17 sweet & lovely things to do on Mother's Day

17 sweet & lovely things to do on Mother's Day

Looking for something different to do with your mum on Mothering Sunday? Here are 17 sweet and lovely ideas for you to pick from!

1. Have a tea party

Prepare a beautiful tea party for your ma complete with teapots, finger sandwiches and scones. BBCgoodfood.com have included some excellent hints on their page about how to set the scene. If you have time, make it extra special by baking the cakes yourself.

2. Get on your bike

Dust off those bicycles and get out in the fresh air for a fun bike ride with your ma. Visit Cycle Streets for a useful map so you can plan out a route near you. Stop off at little coffee shops and beauty spots along the way for a sweet and lovely memorable day.

3. Go on a treasure hunt

Join the world's largest treasure hunt with your mum by visiting Geocaching.com. It's a cool way to visit areas around your home town that you've never been to. All you need is a phone and GPS, create a free account and go hunt. It could even turn into a regular activity for you both to do together.

4. Pack a picnic

Just because you can't afford to take your mum to Barcelona for the weekend, it doesn't mean you can't pretend! Pack a picnic with tapas, bread and other treats from Spain. Your mum will appreciate the effort you've gone to and it's a lot cheaper than taking her to a posh restaurant.

5. Do a clothes swap

If you have some cash to burn, why not head to the shops? Pick an outfit you'd like to see your mum in, and she can do the same for you too! If she likes it, that's an easy Mother's Day present in the bag.

7. Have a home spa day

Create a spa at home by treating her to a DIY mani-pedi. Make a day of it by running her a bath, preparing a foot spa and whizzing up a smoothie for lunch.

8. Cook for her

If your mum always does the cooking then it's your turn now. Write out a menu for the day and allow her to pick and she can enjoy a lovely home-cooked meal. Just make sure you also do the washing up!

9. Attend a yoga class

If you and your mum like to keep fit, then attend a yoga class together! It will be the perfect activity to help you burn off all those cakes! If yoga isn't her bag, consider another exercise class you can attend together, or why not go swimming?

10. Make a terrarium

Get creative and make a terrarium together. Ikea.com have constructed a brilliant guide on how to make your own. It will be a fun and unusual activity to do and you'll get to enjoy it every time you see it.

11. Get a haircut together

A tad cheaper than a spa day, getting your hair cut at the same time can be a lovely time spent together. Afterwards, take her for a lovely drink to celebrate her new look!

12. Give the gift of music

If your mother is a technophobe but loves music, then why not create a playlist for her on an iPod? Find out all her favourite tracks, add a few to the playlist and then work together to fill it up.

13. Create a photo collage frame

Facebook and Instagram make it easy to grab photos of your family. Choose photos together to put into a large photo frame for her wall to look at for years to come. Start it off yourself with a beautiful photo of her in the middle.

14. Organise a surprise family day out

If your family members all live in different areas then get them together to surprise your mum on a day trip out. Meet at the beach or in the city and one family member can bring her to where you are. Surprise!

15. Get crafty

If you want a fairly cheap activity to do that will still be fun, why not check out these:

16. Let her lie in

On the night before Mother's Day invite your ma to enjoy a nice snooze in bed. The extra time in bed will be so relaxing and you can even deliver her breakfast in bed when she wakes up. Make sure all the alarms are switched off and that everyone in the house knows not to disturb her.

17. Clean up

Send mum off for a spa treatment while everyone else pitches in to clean the house so it's nice and sparkly when she gets back. If you've got time, why not do the washing too?

18. Ceramic painting

Get creative and go ceramic painting with your dear mother! You'll have buckets of fun painting a mug or plate - what a lovely way to always remember your day together.

Hope you enjoyed this list and have a happy Mother's Day!


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