Free Giveaway: Inflatable Beach Ball

win an inflatable beach ball

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We’ve got a brand new giveaway where you can win 1 of 30 inflatable beach balls. Enter below!

Are you off on holiday soon? Or perhaps you’re staying at home this Summer. Whatever you’re doing, an inflatable beach ball is a Summer essential -great fun for the kids, and adults too. Easy to pop in your bag and inflate when you fancy a kick around, beach balls provide the practical but fun entertainment you can take anywhere. Best of all, the 30 beach balls we have up for grabs are brightly coloured, sure to make you smile even on dull days!

Sound great, don’t they?

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  1. 24 Angela_searle Reply

    My son says: ” I would like it to play volley ball with my brother when we go camping in the holidays. That would be awesome (dabs emoji! )

    And I concur. Angela

  2. 37 Lorraine M Fleming Reply

    Hi! Do I need to keep joining again and again each time to try to win a freebie? Only I don’t see any other way? As up to now I have been joined for over a year and have never won anything yet, I understand that there’s a limited amount to give away, but I just want to know how do I enter once I’ve already been a member for so long? Thank you

    1. 38 Stephanie C Reply

      Hi Lorraine. As with most competitions, the ‘entry’ form requires you to ‘sign up to our newsletter’ by leaving your email and answering the questions – there is no other way to enter I’m afraid. I realise this can be tiresome – I am very much into competitions myself so know how you feel! 🙂 With regards to prizes, sorry to hear you haven’t been lucky yet. We give 30 gifts away each month, and do receive quite a few entrants. It’s just a matter of time, I’m sure.
      I hope this helps 🙂

  3. 49 Georgina West Reply

    I remember as a child, enjoying time on the beach with my sister. We often took our beach ball with us and got our dad to blow it up. We would have hours of fun passing or batting it over the net. But it was more fun watching our dad running after it on the windy days. It would be nice to see my little ones doing the same if they were to receive one.

  4. 54 Tom Sanders-fox Reply

    My nephew would love one of these for when he goes on holiday in the summer or in October

    Would be a nice thing to win for him and I would love to win one

  5. 57 calli Reply

    I have 2 children one aged 7 one aged 4 plus 2 neices & 1 nephew who would all enjoy having fun playing with this beach ball

  6. 58 joe lyons Reply

    if I had one my baby niece would have so much fun and it would brighten up her day knowing her uncle got her a beach ball, especially as she loves playing.

  7. 65 Sandra White Reply

    My little granddaughter is 2, they live by the beach and she would stand a chance of catching THIS ball. She keeps trying catch, but so far no luck. Doesn’t stop her trying though. Big ball may help @)

  8. 70 sandra Reply

    I’m a grandmother bringing up my granddaughter so anything that’s free and puts a smile on her face is a big yes from me its the little things in life that make a difference x

  9. 71 Barbara Reply

    I’m a mum of 4 children’s that are all mad for ball’s and would really like one of them. Plus with 4 kids a nothing free is a bonus

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