7 pretty and practical uses for toilet roll tubes


Toilet roll tubes – “never bin them, always recycle them is my motto”, but who knew there were such terrific ways to reuse them? Before you toss them into the recycling bin, check out these uses! You’d be surprised at what you can do, from beautiful crafting projects to practical uses around the home.

Let’s explore these 7 pretty and practical ways to reuses toilet roll tubes…

1. Organise and store your wires

What a handy way to organise wires!

This is a fantastic tip from Our Thrifty Ideas. Simply wrap your cords around then stuff them into tubes, you can even decorate like they have with a bit of washi tape to make them pretty and practical.

2. Make beautiful homemade gift boxes

So pretty!

With just a lick of paint and the pinch of the ends, you can make your very own gift boxes. Decorate with ribbon, glitter or anything else that takes your fancy to create something pretty special. Nobody will ever know you reuses your toilet roll tubes!

For more ideas on how to do your own gift wrap – and save yourself a pretty penny – check out our 9 household alternatives to wrapping paper.

3. Make your pet their own cat toy

Your cat will LOVE this.

Keep kitty occupied with this fab cat toy! Just bend the ends down after filling your tube up with cat treats and let them try to get into it. Follow this easy tutorial on YouTube for full instructions. Got lots of toilet roll tubes stashed away? You could make this amazing poke a hole cat toy.

4. Craft your own Christmas crackers

Pull a cracker!

Christmas crackers these days and all snap and no substance. Filled with cheap toys or rubbish you only end up throwing away… so why not make your own crackers this festive season? They’re so easy to do and with just a few old toilet roll tubes, snaps, Christmas paper and some trinkets you can make your own. It’s not too hard to do so even novice crafter can visit Squawkfox for details.

5. Make practical Seedling Pots

Calling all green fingered gardeners…

Perfect for seedling pots… toilet roll tubes make are cheap, readily available, sturdy, and can be molded so they have a hole in the bottom for drainage. Check out the brilliant blog post on Garden Therapy for more ideas on how to make seed starting containers.

6. Store your pens and pencils

Rainbow effect even better!

A classic and oh-so-good! Pop your toilet roll tubes into an old shoe box or something similar until they’re snug. Place your pens in there and there you have it…a fantastic pen pot. I love the idea of grouping the shades together too like this YouTuber has done.

7. Beautiful alternative to bunting


I found this pretty idea on…where else…Pinterest of course! Cut your toilet roll tubes into strips leaving them intact as a circle then gently tease the ends to create a leaf. Glue them together to make a flower then loop a piece of string together. So simple yet beautiful – this is a great alternative to traditional bunting and will look amazing at a wedding or celebration.

Thank you for reading! If you have any pretty or practical uses for toilet roll tubes then please let me know in the comments section below.


A keen money-saver and fan of all things natural, Anushka enjoys making her own beauty products and is partial to a bit of crafting. Never short of a clever tip or two, she's always looking for new ways to make her money go even further.

  1. 5 Thelma Hunt Reply

    I recently discovered that there is a big demand for toilet roll tubes. They can be sold on eBay in boxes of 50 or 100. Who knew they’d be worth money?!

  2. 7 Rachel Reply

    I’ve made a cat toy before . Stuff the toilet roll with fabric stuffing and cat nip . Cover the tube with material and sew tightly. My cat goes mad for it !

  3. 9 Philip Watling Reply

    Toilet rolls are very useful for putting in compost heaps/bins as they promote the movement of air, siding decomposition, and will then decompose as brown/dry compost material, adding to the more prevalent green/wet waste.

  4. 11 Donatello46 Reply

    I used to keep pet rats, contrary to popular opinion they are very clean and make fantastic pets.
    They used to love playing with toilet roll tubes, they would roll them around their cage and eventually destroy them!

    Another use for toilet roll tubes is to keep unused Christmas or birthday wrapping paper tidy, simply roll up the paper, slide the tube over it and allow it to unroll slightly to fill the void.

    Incidentally, kitchen roll tubes are every bit as useful for both of the above, indeed, for any of the uses mentioned above, in fact, as far as storing pens and pencils is concerned, a mix of kitchen roll tubes, cut to varying lengths, and toilet roll tubes, with a bit of glue and a bit of paint can make an attractive multi level desk tidy.

    1. 12 Donatello46 Reply

      Further to my last, when using the tubes with wrapping paper, if you make a single cut lengthwise along the roll you can then hold onto the tube, feed the wrapping paper out from the slit in the roll, to the desired length and keep the rest of the wrapping paper nice and tidy, one side of the tube tucks in under the free end of the paper while the other sits on top and between them they secure the paper nicely (the configuration of the tube is a bit like an elongated number “6”).

      A nice, home made, wrapping paper dispenser.

  5. 14 Carly Smith Reply

    Anushka! you brought up so many ideas one could never even think of. One needs to have some special abilities to bring up innovative ideas like these listed above. I am pretty sure if you are given time to think you can even list down more of them.

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