10 Spring Style Essentials Guaranteed To Make You Look AMAZING

10 Spring Style Essentials Guaranteed To Make You Look AMAZING

Step aside Winter wardrobe, Spring's coming to town. With the new seasons comes a warmly welcomed rise in temperature, beautiful budding flowers and, most importantly, the need for a few new wardrobe additions.

10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

To help you walk into the new season with a Spring in your step, I've built a selection of light layers, pretty patterns and splashes of vivid vibrancy perfect for the changing weather.

Here are 10 staple items I deem to be essentials for making this season a complete style success, from start to finish.

1. Layer up with light weight jumpers

Spring light weight jumpers
COS Pleated Sleeve Jumper - £59

So I know Spring is meant to mean warmer weather, but if you're in the UK, you'll know that's never a sure thing. This means, much like Winter, Spring style success is much about the layer-ability of your looks.

Light weight jumpers are one of the easiest ways to go. You should avoid wool and cashmere, opting instead for cotton and man-made fabrics as this is more breathable and won't weigh you down.

COS is one of my go-to places for quality knitwear with added flair, and this peplum sleeve, vibrant green number is a perfect example of that - it's practical, distinctively 'Spring' style and has enough special features to keep your look interesting.

2. Stock up your Spring wardrobe with quality basics

red striped COS top
COS Long-sleeve cotton t-shirt - £17

For those days when - praise the Lord - the sun decides to grace our English lands with its presence, you may not need any knitwear at all. However, it's highly unlikely you'll yet be able to get away with short sleeves this early on into the year without getting a serious case of goosebumps.

Some high-quality, 100% cotton, long-sleeved tops will be your best friend in times like these, so I recommend stocking up on them pronto.

Plain tops in subdued colours are practical for layering, whilst tops with geometric patterns and a pop of colour will give your outfits a nod to Spring style when worn alone.

Marks and Spencer have a great collection of 100% cotton tops. They're good quality, having more substance than similar styles from other high street stores, giving you the warmth you need without the chunk of knitwear.

3. Trousers are the ultimate Spring bottoms

ZARA Cropped Trousers with Stretched Waist - £29.99

I am slightly trouser obsessed for more than one good reason:

  1. They don't cling to you like skinny jeans do and
  2. They give you instant Cool Points - what's not to love?

Trousers are also, conveniently, the perfect Spring bottoms.

Not only do they tick boxes for practically - covering you up but also being weightless and comfortable - but they're also awesomely aesthetic - flowy and soft, helping you nail elegant, Spring style.

Look for something tailored, but not clingy for the ultimate in comfort and cool. Zara has a great range of bottoms in loads of styles and colours, so you're sure to find something suitable for every silhouette.

4. Spring style is all about a classic pair of kicks

Parchment cream converse spring shoe
Converse Chuck Taylor All Star '70 - £65

Finally, the time of year when one can almost always leave the house without having to worry about muddying our footwear.

And what a relief that is, because light-coloured trainers most certainly are a Spring style essential.

The classic, parchment Converse are a popular choice for many reasons: They high but slim design make them extremely stylish - always a good start - they're comfortable, and the off-white colour goes with almost everything.

A pair of cream converse will give even the darkest of jeans a Spring lift, and look amazing paired with a light jacket - are Converse the ultimate Spring shoe? I think so.

5. An umbrella really is a Spring essential

Cherry original duck head umbrella
Original Duck Head Cherry Compact Umbrella - £22

Now, you may think an umbrella doesn't class as a wardrobe essential, but if you'd been caught in the rain without one as much as I have, you'd understand just how life-changing they really are.

After all, what's the point in kitting yourself out with a splended Spring wardrobe, only to get showered on as soon as you step out the door?

A Spring umbrella - and yes, optimal seasonal styles really do exists - is colourful, fun, and most importantly, decent i.e, it will not be reduced to nothing if someone so much as sneezes nearby.

The classic, Duck Head umbrellas ticks all of these boxes, plus, they're super, duper cute.

6. Looser, lighter jeans

tophop mom jeans
TOPSHOP Petite Moto Bleach Mom Jeans - £40

Dark, skinny jeans may be the ultimate legwear under an oversized Winter coat, but, come Spring time, the tables turn.

