16 Alternative Uses For Cupcake Cases You'll Absolutely LOVE

16 Alternative Uses For Cupcake Cases You'll Absolutely LOVE

Here at Expert Home Tips, we love everything and anything that involves cake. While we're always up for indulging in a cupcake (or two) we also like using cupcake cases around the home.

Cupcake cases are often so pretty that it seems silly to limit their use to cake alone, especially when there are so many practical, fun and creative ways to use this inexpensive baking item.

Here are 16 of our favourite uses for cupcake cases that you should start experimenting with today.

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1. DIY Hawaiian necklace crafted from cupcake cases

So pretty!

You never know when you might need a Hawaiian necklace. Great for fancy dress, or just when you're feeling super Summery, they're a fun addition to many an outfit.

There's no need to buy one if you're a fan of baking. Head over to Create Craft Love to learn how to use cupcake cases to make a beautiful DIY Hawaiian necklace today.

2. Prevent mess from makeup powder

Just a dust of setting powder and you're good to go...until it goes everywhere that is!

Prevent this makeup mishap by placing your powder pot inside a cupcake liner. It will catch any of the excess and keep your dressing table tidy.

3. Enchanting tealight holders

Most of us have a bag of cheap tea lights hiding in the cupboard somewhere. Stuck for ideas on what to do with them?

With a little help from some white cupcake holders, you can create a truly enchanting display.

Pop the tea lights inside and light on a warm Summer's night to create a gorgeous, atmospheric glow.

4. How to make your own peanut butter cups

Mmm, so delicious!

If you're a peanut butter lover, then peanut butter cups will be your idea of heaven.

Store-bought snacks contain lots of additives - not to mention the cost - so it's best to make yours at home.

You can make your very own, all-natural peanut butter cups using cupcake cakes plus just four ingredients. Follow Bakerita's recipe to make yours today.

5. Use cupcake cases to catch lollipop drips

Oooh, there's nothing more refreshing than an ice pop on a hot Summer's Day. The trouble? Preventing stains from all those sugary drips.

Now there's an easy way to keep clothes clean. Poke the stick of your lollipop through a small slit in a cupcake holder to catch all that stickiness.

6. DIY cupcake case garlands are perfect for parties

Look at those gorgeous colours!

No party is complete without a garland or two. Why not make something truly unique using a variety of cupcake cases?

You can make this as simple or complex as you like by choosing to use cupcake cases in their original state or customising them.

Les Pommettes Du Chat chose to use a variety of scrap craft objects and cases to make this truly eye-catching garland - love it!

7. Use cupcake cases to keep your car clean

If you have kids, you definitely need to give this one a go.

Grab some silicone cupcake cases, and pop them into all the drink holders in your car. They'll catch crumbs, spills and other kiddy-clutter and prevent a sticky mess from forming inside.

8. Use cupcake cases for homemade cards

©UrbanComfort ©BeBraveKeepGoing

Do you prefer making your own cards to shop-bought alternatives?

If so, you should definitely experiment with cupcake cases. There are lots of ways to incorporate them into your designs, be that for a birthday, Valentine's or congratulation message.

9. Separate your snacks

Snack time! If you don't have any small food containers, you can use a large lunchbox along with some cupcake cases to organise things.

Place them inside to keep your grapes, crisps, chocolate and other goodies in place. They're also great for portion control.

10. use cupcake cases to craft cute cocktail umbrellas

Are you throwing a party soon? Add a fun flourish to party drinks by making some cocktail umbrellas from cupcake cases.

It's extremely easy to do. Start by placing a finger into the centre of the cupcake case. Push the sides in to gather the case into a point, then remove your finger. Poke a toothpick through the gathered area, and secure using a hot glue gun.

What a simple yet effective way to glam-up your drinks.

11. How to make your own chocolate moulds

Am I dreaming?

Mini bowls made of chocolate? This is the stuff of dreams!

Check out how easy they are to make from cupcake cases over at Frosting And A Smile.

What will you put inside yours? Strawberries, cupcakes, MORE CHOCOLATE? The options are endless.

12. Use cupcake cases as cute jar covers

There are so many creative ways to use jars. Just check out these 57 exciting ways you can transform empty jars if you don't believe me.

Whether you fill yours with tasty treats or use them for storage, you can use your cupcake cases to make them look extra pretty.

Place the cupcake case over the jar and tie with a ribbon for a cute, DIY look. If your jar needs to be airtight, screw the lid on over the top and you'll have a cute frill poking out from underneath - gorgeous!

13. Pimp your fairy lights with cupcake cases

Fantastically floral!

Here's a truly wonderful idea to completely update old fairy lights.

Oh Happy Day used a selection of cupcake cases to add floral elements to her plain old fairy lights. The results are amazing and so professional.

14. Keep bugs at bay

Bugs - on our food and in our drinks, they're always trying to get in on the action!

Prevent them from landing in your drinks using a cupcake case. Pierce a hole through the base of the case, poke your straw through, then place over your tumbler.

Ahh - now you can finally sip happy.

15. Homemade biscuit holders

The last thing you want after hours of baking, is bashed biscuits.

You can give biscuits some protection whilst also making them look pretty by placing them into cupcake cases, before popping them into a tin.

The paper will provide extra cushioning and keep your tasty treats in tact.

16. Beautiful butterfly craft for kids

Such fun!

Baking with the little ones is all well and good, but it doesn't half make a mess. A far easier way to use cupcake cases is for crafts.

This beautifully easy butterfly craft from Crafty Morning is seriously great. Using just clothes pegs, cupcake holders and an obligatory sprinkling of glitter, this a simple yet exciting craft for kids.

I hope you enjoy trying these cupcake case ideas, just be sure to save some for actual cakes too!


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  1. Author Tracey Scotchbrook on February 28, 2018 at 10:58 pm

    Very useful ideas for cupcake cases .cant wait to do the chocolate cases .brilliant idea . Also like the previous one which was to make a big chocolate bowl .by using an inflated balloon !! Brilliant

    1. Author Stephanie C on March 5, 2018 at 9:44 am

      Hi Tracey, We're so glad you enjoyed our cupcake tips! It sounds like you enjoy your chocolate - us too. Thanks for stopping by :)


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