only lead to foot problems. Would you let your partner buy your shoes this way? The children might not be able to tell that they don't fit.

    1. Author Stephanie C on January 23, 2018 at 9:21 am

      Hi Sally. Unless you are buying trainers, an accurate drawing of a child's foot usually does the job. Of course, it's always best to take them with you, if you can manage it! :)

  2. Author Lisa on May 16, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Oh sally lighten up


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