A lighter coloured denim, with a looser fit is what Spring style is all about - I give you, the boyfriend jean.

This style is not only much more comfortable than your go-to skinnies - say bye bye to that muffin top - but will also give your outfits a distinctively effortless look, in the coolest way possible.

Boyfriend jeans are the cool girl's jean of choice, and paired with your brighter Spring colours and flowy layering, nailing Spring style will be as easy as pulling your jeans on - literally.

Topshop has a wide range of jeans in all manner of styles and colours at a reasonable price - the ideal starting point if you're not sure where to look.

7. Spring wardrobes aren't complete without a layerable dress

MANGO mint pleated Spring style dress
MANGO Pleated Dress - £49.99

You've seen them in the magazines - those sensationally-stylish outfits built from floaty dresses, polo necks, ankle boots and oversized coats.

They may look divine in Winter Vogue, but they're not something most of us would opt for to go and pick up the kids or commute to work.

Spring is, however, the perfect season to try out a slightly more practical take on this trend. This pale mint, pleated dress from Mango is the perfect starting point - the colour is soft, and the design delicate, without being too skimpy.

Pair with your quality, long sleeves tops and a coat, or with a jumper thrown over on cooler days to recreate this high-fashion look in a slightly more realistic way.

8. Chuck on cardigans are Spring style must haves

Uniqlo pink cotton cardigan
Uniqlo Supima Cotton V Neck Cardigan - £19.90

What about those days when a jumper's too much, but a top too little? Cotton cardigans.

There's no other garment that better reflects the phrase 'throw it on' than this wardrobe staple. Feeling the chill? Throw on a cardigan. Not enough time to layer up your dress? Throw on a cardigan. Unsure whether or not you'll look overdressed in that skimpy, Spring top? Throw on a cardigan.

A cardigan is possibly the most versatile piece of clothing you can invest in to flawlessly transition your style from Winter to Spring and even Summer to Autumn. Focus on quality, lightweight fabrics and soft, matchable colours to make this practical piece of clothing as easy to 'throw on' as it's meant to be.

9. Loafers are the ultimate Spring shoe

Russell & Bromley tan tassel loafers
Russell & Bromley Tassel Loafer - £185

Don't even bother trying to rock your higher, Spring hemlines with those bulky Ugg boots. And unless you want to freeze, ballet pumps are pretty much off limits too.

Your Spring footwear solution is a solid, leather loafer or brogue. This classic, heritage stlye will add a touch of class to flimsy, Spring looks, balancing out softer pieces with a distinctively sturdy, Spring slant.

The loafer is the epitome of practicality, and with this component of your outfit taken care of, you can have fun with florals, colour and texture elsewhere.

Invest in a good pair, like these from Russell & Bromley, to make sure you don't just look the part, but feel it too.

10. If you buy one thing for Spring, make it a trench coat

Superdry beige trench coat for spring 2017 wardrobe
Superdry Belle Trench Coat - £99.99

You know what they say, "save the best until last".

Everyone should have a Trench coat in their wardrobe. They're wonderfully wind and waterproof, elegant, and timeless - plus they literally never go out of fashion.

Year in year out, the celebs, fashion stylists and yummy mummies alike step into Spring in trenches. Be them floor length, cropped, or somewhere in between, Spring looks are never complete without one, so it's high time you invested.

As this really is a style that you can wear for years to come, I highly recommend investing in a quality piece. This Superdry version is sturdy and sophisticated, plus, it's available in three colours for those of you who like something out of the ordinary.

I hope you like my top Spring style picks. What is your number one style essential of all time?


Stephanie C


Lover of all things fashion & foodie...I look to satisfy my tastes without obliterating my budget. Wannabe interior designer, I'm an avid cushion cover maker and charity shop hunter.

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  1. Author VALERIE on March 4, 2017 at 8:49 am

    there was nothing in the collection other than the trench coat that I would consider but being a lady of a quite an older age maybe that is why

    1. Author Stephanie C on March 6, 2017 at 10:20 am

      Hi Valerie :) I think a pair a brogues and perhaps even some tailored trousers would be great options for you!


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