11 secret design features hidden on products you use every day

Who knew there were all these hidden features on everyday items! Check out my list of hidden designs that will make your life that little bit easier…or at least put your mind at ease.

1. Coke cans come with an inbuilt straw holder

Pica via The Food Network
Photo via The Food Network

Not sure how much of a difference this makes to your drinking experience, but word on the street is the hole in a ring pull is actually meant to hold your straw. Who knew!

2. Tic Tac containers have their own serving tray

Pic via Reddit
Photo via Reddit

The little compartment in the inside of a Tic Tac lid is for dispensing one Tic Tac at a time. All this time I’ve been recklessly pouring them all out into my hand! This might help with my Tic Tac portion control.

3. Paper ketchup cups are expandable

Who knew!
So much more ketchup!

Those paper cups for ketchup at McDonald’s and other fast food joints are always so small and don’t sufficiently meet my ketchup needs…but wait! Apparently, they’re designed to expand out so you can double up on sauce.

4. Chopsticks come with their own rest for good hygiene

Rest your sticks!
Keep germs at bay.

Do as the Japanese do, and snap the end of your disposable chopsticks and rest them on the block when you’re not holding them. This will prevent you from picking up any germs or bacteria from the table.

5. Works with Japanese toothpicks too!

Pic via Reddit
Pic via Reddit

Found some traditional Japanse toothpicks? You’ll find a similar concept. Snap the end of to create a little block to rest them on. Great idea for when you’re eating olives and other nibbles.

6. Hair grips have ridges to keep your hair in place

Flip it. Pic via Cosmo.
Pic via Cosmo.

Most women have at least a few hair grips lying around. I for one used about 50 in my hair at one time when I was desperately growing my hair out (check out my blog post how to grow your hair in a week if you’re in the same dilemma, but according to beauty bloggers, one of the most used hair accessories is being used incorrectly the world over! Most of us use them with the wavy side up, but we’re actually supposed to use them with the wavy side down. This means the end of the grip can scoop the hair into the grip and the waves keep hair in place. The straight side then help compress the hair into the waves!

7. Tortilla chip bags can me made into a bowl

Saves on washing up, hallelujah. Pic via Crafty Lumberjacks.
Saves on washing up, hallelujah. Pic via Crafty Lumberjacks.

Save time on washing up! Did you know you can turn your tortilla or crisp bag into a disposable bowl? Crafty Lumberjacks will show you how.

8. American-style takeaway boxes transform into plates

Create a read-to-use plate with help from wikiHow.
Create a read-to-use plate with help from wikiHow.

We don’t see them in the UK too often, but if your local takeaway serves Chinese food in American-style takeout boxed then you’ll be pleased to know they’re been designed to fold out into a plate. Easy!

9. The lid of a takeaway drinks cup doubles as a coaster

Pic via Reddit.
Pic via Reddit.

Isn’t it annoying when your ice cold drink starts to drip with water? Take the lid off and use it as a coaster to prevent annoying wet drips on the table.

10. Flip the lid of a pill bottle to make it easy to open

Flip it.
Flip it.

Child-proof lids are brilliant when you have kiddies in the house, but if you have no need to keep pills under tight lock then simply flip them over on a traditional pill bottle. They are designed to be able to to be used either side, but will be far easier to open on the non-childproof side.

11. Double yogurt pots are designed to fold 

Piv via Reader's Digest, check their article out for more food container hacks.
Piv via Reader’s Digest, check their article out for more food container hacks.

Do you dip into double pots of yogurt one at a time? Give it a fold and tip the smaller section into the large one – it was designed for easy pouring!



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  1. 1 Debbie Reply

    As someone who breaks can openers with amazing regularity, may I say that whoever invented the ring pull was a genius. Feeble but I have been known not to buy products because they came without a ring pull!!

  2. 3 Sheila Stoker Reply

    I love your tips. It took us many years the circle the plug chain comes out of is designed for the plug to sit in when not in use

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