How to kill germs on your kitchen sponge fast

Look at your sponge. After wiping the kitchen surfaces, your damp sponge is the perfect place for germs and bacteria to feel at home and snug.

Bacteria from uncooked eggs, meat and vegetables can thrive on your sponge and dishcloth and this can cause food poisoning.

Here’s how to combat this…

Microwave your damp sponge for 2 minutes.

Studies have shown that 99% of bacteria were inactivated and E. coli bacteria were killed after 30 seconds.

Easy as pie!

Before you do this tip, make sure that:

  • The sponge is wet, not dry.
  • Microwave sponges that do not contain steel or other metals.
  • Be careful when removing the sponge from your microwave, it WILL be hot.

Try this method every two days, depending on how often you cook.

Zap away your germs today! If you’ve got some quick tips like this, I’d love to hear them in the comments section below.


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  1. 1 Audrey Naylor Reply

    if your kitchen sink is prone to smells, we filled an empty spray bottle with water and add 2 drops of Zoflora disinfectant and then when ever the sink smells just squirt down the plug hole and you only need a couple of squirts. and it will smell lovely and the bottle that was made with water and Zoflora will last for ages, but if you had poured the zoflora straight from the bottle you will have used a lot more.

  2. 3 Audrey Naylor Reply

    You shouldn’t dry your pots with a Tea Towel, because its full of germs, its left in the kitchen. The best way to dry the pots is to fill the sink with clean very hot water. You dip your plate into the sink, the hot water will dry the plate as soon as you lift it out of the water.

  3. 5 Dorothy Wilson Reply

    To clean tea stains from the inside of cups and mugs use Vanish Powder, simply coat the stain with vanish, rub it with a sponge and hey presto the stain will be gone, better than using bleach

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