17 Unique Valentine's Date Ideas (That AREN'T Run Of The Mill)

17 Unique Valentine's Date Ideas (That AREN'T Run Of The Mill)

Is the thought of spending Valentine's in a crowded restaurant not really doing it for you? We can't say we blame you - Valentine's is much like New Years in the sense that prices are hiked up, but the experience is usually lacking.

Just because dinner out may be off the cards, it's not to say you can't do something. There are plenty of truly unique Valentine's Day date ideas that you might actually enjoy and chances are they could save you some money too!

Don't be pulled into spending a fortune this Valentine's for an evening surrounded by other couples - do something unique with your loved one instead. Here are some ideas to help you get inspired.

1. Organise a cinema night

valentine cinema night
Looks pretty perfect to us!

Beat the crowds and go all out with a film night at home. We're talking blankets, popcorn, pick n mix, ice cream - you name it!

If the weather is fine, you could even head outdoors. Go for a classic rom-com you can find or, for a funny slant, an anti-Valentine's day theme with a gory horror could be pretty amusing too.

Snuggle up together and enjoy feeling like teenagers again.

2. Sit under the stars - Lion King style

Have you ever actually sat under the stars since your teenage days? It's really quite nice! Even if you live in the city, drive for 30 minutes towards the countryside and you'll be able to see the stars clearly. Take a blanket, lie on your backs, stargaze and discuss the meaning of life or just share your thoughts and memories.

Avoid work chat, and if you have kids try to talk about what life was like before them - Valentine's is all about you as a couple so reminisce and look forward to your future together too.

3. Eat your favourite holiday food 

Can't afford to go on holiday this Valentine's? Reinvent it at home instead.

Think about your favourite couple holiday destination and create a picnic of treats from that particular place. This might involve a bit of forward planning if your favourite is somewhere far-flung and terribly exotic, but if you happen to love France or Spain, think baguettes, brie, paella, cold meats etc. Print off any holiday photos you have and enjoy flicking through them together.

4. Create your own room service menu

Not so much a date, but a great idea! Create and print out a little room service menu that has all your loved ones favourite breakfasts, snacks or indulgent foods on it. It need not be fancy - how about a toast menu with a selection of spreads?

Serve on a tray and make them eat it in their room. You can take turns in the morning and the evening so you each enjoy the joy of being spoilt!

5. Bottomless brunch

champagne and glasses valentine
Keep the celebrations going all morning long!

Valentine's doesn't have to be saved until the lights go out - why not celebrate in the morning instead for a more unique date?

Brunch is the new breakfast, lunch and dinner date! So if you're a Londoner, go on a bottomless boozy brunch at your nearest location then spend the rest of the day in bed - it is a school night after all.

6. Go Geocaching around town - wellies not needed!

You might have heard Geocaching is all the rage at the moment, but think it's only for technology savvy people or those with a love of the great outdoors. Well, you'd be wrong! If you can download apps to your phone then that's all you need to get going with this worldwide treasure hunt. You don't have to trek in the woods either, lots of 'locations' are hidden in and around towns, too. It makes an interesting date trying to work out the clues and it's a heck of a lot more fun than just sitting in your local pub.

7. Go on a late night excursion and avoid the loved-up masses

If you don't like the idea of spending your Valentines surrounded by other couples, skip the early-evening activities and head out past dinnertimes.

The majority will be at restaurants or at home so you'll be free to visit a late-night exhibition, take a late night stroll (a classic movie moment) around the town or enjoy a round of pool, watch a gig or even a film.

8. Organise a BIG group meal with couples and singles 

Valentine's Schmalentine's. It might prove tricky with some restaurants who reserve the majority of covers for two, but why not try to organise a large dinner with all your friends including your single friends?

It is a day of love after all, and who's to say that has to be between couples alone?

9. Borrow a doggy and have a 'play date'

dog walk
Get outside with a cute little pup.

Love dogs and share endless videos of them on Facebook but just can't commit to owning your own? Visit Borrow My Doggy and sign up to look after pets around your area. There are lots of dog owners who need someone to dog-sit on Valentine's Day and other occasions so make sure you check it out. You could also offer to dog-sit for a friend or family member so and your other half can spend the day with their furry friend. Magical.

Just don't surprise them with a rent-a-puppy because they might think it's theirs to keep. Oh, the disappointment!

10. Head out to a karaoke bar and let your hair down

Valentine's doesn't have to be serious - make it unique with this seriously unique date idea!

Grab your partner, dare them to sing a song in front of a whole bar of people and vice versa. Choose a sentimental  "our song' or just your favourite anthem. It's a rebellious way to celebrate the evening without conforming to the norm - we're in!

11. Celebrate on an alternative day

The 14th February is just another day after all. Instead of celebrating along with everyone else, choose a date that means something to you or even one that's completely random - this way you can really surprise your Valentine's.

12. Play mini golf 

A childhood favourite, release your inner Tiger Woods and get yourselves down to the nearest mini-golf course. If you're not naturally competitive, a round of mini golf will soon get you going. It's fun, cheap and the experts say it's good for your relationship too.

13. Duvet day

Why would you leave?

Sometimes, the best Valentine's plans are no plans. Yep, spend all day (or as much as you can bear) in bed. Cook breakfast in pyjamas and enjoy it under the covers, read the papers, watch TV and snuggle the day away. If you've got kids, ask them not to disturb you in the morning or organise a day-sitter.

Away from the crowds and noise, this could be a real treat, especially for busy couples.

14. Go skydiving or something equally terrifying

Now, this is a truly unique Valentine's date idea that' certainly not for the faint-hearted.

If you're a couple that loves adrenaline and challenging one another, free falling from the sky at a great distance could be for you. Sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience is pretty special and an experience you'll never forget.

Find something you both want to do together (think bungee jump, white water rafting or skydiving) and make sure you get at least one photo to mark the day.

15. Spa day for extra brownie points

Who doesn't love being pampered? Book a couple's spa day and you'll both be able to take time out to completely switch off. Massages, manicures - the options are endless and you'll both walk away feeling a million bucks.

16. Unique Valentine's Day dinner idea

It's OK to want to go for a meal on Valentine's Day - you're not just another uninspired couple, you're hungry and need to eat! But, to add a bit of excitement and individuality to proceedings, how about enjoying a drink and starter in a bar, some posh nosh or quick bite for your main then finish with a late coffee/dessert, all in different places?

If you want to make this experience really unique, you could even visit all your favourite places and take a trip down memory lane.

17. Build a blanket fort for adults

Gather all of your sheets and get creative!

You're only as old as you want to be.

Escape reality, and all those other loved-up couples and build your own blanket fort complete for your Valentine's date night. Complete with TV, books, magazines, snacks, cushions and Netflix, it's the perfect retreat.

If you can't decide what to watch then use this amazing tool to find your perfect date film.

What's your most unique Valentine's Date idea? Let us know in the comments below!


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    Anushka some great ideas,brought back memories? Thanks. John.

    1. Author Anushka F on March 22, 2016 at 10:56 am

      HahaI'm happy to hear it! I hope you had a lovely Valentine's :)


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